Business Proposal Examples

How to Write a Business Proposal with 10+ Business Proposal Examples


We all know that sales proposal creation is an unending process in the marketing industry.

Most salespeople are afraid of drafting a proposal. And it is absolutely understandable. After all, it’s a very labor-intensive activity, you’ve to put together so many hours in creating one, with no guarantee of success.

Although writing and submitting a sales proposal is challenging and is not the most exciting part of the marketing industry. But the flip side of this is every persuasive proposal leads to an additional business chance, but how can you ensure that you include all of the required information?

On this page, you will find 10+ business proposal examples and tips to develop a business proposal.

How to Write a Business Proposal?


There are several topics that must be addressed in your business proposal. Each section has its purpose, and when combined, each section should explicitly state the reason that encourages the customers to collaborate with you.


  • Covering letter: A cover letter in the sales proposal ensures you don’t waste those important seconds and creates a quick connection with the prospect.
  • Scope of services: The scope of services section in your business proposal shouldn’t just give your prospective clients basic information about what you do, but it should sell you and your services right away. 
  • The timeline: Every successful business proposal template is backed with a solid plan of action- the timeline. 
  • The investment table: All the portions of your business proposals right from the cover letter to the timeline are interesting to read but they don’t mean a thing if you fail to impress your prospect in the pricing section. Indeed it is the second most important part of your business proposal. 
  • Why work with us: Apart from pricing, your agency’s first impression has a lot to do with the purchasing decision- that they glean from the about us section.
  • Proof of past work: A great case study in your proposal gives prospective clients a real insight into the benefits of your services and also an idea of what it’s like to work with you.
  • Terms and Conditions: Every successful business proposal template always keeps the contract and your terms and conditions part of your proposal and gets them signed together to avoid future conflict.

Types of Business Proposals


Solicited Business Proposals

Solicited proposals are created when the client notifies you and other competitors by preparing a request for information (RFQ), which specifies the exact type of work that needs to be done, along with the deadline and the guidelines on how. All you need to do is write a proposal for an evaluation.

Unsolicited Business Proposals

These are the kind of business proposals that are not requested but are delivered to prospective clients. sponsor or investors as an introduction or a marketing piece.


Business Proposal Examples


With Fresh Proposals, you can create beautiful, well-designed business proposals that will wow your potential clients and encourage them to collaborate with you. 



Accounting Proposal Template

Accounting Proposal Template

Free sample of accounting proposal template. Customise quote, retainer terms, contracting terms of accounting services along with online signature for clients to accept proposals.

Branding Proposal Template


You really know how to build and grow a brand. Why not take your own brand to next level? This branding proposal template can help you convince your client to seal the deal with you.

SEO Proposal Template

SEO Proposal Template

Are SEO genius? Yes? Want to win new SEO projects, every time. Use this convincing SEO proposal template to pitch your SEO services, demonstrate your expertise, quote your fees use eSignature, ability to get proposal insights to close deals faster.

Digital Marketing Proposal Templates

Digital marketing Proposal Templates

Are you living digital marketing day and night? Help your client understand what you can do for him/her with this digital marketing proposal template  

Consulting Proposal Template

Consulting Proposal templates

Free example of consulting proposal template. Customise quote, retainer terms, contracting terms of consulting and online signature

Corporate Photography Proposal Template


Photographers who have professional engagement with corporates can use this free sample of proposal template to offer service, present portfolio and customise quotes to close perfect deals. 

Project Management Proposal Template - Cover Page

Project Management Proposal Template

Project management consulting firms can use this proposal template to pitch their services and offer customized quote to convert new clients, retain existing customers and close deals faster

Architecture Proposal Templates

Architecture Proposal Templates

For companies that specialise in architecture services, this proposal template provides structure, format and design to land more deals.

Coworking space proposal template

Coworking space proposal template

Firms offering coworking space can have this perfect proposal template to showcase various workplace options available, simple pricing. You can really impress prospective clients with this proposal template.

Market Research Proposal Template

Market Research Proposal Templates

Marketing research or consumer research agencies that offers market research, consulting services, can use this predesigned proposal template to pitch your services to prospective clients. This template highlights research process, your expertise, delivery timeline, case study, services fees along with e-sign to close deals with new clients.

eCommerce Website Proposal

ecommerce website Proposal Templates

Do you offer online shops/ e-commerce  website for your clients? You can use this ready to use template to propose your expertise, services, enlist the process and quote your fees. Elegant design, clear navigation will win your client over this ecommerce proposal template.

Landing Page Proposal Template

Landing Page Design Proposal Templates

Online marketing consultant and agencies that offer marketing automation services  should use this striking, ready to use template to propose expertise in landing page design, delivery and quote your fees. Elegant design, clear navigation will win your client over this marketing funnel proposal template.

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