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September 28, 2020

Fresh Proposals Software – Sept 2020 Updates

Sales Proposal Templates

Fresh Proposals Software Product Update : Sept 2020 Series

We are happy to announce product update for this month. We have been working on features like Undo-Redo changes, Alignment assist and now these features are available for you to use. We have also included new Google Fonts, and refactored UI for certain pages for better ease of use.
New Templates

We have included new templates for Facebook Marketing Proposal, eCommerce Website Proposal, Marketing Research Proposal, Staffing Proposal, etc.

Sales Proposal Templates

Alignment Assist

Honestly, this has been our own itch. We were unable to align blocks in the middle of the page or textbox with references to other blocks.

We have moved the alignment assist work bit further. If you have content blocks (e.g. textbox, image, shape, signature, etc) in a proposal/editor page and when you try to move (drag-drop) them, you will notice dotted lines gets highlighted over the mid point of the content block. It is to help you align the component/block to the center of the page. We will continue to work on it to simplify alignment of blocks for you.

It looks something like this


We have implemented Zapier integration. Currently we are waiting for Fresh Proposals app listing to get published on Zapier marketplace. If you have zapier account you can use triggers and actions to add contacts from CRM tools to Fresh Proposals and when proposals are created/sent/accepted, you can create/update deals in CRM. There are many uses cases that one can apply. We will soon create Zapier templates for Fresh Proposals and make it available to our uses.

Note: Zapier integration is not applicable/available to all plans. WE CAN FLY /TEAM plan will have this feature enabled in next few days.

Undo-Redo Operations in Editor

If you are editing a proposal/template and changed color, height/length, padding, etc of a textbox, image and any other block; you realize that you need to go back and set revert to the previous color of textbox/shape. Yes, it has indeed happened quite a few times when we ourselves have been creating templates; and we badly wanted to go back to the earlier state of the content block. This enhancement was definitely due for a while and we’ve also received feature requests last month.

Note: Currently we are allowing undo-redo of properties on right side panel only, soon it will cover other aspects of undo-redo in the editor. There will be certain actions wherein system asks for explicit consent/confirmation from the user such as – deleting/ adding sections in the sections list, we will not allow undo-redo operation in such cases.

New google fonts

New set of Google fonts are available now. We are moving in a direction wherein including new Google Fonts to the system should be possible without new release/deployment.

Redesigned Settings Page

Not a major change though, we have simplified the settings page by organzing various options into few logical groups. These sub-settings groups can be expanded and collapsed.



That’s all for now.

About Fresh Proposals Software

Fresh Proposals is online proposal software. You can send beautiful proposals, add interactive pricing and eSignature to it. You will get crucial proposal insights or sales signals to better understand your prospect’s actions and intention and close more deals. Know more about proposal management software.

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