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May 09, 2019

7 Challenges in Managing Sales Proposals & How to Overcome Those

Common Challenges with Sales Proposal

If you/your team always struggle till the last moment of creating sales proposal to meet the deadline? You are not alone. It is not only an people issue but also the sales process which needs to be corrected. Simply because the process to create & review proposal has become so complex and demanding it always takes longer than expected.

Let’s break down the common proposal writing mistakes or the issues your sales team faces in the process of writing proposals

Challenges with Creating and Managing Business Sales Proposals
Sales Deal Does Not Happen Just Like That.
Collective, Concentrated and Mindful Efforts Need to Go Through The Sales Proposal Process
  • You have to keep requesting information to be filled in the proposal from different teams
  • Every involved proposal ‘writer/contributor/reviewer’, keeps creating his/her own version of the proposal and no one has idea about who is filling which specific section of the proposal and which is the latest proposal file to pickup
  • Not having a central place for standard marketing collateral such as logo, images, best-written piece/well crafted ‘About Us’, Why Us’ ‘pricing/investment’ and likewise branding stuffs and every time you have to search through folders and email marketing tools
  • Unable to find the files, you get frustrated and end up creating or modifying some of these elements thus more time is wasted, no easy way to schedule content for proposal sections.
  • Then there are challenges of review and approval. Bid/proposal manager gets completely lost in first collating different parts and parcels of the proposal and secondly working through the review and approvals
  • Reviewers and approvers gets plenty of files and versions of those files to look and they are in puzzle to figure out which file to take up (so they call proposal manager to send the LATEST file again :-))
  • Proposal owner can not easily know who has reviewed and approved the proposal internally and have to keep following with stakeholders before sending the final proposal to client; thus spending even more time
Go for right process and tools for Creating and Managing Business Sales Proposals
Go For The Right process to create and manage winning sales proposals. 

How to Overcome Proposal Challenges

You know these issues already. It is a time to correct the process to create proposal, automate most of the mundane tasks, increase collaboration among team members and bring more transparency as well as clarity to everyone involved. You should look at online business proposal software which offers features to

  1. Involve proposal writers to the single, central online platform that is easy to use, can be accessed on the go
  2. Centrally store and organise commonly used sections, marketing collaterals which you can easily search
  3. There are no multiple versions of the proposals floating around, everyone refer to the latest version of the proposal.
  4. Invite internal reviewers, approvers, set deadline for the review and let them be automatically reminded about the pending review/approval
  5. Save more than 30% of the time, every time you create a proposal. It is not only significant time save but boosts productivity the proposal writing, review team enable them to contribute best of their abilities,

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