Empower Your Sales Team and Boost Productivity with Proposal Software

boost productivity with proposal software

How to boost productivity with proposal software? How would you describe your current proposal process? Does your proposal team spend hours searching for the standard proposal content? Do you follow color-team terminology to identify who’s done what? Do you manually track each team member’s tasks to determine how much proposal work is done/left? Now that I have your attention, spare a few seconds to think about your proposal process and how much of the work you’ve automated really? Do the following tasks sound familiar? Coordinating with the proposal team for any suggestions Scrolling...

Fresh Proposals Software Update – Mid August 2021

Fresh Proposals Software Update - August 2021

As we are gearing up for massive update next month, there are set of enhancements we have pushed in last month as well as this month. I am really happy to share these update here. Now, here are some of the Fresh Proposals Software Update – July + Mid August 2021 Fresh Proposals Software Update – Mid August 2021 Copy page to another section in current proposal/template Some of you wanted to copy a page from one section to another. Now you can use this feature to copy a page and all of its content to another section in the same proposal or template. As you click on the icon showed above,...

Golden Rules for a Winning Project Proposal

how a project proposal should look

A strong, well-written project proposal can help your business thrive but a poorly-written proposal can send your qualified lead packing. Let's face it, this is one document you don't want to mess up. And for that, not only you need to know how to write a project proposal but you also need to learn about what really goes into a winning project proposal template. So how do you create one then? In this post, we are going to address all the important factors of a project proposal that can help you close more deals with your prospects in 2021. Let's go!!! Rule 1: Keep it to the point While...

How to Write a Project Proposal?

How to Write a Project Proposal

When you’re clueless about writing an effective project proposal, you’re more likely to get negative or no feedback from a prospective client. This means wasted hours of documenting and crafting project proposals that are doing little to nothing to upscale your business.  But on the flip side, knowing how to develop a fantastic project proposal, may help you quickly close deals of the most promising and exciting projects, and that too for the charges you desire. Before we down to how to write a project proposal, let’s first observe the characteristics of a winning project proposal. Are...

Fresh Proposals Software Update – June 2021

Fresh Proposals Software Update - June 2021

I am really happy to announce recent update to Fresh Proposals software that we worked hard in month of June 2021. Quick Recap of (Previous) May 2021 Update We released May update of Fresh Proposals software with new features such as Xero integration, , detailed proposal interaction analytics, lock blocks, payment reminder, redirect URL after proposal is accepted, RTL interface, etc. In the month of June we have added new integration, quite a few new features and enhancement as well as templates to Fresh Proposals software. Now, here are some of the Fresh Proposals Software Update – June...

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