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August 07, 2019

9 Common Email Marketing Mistakes. How to Do it Right?

Email Marketing Mistakes

Made Email Marketing Mistakes?

Are you struggling to turn your email subscribers into paying customers or paying customers into loyal ones?

There are many ways to solve this issue and one of those who can work amazingly is “EMAIL MARKETING”.

In this article let’s look at the common mistakes bloggers, marketers and even experts make in email marketing and how to GET IT RIGHT?

Ready to learn more?

Let’s dive in 😌

1.Lack of Clear Understanding of Targeted Audience

Email Marketing Mistakes - Target Audience


Oops!!! Someone just unsubscribed or blocked you in their Email list.

Now, what are you going to do?

This happens when you do not have an idea about your targeted audience. Don’t ever shotgun random emails to random people 😔

You want to have targeted lists of people that have opted-in that want your content. It’s so important to have that because if you don’t you are going to have a high unsubscribe rate and high spam rate.

So you want to make sure you have a targeted list that you are actually communicating via email and delivering the content to them that they are interested in seeing.

You can also do segmentation of the audience. So that specific messages will reach only intended recipients based on their geographic location, interest, purchase history, and much more.

2.Sending Emails Without Testing Them

Imagine you are getting an email from a high-end brand of watches, but the message is filled with type-os and grammar mistakes. Are you going to check out their website?

Of course NOT!!!!!!!

Make sure you follow the below checklist,

  • Test your email to see how it will look on mobile devices, on a desktop, in Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.
  • Do your images appear properly?
  • Do your URLs work?
  • How about your grammar, spelling, and punctuation?

Make use of some tools that help check links, grammar, and spelling, Testing is critical and should always be done!

3. Be Aware You Are Not Airing a TV Commercial

Here’s where many email marketers fail: they sound more like a TV commercial.

For example, what if you start your email like any normal TV advertisement

“Hey everyone!!! Are you all facing the same issue?”

As if someone reading that mail going to call and ask their family or friends about that issue

Yeah!!!! Not going to happen for sure

Instead, make it more personalized. Behave like a friend, not like a salesperson.

In an email campaign keep things personal, try picturing your email going out to a specific person and start from there.

Keep this one rule in mind:

The way you start your virtual communication with your customer/subscriber in an email increases the chances of attention.

That’s going to increase your click-through rate and just increase your results overall.

Customer Focused Emails to Increase Email Conversions


4. Forgetting Mobile Users

We all know that smartphones are by far the most popular devices for people of all ages. Even many professionals, as well as executives, are using a smartphone to check and reply to emails.

mobile email opens Q4


Google search, business emails are seen predominately in Smartphones and that’s why considering view-ability in a smartphone is a critical factor (more than ever).

So if you are neglecting the audience that is reading all your emails on mobiles or tablets then you are making a very expensive mistake.

Test your emails on mobile apps to ensure that they are coming the way you want them.

Make sure your emails look good and load well on mobile because most people are checking emails on their phones now not necessarily on their computer so you want to have an email that looks good on the small screen.

Image result for user using a mobile


5.Boring Subject Line

It is so important to get your emails to stand out in the inbox and the subject line plays a major role in it. The subject line is the first thing the reader is going to see initially h/she won’t see the content of your email. So you need to make sure that it’s catchy and enticing for the user to click on.

Put yourself in their shoes, understand the psychology of your audience (who can be prospective buyers), experiment about what would make them open that email. And in addition to that if you insert their name in that subject line it is going to increase the opening ratio significantly.

There are few rules that you can add and you can follow.

  • Don’t mislead the viewer. This means all you say in the subject line should be true.
  • Don’t say it all. Just provoke the curiosity of the reader, so they are urged to click and see your message.
  • Put the right keywords in the beginning. Since a lot of recipients read their email on mobile devices, you have to keep that in mind that the subject lines will be cropped.

6. Send Emails on Random Days and at Random Times

Subscribers/customers prefer to receive an email from brands less often. Your primary goal as a sender is to respect the subscriber’s personal space.


Study shows that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday around lunchtime has the highest opening rate. That may or may not make sense for your brand but that’s something that you can try out.

You just need to think about the time your customers are most likely going to see those emails open those emails, so make sure to schedule your sends.

7. Sending Irrelevant Content

Before you send your email, start with a clear vision of its purpose in mind. If your emails aren’t meeting your reader’s expectations, they are definitely going to unsubscribe.

And nobody wants that, right?

Content has to be relevant for each group of people you have created. For example,

If you are selling clothes, craft one different campaign for men’s clothes to send them to all the male subscribers, and one for the women’s clothes for the female subscribers.

There are many examples but the idea behind it is: You need to make sure your emails are more relevant and personalized. As a result, the conversion rate will increase.

8. Annoying Your Recipients With Too Many Emails

Even if the person is interested in receiving content from you, flooding them with emails is a big no-no.

They should be happy when they get a message from you and not feel annoyed.

From personal experience, some brands send an email each day, and others send even more frequently. In such cases, you will be awarded an unsubscription rather than a click.

There should be a limit to your email campaigns. You can even add an option for subscribers to set up their preferences when they sign up.

9. No Subscription Form

If there is no subscription form on your website or blog, users won’t be able to sign up even if they want to. Why not make it easier for visitors to sign up for your content, product update, blogs, etc.

Make sure the subscription forms are visible and easy to find for both desktop and mobile users. But at the same time, keep in mind people don’t like annoying pop-ups. Be gentle and time the subscription pop-up box says after 30 seconds, based on activities such as exit intent, etc.

Bottom Line

Email marketing is still in fashion everyone must explore more about it. If done rightly, you can drive traffic to your website with it.

But some people are doing email marketing wrong. After reading this article, you might have just realized you fall into that league.

Don’t worry these common mistakes are fairly easy to correct.



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