Sneha J

February 05, 2021

Speed Up The Process of Proposal Creation With Fresh Proposals Repeater Feature

Fresh Proposals Repeater feature

If you’ve designed and built a sales proposal before, you know the process naturally involves a significant amount of repetitive work. When working on designing a shape, for example, you need to repeat the same design process for that particular shape every time.

This is clearly not the most efficient process, obviously. 

No matter which proposal template you are creating, you’ll most likely need to apply and reuse the same styles across different pages, sections, or areas. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a simple way to take style from one page and apply it to another?

Yes, you can, with the Fresh Proposals Repeater feature!

What is a page repeater?

Designing a perfect template for your proposal can be a tedious task. The design has to be consistent across every page. Thank goodness Fresh Proposals helps you with the consistency with our Page Repeater feature.

Repeaters enable you to automatically repeat certain elements across all the pages when added to one page in the proposal. This repeating mode allows you to include things like header-footer, shapes, text, and images. 

The repeater also gives you the flexibility to change each individual item as you like and it’ll be throughout the proposal or template.

What is the purpose of Page Repeater?

We’ve worked hard on refining this functionality because we believe that it’s going to become essential for all our users. No matter which proposal or statement of work you’re currently building with Fresh Proposals, using Repeater will substantially speed up your design process.

Apart from speeding up your design process, it also offers consistency. How? 

Well, when you add an element to a repeater item, it is automatically added on every page of the proposal keeping the design consistency. 

It’ll also make your experience of building a proposal using Fresh Proposals more fun and streamlined, allowing you to focus more on the content creation process and less on the design adjustments. 

Adding and Editing Repeaters 

Fresh Proposals gives you an easy way to set page repeater for your template or proposal. 

  • Open any template you’d like to add a repeater in an editing mode 
  • From the editor click on the menu bar on right (vertical) that says “Advance”
  • From the menu bar click on the Repeater option
  • It will open your template/ proposal in Repeater mode as shown below

Fresh Proposals Repeater Feature

By doing that your editor will be set to a “Repeater Mode”.

While you are in a “Repeater mode”, you can add elements like,

  • Drag-drop text (including page numbers)
  • Images
  • Shapes
  • Header-Footer blocks

Upon adding these elements, they’ll be replicated in the very same place on every page.

In the repeater mode, once you add repeating blocks to any of the pages of the proposal/ template, you can update its design, content and it will be seen repeated across all pages.

Fresh Proposals Repeater Feature

Wrap Up

Page repeater feature allows you to create a theme for your proposal by repeating certain styles or elements and helps you build comfort with readers. Consistency encourages familiarity and that’s what you should do with your sales proposals. 

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