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December 29, 2020

Are You Using This Fresh Proposals Feature to Boost Your Conversion

Fresh Proposals feature to boost your conversion

Just assume that you are a professional buyer or a business owner who receives multiple proposals of this type every year. 

While this proposal has everything right from, the statement of work to the timeline and the investment table but I guarantee you won’t sign this document.


And you very well know the reason, but let’s find out the pros. The only pro with this type of proposal is, it can be an effective organic cure for insomnia for sure. And still, many salespeople complain that they never hear anything again from their prospects after putting out a proposal like this. Is it any wonder?

Even though PDF files have been the norm 10 years ago, but the technology has advanced so much it’s no longer necessary to stick to an outdated medium. It’s time to break that traditional mold. In fact, you should be looking for ways to differentiate and modernize proposals in order to stand out from the competition. 

Why you need designs and imagery in your proposal?

Even if your product or services are not unique, a unique presentation can make a huge difference. 

A lot of people might ask “why just the facts and figures” aren’t enough to close the potential deal? That’s because the other players in the market also have a similar kind of data in most cases, in fact even bigger and more impressive. 

If you want the prospective client to consider your proposal as one of its kind when there’s a potential deal on the table, then you’ll have to create a proposal that stands out from the others. 

Tips for Using Visuals in Your Proposals

Your business proposals don’t have to a boring formal and technical document. While you still need to include technical details in order to fully convey the value of services or products, the overall proposal should be inviting and visually pleasing.

Here are a few tips for leveraging imagery to maximize proposal efficiency:

Choose the Right Marketing Images

Now that you know that you must use awesome photos in your sales proposal, but what exactly makes a photo “awesome”? Even more what makes a photo be perfect for your particular purpose?

The cover page is the first thing that’ll set the tone for the rest. So in order to convince your prospective client to see what you’re offering in the rest of the proposal, you’ll need a cover image that catches their eyes at the first glance.

How? Using images that represent and connect to their primary emotions: desire, curiosity, joy, etc.

Be Trendy, Be today

In today’s age, consumers want the latest and up to date of everything and that includes images as well. Photos are the best friends of the marketers, but for this friendship to be fruitful, you must always use current and fresh photos. 

How? By staying in the loop! Check out the trend reports of photos and make use of stock imagery sites to learn what is “hot” in visual content right now and select the trends and themes that fit within your goal.

Color me Compelling

Color plays an important role in capturing attention and setting up a path for the readers’ eye to follow. You don’t want to be that person who lost a big client because you sent a proposal that includes high-energy color images like red, orange, and yellow to a conservative client or a proposal that includes grey images proposal to a hippy, funky startup, do you? Always use the colors subtly. 

Look for the images where the colors you want are included in the design. 

How? Like for example you have a brand of natural juices and your brand’s main color is red, then instead of having a copy text in red fonts on the cover page, you can use a photo of a strawberry field, that incorporates the product, the lifestyle element, the topic, and the color red without being too obvious. 

Colors in proposals

How to Use Fresh Proposals to Find Free Stock Images for Your Marketing Proposals

To help you make your proposals shine, we’ve partnered with Unsplash– an unparalleled free stock photo library featuring over 1000000 visuals. Fresh Proposals users with paid plans are already accessing this vast wealth of imagery directly from the editor.


Through this brand new integration, you can now directly search and import photos from Unsplash in Fresh Proposals.

At Fresh Proposals, we like to do things a little differently. That’s because we know that business proposals are not about the tasks: they’re about the people who work on creating them. We’re always looking for ways to make your proposals dazzling, and our integration with Unsplash is one step further in this direction. 

Enough Talking. Sign Me Up Already 

Unsplash feature is available to all Fresh Proposals . However, this integration is just one of the many excellent reasons to upgrade your Fresh Proposals experience and take your business proposal management journey to a whole new level.

Let’s get to work

As soon as you have a Pro account, you’ll be ready to get started with Unsplash for Fresh Proposals. Here’s what to do,

  1. From the system templates, choose the template you wish to customize.
  2. Click on the “edit” 
  3. Go over to the right toolbar and click on where it says “Drag Image on Page” 
  4. Now you can either browse and import images from your device or browse through Unsplash
  5. Click on where it says “Unsplash”. That’ll bring you over 1000000 free images with Fresh Proposals subscription.
  6. Now all you have to do is choose an image and drag it right onto your canvas.  

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use Unsplash Gallery:

That’s it!!! Ever since we’ve started thinking about the integration with Unsplash, we’ve been looking forward to seeing what marketing geniuses that use our tool can do with a whole world of photographic joy. 

We can’t wait for you to use this Fresh Proposals feature and boost your conversion rate ASAP!!!!


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