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March 27, 2020

9 Best Content Optimization Tools For SEO

Content Optimization Tools

What Is Content Optimization?

After you’ve determined some good keywords for your website (with the help of a keyword research tool) and you know there is an opportunity to rank for them, you should now focus on creating and optimizing your content for these keywords.

When people arrive at your website via a search engine they expect quality content from you. That’s SEO’s prime rule. And the only way to provide a quality content is by optimizing it.

Well. content optimization is the process in which you improve your content to make it more reader-friendly, engaging and actionable to readers. To get you started with your content optimization I’ve a list of tools that will help you analyze and test your content over and over again. These content optimization tools will help you make sure that you always publish your best work.

In this post, I’ll be going through a brief intro and key features of each tool. So let’s go!!!

1. nTopic


With nTopic you can boost ranking with the help of relevant content. nTopic makes sure that the content on your website is as insightful as possible. You just have to submit content and the keyword for which you want to optimize and this tool will automatically evaluate how appropriate is your content is to the keyword and will also make suggestions upon how you to enhance it.

You can get the nTopic score of your content for free but you’ll need an upgrade for more keyword recommendations

Cool Key Features Of nTopic

  • nTopic provides you the words you should include in your document to increase the topical relevancy up to the target level of 99% relevant.
  • This tool excludes the words that are just not related to the subject matters to prevent lowering your content relevancy.
  • You can expect a 4% lift in the organic search traffic by including the nTopic recommended words.



2. Copywritely


Copywritely is the tool will help you make your content optimization process smooth. With the help of this tool, you can review your blog post before you even publish it and allow you to create better and more engaging content on the go so that it earns a good ranking in search engines. It lets you check the quality of your content, the use of unnecessary words/phrases, and much more.

To get more traffic to your post you need to correct some errors in your content and Copywritely will help you do that. It will help you get rid of the duplicate texts and replaces it with some unique texts.

Cool Key Features Of Copywritely

  • It helps you detect plagiarism with comprehensive search algorithms.
  • With the keyword density tool of Copywritely you can easily spot keyword spam and avoid getting banned on search engines.
  • the readability checker will calculate how easy is your content to read.


  • Personal- $18/month
  • Start-up- $45/pack
  • Company- $35/month
  • Enterprise- $67/month

3. Textmetrics



Textmetrics’ (formerly webtexttool) SEO suggestions helps organizations to improve their search engine ranking through content optimization. Textmetrics’ SEO suggestions and content optimization tips will not only help you optimize your posts but they will also help you improve the readability and the text credibility of your content.

This tool also enables you to track the progress of your content once you’ve optimized your content to see if your changes are working in improving your rankings.

Cool Key Features Of Textmetrics

  • Textmetrics will assist you with real-time suggestions to write high-quality content that matches your target audience.
  • It also analyzes whether you are using enough white space in your writing or not.
  • It’ll tell you how readable your article is so that you don’t use too many big words that your audience won’t understand.
  • You can look up keywords, track your page as well as competitors’.


  • It starts at 69 USD/month
  • Free trial available

4. Cognitive SEO Content Optimizer



Cognitive SEO’s Content Optimizer is the tool that is extremely useful for small, medium and large scale companies, consultants, professionals or agencies if you are looking to earn the rank on Google’s first page.

The tool does an outstanding job of showing an entire picture at first glance. This tool analyzes your content and provides recommendations on which keywords you should use to rank higher among top search engines. This is a really cool tool, content marketers will find it really helpful for their writing.

Cool Key Features Of Content Optimizer

  • You can find the right topics to target and rank for, and can discover new ranking opportunities and identify worth investing keywords.
  • Not only can you visualize the top-ranking pages for any keyword and subject but you will also find out why those websites are ranking so well.
  • The content assistant tool will you with keyword recommendations to optimize your content and rank higher.
  • It provides you content performance score to tell you how optimized your web page is from the content point of view.






MarketMuse is a leading tool in content optimization, it is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool designed specifically to help businesses save time when producing high-quality content for SEO.

This tool analyzes millions of articles on demand and uncovers all the holes and opportunities that help marketers craft high-quality content their audience loves and search engine honors. It provides you an easy and actionable way to improve search results and drive greater organic traffic to your site.

Cool Key Features Of MarketMuse

  • It gives you a target score after analyzing your article. This target score is based on the comparison of your content  to everyone’s on that same topic
  • It uses AI to pull data from all top-performing websites on a particular search term and based on that information it gives you suggestions on how long your content on the same topic should be.
  • It also makes recommendations on what other topics you can cover based on your previous work.


$1500 per month

6. Clearscope



Clearscope is a content optimization tool that makes relevant keyword recommendations targetted to optimize every piece of your content and content strategy so that you have a better chance to rank high in the search engines.

Well, it’s similar to Marketmuse but costs less. You just need to upload content and the keyword you want to rank for and this tool will suggest terms, word count and the phrases you should add in order to make your content more thorough than the other already ranking content for a similar keyword.

Cool Key Features Of Clearscope

  • With the help of real-time search data, this tool offers you the most reliable and up-to-date recommendations.
  • You can optimize your older content as well, you just have to run the existing articles through Clearscope and use it to make it better.
  • Clearscope provides free training and direct access to a knowledgeable support team.



7. Contentbird




Contentbird is a content marketing software for more organic visitors and better teamwork. It has all the necessary features that guide you in creating compelling content for your target audience.

This content tool brings all the components together to increase online visibility, conversion rate and customer engagement through digital content.

Cool Key Features Of Contentbird

  • Based on the researched data as well as the observations of competitors and topics, this tool will help you in giving content ideas for your target audience.
  • It allows you to track progress, evaluate potential and increase your productivity.
  • Its content creation intelligence helps you with algorithms, processes, and AI to enhance the quality and relevancy of your content.


100 euro/month

8. Wriber



Wriber is the tool which is designed for organizations to help them write high performing blogs using artificial intelligence (AI). This tool encourages marketers and advertisers to create content that not only catches their target audiences attention but also convinces the audience to take the necessary actions.

Like I said, it uses AI that allows users to create high-quality content in the fastest possible way. It recommends ideas, quotes, facts to help users create a compelling and engaging content.

Cool Key Features Of Wriber

  • It supports the creation of blog posts, email campaigns, social media posts, e-books, white papers and much more
  • This tool automatically shows you how to write content that engages your audience.
  • Just type in a few keywords and Wriber will provide a list of ideas to explore.


  • Brand- $29/mo
  • Agency- $39/mo

9. Kill Duplicate



Well, in the process of content optimization,  protecting your content is equally essential. And that’s what Kill Duplicate is going to do it for you. Duplicate content is an important SEO issue, search engines try to filter out as much duplicate content as possible to offer the best experience to a reader. Kill Duplicate is the tool that will help you to recognize the content thieves so that you can take appropriate actions to avoid any major damage.

The dashboard will show the results based on real-time tracking, weekly scanning, actual visualizations and comparisons, custom solutions and many more.

Cool Key Features Of Kill Duplicate

With this tool you can,

  • Protect your content
  • Identify, examine and avoid plagiarism
  • Automatically track your content


It starts at 19 euro/month

Wrap Up

Content optimization won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon, so if you’re looking to optimize your content but don’t know how and where to get started then give try to some of the tools I’ve mentioned here and let me know which one worked for you.

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