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March 16, 2020

9 Best Backlink Analysis Tools to Uncover Your Backlink Profile

backlink analysis tools

Why Backlink Analysis is Important?

Competition is extreme in the digital marketplace. Stats from Content Marketing Institute shows that  91% of the B2B marketers use content marketing to promote their product or services and 86% of B2C marketers think content marketing is a key strategy. This means marketers need to be much more attentive about how their business holds up to the SERPs market, including the analysis of backlinks.

Along with the keyword research, backlinks are one of the most critical aspects of building your online presence through SEO. Other websites linking to yours has a major impact on how search engines view and rate your website. That’s why backlink analysis is a key component of your approach to SEO and your link building strategy.

In this article, just like keyword research tools, we’ll explore 9 best backlink analysis tools (free and paid) to monitor your backlink profile. These tools will also help you find the potential link building opportunities so that you can gain more inbound links to your site.

So, let’s go!!!!!!

1. Monitor Backlinks

Alexa Rank: 77,049 ¦ Twitter

monitor backlinks- backlink analysis tool

Monitor Backlinks is one of the most influential SEO tools to keep a record of your link profiles. After creating an account and entering your domain Monitor Backlinks will automatically collect all the links you have and their statistics. On the backlinks page, you’ll see the quality of each linking site by its Trust Flow, Citation Flow, MozRank, Domain Authority, and Page Authority.

The higher the score for these metrics the more valuable the backlink is. This way you can easily find out the low-quality and high-quality backlinks.

Cool Features of Monitor Backlinks

  • It analyses the backlinks your competitors are getting.
  • It allows you to discard low-quality backlinks directly from the tool itself.
  • By just entering the URL in the search bar, this tool will give you access to hundreds of backlinks along with the metrics.


Monitor Backlinks has a Free Backlink Checker and if you want to get more results the paid tool starts at $25

2. Link Miner

Alexa Rank: 28,124 ¦ Twitter

link miner- backlink analysis tool

Link Miner is a backlink analysis tool by Mangools. Their tag line says ” It’s a backlink checker tool which has database bigger than Elon Musk’s Ambitions”. Link Minerhelps you to immediately find the broken links. You just need to enter the domain of your competitors and with the one-click, you can start the backlink analysis of your competitors.

With Link Miner, you can even evaluate the backlinks with the Link Strength. The Link Strength will be based on metrics such as Citation Flow, Trust Flow, Dofollow vs Nofollow attributes and many more.

Cool Features of Link Miner

  • You can analyze backlinks based on category (Blogs, forum, Q&A)
  • You can save backlinks to the favorite list, so you can keep a track of valuable backlinks.
  • There are more than 9 trillion backlinks in the database of Link Miner.
  • You can see live preview of the backlinks.


It starts at $29 per month.

3. LinkOdy

Alexa Rank: 29.167

LinkOdy- backlink analysis tool

LinkOdy lets you monitor your link building campaigns in the easiest way possible. It gives you relief from monitoring your backlinks manually and provides a fast and efficient way to keep track of your profile.

If you are looking for an easy to use and a low-cost backlink tool then LinkOdy is definitely a strong contender. I wouldn’t say it’s the most powerful tool but it will present all the data in the most understandable format.

Cool Features of LinkOdy

  • It has an easy to understand dashboard with essential metrics.
  • It provides a powerful link profile analysis so that you can make the right decisions.
  • You can quickly identify any harmful backlinks and disavow them immediately.
  • This tool monitors backlinks 24/7 and gives you the notifications via email reports.


It starts at $14 per month.

4. Cognitive SEO

Alexa Rank: 34,923 ¦ Twitter

cognitive seo- backlink analysis tool

Cognitive SEO provides the quickest way to inspect a site’s backlink profile. With this tool, you get the real-time information on the freshest inbound links, Dofollow vs Nofollow links, domain authority, anchor text, live and lost links and many more.

This tool allows you to explore trillions of links and analyze historical backlink profile data to find potential growth opportunities in just one click.

Cool Features of Cognitive SEO

  • It helps you to review and strengthen your link profile.
  • It sends you email updates in real-time for the new links you’ve received.
  • This also lets you map the domain of your competitors and find useful link strategies.


It starts at $129 per month

5. Muck Rack

Alexa Rank: 12,375 ¦ Twitter

muck rack- backlink analysis tool

When you want a link from any media source and if you already know the platform that you are interested in getting a link then you need to find out who’s writing about your industry there. For that, you’ll need to create a list of journalists who cover a particular topic within your niche, and find their contacts, social media profiles and so much more.

I know all these efforts could be difficult and time-consuming but thankfully there are tools to make these tasks easier like Muck Rack. Using Muck Rack, you can easily create a custom media lists and get the information about journalists in no time. This way you can find the right influencers to promote your website.

The collected information from Muck Rack about a particular person will help you develop content to which they are probably interested in linking to.

Cool Features of Muck Rack

  • Muck Rack is an amazing PR tool that helps you quickly find journalists that your site’s industry.
  • You can create an impressive link building plan and outrank your competitors in no time.
  • You can create and implement a successful broken link building strategy.


$2000 per year.

6. Majestic

Alexa Rank: 48,497 ¦ Twitter

majestic- backlink analysis tools

Majestic is one of the top link analysis tools in the market. Majestic will bring you the Link intelligence data to dominate your market. Their largest database of links helps you compare two different websites. It has two link indexes,

  • Historic Index
  • Fresh Index

The historic index gets refreshed monthly while the fresh index gets refreshed daily.

Cool Features of Majestic

  • With Link Context you can find the links near you and your competitors.
  • You can explore all the top links of every site.
  • You can discover link building opportunities by looking at your competitor websites.


$79 per month

7. SEO Review Tools

Alexa Rank: 41,834 ¦ Twitter

SEO review tools- backlink analysis tool

SEO Review Tools is designed to provide fast insights about the authority of a particular website and the domain in general. This free backlink checker is designed to give you access to any website’s backlink profile. You can check who’s linking to you and look for your best performing content.

You can also find the most important backlinks of your competitors and find the trends and potential link possibilities. This tool is definitely great when you want to find out the value of a potential link when searching for link building strategies.

Cool Features of SEO Review Tools

  • This tool returns 100 most valuable backlinks depending on your selection such as external backlink pointing to a specific page or external backlink pointing to a complete website.
  • Since the tool is powered by Ahrefs, all the links are sorted based on Ahrefs domain rating.
  • You can see the percentage of Do-follow and no-follow links as well.



8. The Hoth

Alexa Rank: 22,039 ¦ Twitter

hoth- backlink analysis tools

The HOTH is yet again one more backlink tool powered by Ahrefs. With this link analysis tool, you can see the top backlinks pointing to a given domain. It really does help you get “connections” (links) from high domain authority sites that might give your website a push.

Link building with The Hoth can give your site the spark it needs to blow up (of course, in a good way). You just need to enter the URL of any particular domain and The HOTH will provide all the comprehensive details about the number of backlinks to that domain, anchor text and many more.

Cool Features of The Hoth

  • HOTH Foundations create mini authority properties that link back to your website, letting Google know that your website is important.
  • HOTH Guest Post provides high-quality, in-content links to boost your rankings.
  • This tool does a lot of work finding the right influencers to your site.


  • HOTH Foundations: $70 – $480 per month.
  • HOTH Guest Post: $100 per month.

9. Buzzstream

Alexa Rank: 44,028

buzzstream- backlink analysis tools

Buzzstream is no doubt one of the best outreach management and white hat link building software in the market. Buzzstream is a link building and outreach CRM that helps you to manage and grow a large amount of outreach campaigns if used correctly.

If you are looking for organic traffic growth through link building and outreaching then this the tool for you.

Cool Features of Buzzstream

  • After uploading a list of URLs, Buzzstream will automatically provide you with all the data such as contact information, website stats, social metrics, etc.
  • By proper outreach, it helps you gain high-quality links that can help you increase traffic to your website.


It starts at $24 per month

Wrap Up

That’s it!!!

So, all these backlink analysis tools will be extremely beneficial for your SEO campaign, because you know you are going to get a lot of link building opportunities just by using these tools.

Happy Link Building!!!!

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