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September 10, 2020

Digital Marketing Case Study Review

Digital Marketing Case Study Review

Digital Marketing Case Study Review

When it comes to investing in digital marketing services, your potential customers will always look for proven outcomes before making a decision. So while pitching your digital marketing services how can you integrate the power of reviews into your sales proposal? 

That’s where case studies come in- the purpose of the case study in your digital marketing proposal is to tell potential customers how a similar customer succeeded in their business with your services.

To include is a case study in your sales proposal all you need to do is talk to your past clients, and write a story, get it approved by them, and ta-dah your case study is ready. Simple, isn’t it?

In the previous article, we discussed 5 important steps for creating a compelling case study for digital marketing proposals. In today’s post, we’ll review a sample digital marketing proposal case study and check whether it has all the elements that are necessary to create an epic case study. 

sample case study

Is Title Specific and Attention-Grabbing?

The title is an integral part of a case study. A great title convinces people to read your case study while the poor ones send potential clients searching somewhere else to spend their money.

Even a single attention-grabbing factor in your title can have a dramatic impact on your case study. To make it attention-grabbing you can include numbers, percentages, and some strong action words. 

In addition to being attention-grabbing, it should be ultra-specific. It should provide enough information to let your potential customers know whether or not the case study you’re presenting is interesting to them.

The case study above has a perfect title- it is communicating a real benefit of investing in digital marketing services with the help of percentage.

Case Study Title

case study title

Scope of Improvement: Not needed

Is the Case Study Presented in its Standard Format?

Case studies typically fall within a specified format. This makes it easier for your potential client to read your content. Most of the digital marketing agencies use the below format for crafting their case study for digital marketing proposal,

  • Background: (First) Who was your client? background information on the situation.
  • Problem: (Next) What was their problem or goal?
  • Solution/Process: (Next) How did you help them solve their problem?
  • Result: (Finally) Was there a “happily ever after”? If yes, excellent. Prove it.

Along with this standard case study format, convincing writing skills are also important to inspire prospects to take immediate action.

The case study above has not only followed the standard format but it also encourages readers to immediately pick up the phone and call the sender company.

Case Study Format

case study format

Scope of Improvement: Not Needed

Does it have a Great Design?

Styling text is super important to attract and hold attention. Make use of colors (but not too many that would distract the reader). You need to highlight your key content strategically so that the scanner can quickly put them out. 

No matter how well-written your case study is, it needs a great design to make it much more convincing. It is crucial to add some visual interest to the piece. 

Simple text boxes to pull out key stats, quotes, and facts or graphics, charts and graphs can make all the difference in your case study. Such visual elements not only enhance its value but it also makes the content look visually appealing and generate interest. 

There are no visual elements used in the case study above such as color, graphics, or text boxes. It is just an overwhelming mass of text.

Case Study Design

case study design

Scope of Improvement: Needed

Is it too Lengthy?

An ideal case study packs a lot of meaningful information in just a small space. The case study section of your proposal does not need to be lengthy, just enough to drive the attention in the right direction. 

Your prospects should be able to get the gist of each section in your case study just by skimming through the content. This way they’ll keep moving forward till the end without getting distracted.

The sample case study above has the ideal length to keep the prospect hooked at every segment. 

Case Study Length

case study length

Scope of Improvement: Not needed

Wrap Up

final report

That’s it!!! What else did I miss in this critical review of digital marketing proposal’s case study section? I’d love to hear from you.

Get your ready to use digital marketing proposal template along with an effective case study section.

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