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November 08, 2019

9 B2B Lead Generation Ideas, Campaign Examples (Bonus-Best Practices)

b2b lead generation ideas

9 Proven B2B Lead Generation Ideas with Highly Effective Lead Magnets Examples

Want to boost your email list?

Booyah! Everyone wants to grow their email list. But many of you are still be stuck on what to offer for your free opt-in.

If that is you, you are totally not alone. You must give your visitors a reason to give you the key to their inbox. And the reason is “Lead Magnet.”

A lead magnet is just some sort of a bribe, that you give to your website visitors in the form of content or a discount in exchange for their inbox access

Building an email list is a key to an online business as it enables you to build a community of potential leads that can later become your paying customers. And the first step for that is creating a lead magnet that stands out.

So if you haven’t created your lead magnet yet then keep reading. Because at the end of the post you are going to have 9 go-to lead magnet ideas that can give a boost to your lead generation.

Best Practices For Creating Lead Magnets

Step 1: Be Valuable

Providing valuable information or data is primary. It will not only urge the visitor to share their email address immediately but help you achieve your goal of conversion.

Step 2: Position Yourself as an Expert

You need to convey your visitor that you are the best at what you are doing. Because your website visitors always look for advice from an expert. That’s why you create a quick win in your lead magnet to prove that you are an expert.

Step 3: Solve a Problem

Does your lead magnet solve a problem that your visitors facing? Well, it must. Because just like you, results are equally important to your visitors.

Step 4: Specificity

Lastly, your lead magnet should have a specific purpose. Like,

  • What’s the specific problem this lead magnet solves?
  • Who is it designed to help?
  • What results your audience will have?

So, now that you know there are certain things that you need to consider before creating a lead magnet. It’s time to explore the types of lead magnets that will help you generate leads.

Let’s go!!!

9 Types of Lead Magnets with Examples

1. Tutorials

A tutorial is a material that teaches us how to do one particular thing. You can create a tutorial about topics in your niche and help your visitors to learn more about those topics privately.

The tutorial could be in any form as per your comfort level. It could be a video or a pdf file or an audio. A valuable tutorials as a lead magnet will get you lots of leads.

Here’s an example of a landing page for free a free tutorial.

b2b lead generation ideas

Source: enticehq

2. Swipe File

Undoubtedly swipe files is the most irresistible opt-in for people. Because all you have got to do is copy them all. Wondering what a swipe file is? It’s a resource where you get many examples of one particular topic.

Let’s say for example if you are a website designer then you can create a swipe file of the 10 best homepages and offer that to your visitors for free.

Here’s an example of a swipe file landing page.

Source: autogrow

3. A Toolkit Bundle

What are all the tools that you use in your business? Have you ever thought about sharing those with your visitors as a lead magnet? If you haven’t then c’mon you must do it now.

It gives a guaranteed conversion because everyone wants to learn more about the tools used by the pros.

Here’s an example of a toolkit landing page as a lead magnet.

a toolkit bundle

Source: enticehq

4. 30 Days Free Trial

Do you have a SaaS product? or any other online product? Offering people a free trial is a great way to get potential leads familiar with your product and you never know that they might get used to it in the future and possibly won’t do without it.

This is exactly how Netflix captures leads and later make them loyal customers.

free trial to generate leads

Source: instapage

5. Predictions Game

In this lead magnet, you are showing the viewers what’s going to happen in the future and how they can take advantage of that change to position themselves.

This is how each year Statisa collects leads and customers

predictions game

Source: omnikick

As you can see in the above example, Statista has presented a number of virtual reality headsets from 2016 to 2021 (in millions). Now with the above stats, you can position yourself in the market of virtual reality headsets.

This is just an example. You can create predictions relevant to your niche and offer it as a lead magnet to your audience.

6. Curated Newsletter

Believe it or not but curated newsletter can turn many visitors into leads and ultimately into a paying customer. Imagine if somebody is willing to research one particular topic and provide the links of the top 5 or 10 articles on that topic directly to your inbox every week.

Who wouldn’t want that? This is something a lot of people will want.

Here’s an example of a curated newsletter.

curated newsletter

Source: enticehq

7. Email Course

Collaborating email marketing with lead magnets is a great way to drive traffic to your website and convert those visitors into paying customers. And this collaboration will never disappoint you for sure.

The idea is to separate your online course into chunks and send each lesson per day via email. This not only increases your open rates, but it helps you to create long-lasting relationships.

email course

Source: automizy

8. Checklist

Ever wondered why checklists are still popular? Because literally any business can implement them so easily. People want to save their time that’s why they prefer following the checklist instead of reading a ton of information.

Offer a valuable checklist to your audience that promises them to guide through an unknown process without missing any important steps.


Source: autogrow

9. Reports

In the marketing world reports full of information and stats are quite attractive. Especially in the B2B industry.

If you create a well-organised document about important developments in your industry, your potential clients will definitely want to see it.

Here’s an example of an Inbound report from Hubspot.


Source: funneloverload

Over to you

These are my top 9 lead magnet ideas for lead magnets. Implement one of these ideas and go create one.

None of these take a lot of time. You can do them in Canva, which is a free tool or you can do them in google docs, google sheets.

Leave a comment which lead magnet you are going to create and if you already have one then let me know what’s working great for you.

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