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5 Best Customizable Design Proposal Template


In the industry of design services, the biggest practice you need to follow before approaching a new client is never to begin a new design project without a design proposal.

Proposals are a way of keeping everybody on the same page. It’s a key document that introduces yourself, highlights your services, outlines your costs, and helps your client understand you are the right person for the design job.

So, to ensure your designing business remains competitive and effective, you need to craft a design proposal that is well organized, concise, and contains all the relevant details the prospect needs.

On this page, you’ll find a list of customizable design proposal templates.

1. Landing Page Design Proposal Template


landing page design proposal


Get this Landing Page Design proposal template for free and effectively pitch your landing page design services. This professionally designed proposal template will help you hyper-focus on your client’s needs.


2. UX-UI Design Proposal Template


UI-UX Design Proposal Template


UX UI agencies offering design services can use this free UX Design proposal template to pitch their work and services. With this proposal sample, you can highlight your UI-UX design work, design process and share the required budget with digital signatures to close deals faster.


3. Web Design Proposal Template


web design proposal template


If you are a website development agency, you might be spending too much time managing proposals already. It is painful, dreading. We have just made it easier for you. Use this professionally designed website design proposal template for free.


4. Graphic Design Proposal Template


Graphic Design Proposal Template


If you’re a freelance graphic designer or a design agency, use this free graphic design proposal template to win bigger and better clients. This strong, professionally designed proposal template is made to showcase your creative graphic work.


5. Interior Design Proposal Template


Interior Design Proposal Template


If you are an interior designer or an interior design firm, you’ve already written lots of proposal in your career. And we understand that writing each proposal from the scratch is definitely a headache and that’s why we’ve made it easier for you. Use this professionally made Interior Design proposal template for free.


With Fresh Proposals, you can create beautiful, well-designed business proposals that will wow your potential clients and encourage them to collaborate with you. 


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