Comparing proposal software alternatives

Fresh Proposals Vs Adobe Illustrator


Which one is superior for your sales proposals?


Fresh Proposals Vs Adobe Illustrator
People today are extremely busy. They don’t have time to read every word on every page. So, what do they do? Simple, they scan. When they turn a page, they look for something that will give an idea about the rest of the words on that page and graphics offer them that.

Graphical elements in your sales proposals help them understand what you’re saying without having to read the entire page. 

Impressive graphics can clearly capture the essence of what the words are saying. Without the graphics, you make it harder for your readers to buy what you’re trying to sell through a proposal. 

So, what’s the best way to add graphical elements and create beautifully designed business proposals?  Which one is better: an independent graphic design tool or an all-in-one software? Here’s a face-off between the famous Adobe Illustrator vs the state-of-art proposal management software.  


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a industry-standard software in vector drawing tools. From drawings to logos to actual photos, Illustrator generates all kinds of images. 

Fresh Proposals

Fresh proposals is an online proposal management tool that helps take your proposal process to the next level. It eliminates the stress in the process of proposal creation and makes it easier for your sales team to design professional-looking proposals with a powerful drag-and-drop editor and easy to use controls.


Adobe Illustrator

Since graphic designing is it’s forte, it allows you to create everything from gorgeous web and mobile graphics to logs, icons, book illustrations and product packaging. You can add effects, manage styles and edit individual characters to create typographic designs that perfectly express your messages.

Fresh Proposals 

Fresh proposals not only help the sales team in the process of proposal creation and design but it also offers major so

  • 100% customizable proposal templates 
  • Real time notification whenever prospect/ client opens, reads or interacts with your proposals.
  • Internal team collaboration while writing and designing proposals
  • It saves every organization from the hassle of printing, signing, scanning, and sending physical copies of your proposals by providing a seamless digital experience with a built-in electronic signature.
  • The proposal software provides advanced proposal analytics where you can check how much time has passed since the prospect has last-viewed your proposal and take the most suitable and proactive action based on this information.

Best Features

Adobe Illustrator

  • It has more than 90 million images, videos, graphics, template and other creative assets.
  • It is popular for its capability to create pixel perfect design.
  • It provides built-in and ready made presets. With these presets, graphic designers can start their artwork from blank pages instead of templates.
  • The real-time drawing and editing feature shows a live appearance of objects when you work on them.
  • You can save your work as cloud documents and access from anywhere Illustrator is installed. 

Fresh Proposals

  • You can create beautifully engaging proposals from pre-made designed and customizable templates.
  • It provides various drag-drop blocks such as textbox, images, rectangles, signatures, videos, fees table, content table, etc. You can position those as you would like.
  • It allows you to create interactive quotation in the proposal that prospective client can update
  • You can elegantly design your sales proposal without knowing anything about code.
  • It is also packed with email composer studios wherein you can create email templates or re-use existing email templates about sending proposals, reminding clients, or thanking him/her for accepting proposals.
  • It allows you and your client to download the proposal PDF for future reference. 

Some Flaws

Adobe Illustrator

  • Unless you’re already familiar with one of the previous versions of this product, it is going to take you some time to get up to speed.
  • You shouldn’t be using this tool if you need to design something in the next 10-15 mins
  • You can not create multi-page documents with adobe illustrator
  • Its features are very limited when it comes to document management.

Fresh Proposals

Unlike Adobe Illustration, Fresh Proposals is not that powerful in terms of the design process, its features are quite limited when it comes to graphic designing.

So before we sum up we’d like to underline that Adobe Illustrator is not a specialized proposal software it’s an independent graphic-design tool, then what is a proposal software and why do you need one?

Now it’s your call.

Would you like to go ahead and use an independent graphic design tool or would you prefer to opt for a proposal software that not only helps you create and design stunning proposals but much more than that?


What You’ll Get When You Start Using Fresh Proposals

Proposal Templates

Use our professionally designed proposal templates to quickly create proposals and start converting your prospects faster. Templates are 100% customizable.

Online Signature

Online signature makes it easier for your clients to sign your proposal, even on the go. No hassle of printing, signing with pen-paper, scanning, emailing.

Proposal Editor

Create beautiful, professional looking sales proposals that will impress your clients. Editor tools are breezy simple and powerful. Organized frequently used content with content library.

Smart Follow-ups

Automatic follow up with your prospective client who are yet to sign your proposal. Configure smart follow ups and never forget again.

Interactive Quotes

Create interactive quotation for your prospective clients. Never have to keep calculating discounts and taxes. Make your clients will feel that they are in control with your quotation.

Proposal Analytics

‘Proposal Sent & Radio Silence’ is a thing of past. Know exactly how prospective clients interact with your proposals. Use precise analytics to interact at the most opportune time & topics.

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