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April 14, 2022

Fresh Proposals Software Update – April 2022

Fresh Proposals Software Update April 22 - Proposal Cards

Fresh Proposals Software Update – April 2022

View Sent Emails in Proposal Activities

You can refine your proposal email (first email with proposal link) and as you make changes on-top-of the template, you want to see exactly what was sent to the client: the subject, body, etc.

With this feature, you will be able to view the details of the initiating proposal email sent to client such as

  1. Sender
  2. Receiver
  3. Subject
  4. Timestamp when a proposal was sent
  5. Content of the email

Navigate to proposal summary, open proposal activities tab and look for the proposal send activity. You will notice ‘eye’ icon on the right. Clicking on the ‘eye’ icon will display the initiating email pop-up.

Fresh Proposals Software Update April 22 - Email Preview in Activities


Fresh Proposals Software Update April 22 - Email Preview Popup

Remember, you and client get separate notification when an initiating proposal email is sent.

Recent Proposals Won, Sent in last week

We have introduced a new report in the dashboard ‘Proposals Won, Sent in last week’. Few users requested similar report. You can switch between two tabs to find proposals Won vs Proposals Sent in the last week.

Fresh Proposals Software Update April 22 - Proposals Sent Last Week

Not only you can see the count of proposals Won, Sent but you can also view the list of those proposals where each card shows proposal information.

Fresh Proposals Software Update April 22 - List of Proposals Sent Last Week

New user onboarding flow

It is our constant endeavor to improve the user experience. We wanted to make the onboarding process smoother for new users. Previously We displayed intro video, used third party onboarding/handholding tool; each has pros and cons. This time, we leveled up the game to make the onboarding experience.

Here is a glimpse of how it is going to look like.

The new-onboarding flow is not applicable to existing users, we would to highlight that the way client views proposal is also going to different for new users. The details of the ‘new client view’ are shared below.

New Proposal View/ Preview UI

To keep the client view of the proposal minimalistic, we have refined the way client will view proposals. For now, this change will be applicable for new account. Existing users & clients will not be impacted due to this change (please read the note below).

What has changed in new client view

  1. The top-ribbon will display proposal name, who has sent proposal, consent to view the document
  2. Accept button on the top, instead of bottom-right
  3. ‘More Actions’ buttons to reject, download proposal and proposal information
  4. ‘Next’ button is a shortcut to jump directly to view pricing and sign the document
  5. The sections list on the left side to auto-hide after couple of seconds

Here is a glimpse of how it is going to look like


Note: The ‘new proposal view’ is going to go through more improvements in coming days and eventually all existing accounts will be updated to have the new client view in the near future.


Overdue, Expiring Labels in Proposal Listing

Proposal cards are now easier to scan for the status, due date, their validity. Through a quick glance, you will know which all proposals are expiring soon, or when was it signed, when was it accepted, etc.

Fresh Proposals Software Update April 22 - Proposal Cards

Instead of stating mere dates, we tried making it more human readable with labels such as

Due Date

Fresh Proposals Software Update April 22 - Due Proposal

Due in 8 days

Fresh Proposals Software Update April 22 - Due in days Proposal 1

Overdue by 19 days

Fresh Proposals Software Update April 22 - Overdue Proposal

Expiring in 5 days

Fresh Proposals Software Update April 22 - Expiring Proposal

Expired 10 days ago

Fresh Proposals Software Update April 22 - Expired Proposal 2

and these are highlighted with color code too.


Trello Card : Updated title, more attributes in the description

We received mix feedback for the information to be displayed in Trello cards (Trello Integration). When a proposal get accepted, Fresh Proposals creates a new card in the connected Trello account.

It will have the card name to help you identify that it is created because proposal got accepted in Fresh Proposals software. So the card title will look like

Graphic Design Proposal for JC Bee (via Fresh Proposals)

The card description is made more readable and added more fields to it.

Fresh Proposals + Trello Integration - Card Created

Listing sorting, filtering in content library : Fees table, Snippets, Fees builder

Continuing to improve the tabulated listing in the tool, we have made Fees table, Snippet and Fees builder with abilities to sort, group the list based on column values.

Proposal Fees Library - Grid View to group, sort fees

Snippets library Table Grid

Proposals Snippets Library - Grid View to group, sort Snippets

Client Listing: Preview client details, Preview Contact Details

The clients list can be scanned for additional information without editing it. We have included preview buttons so that you can view company information, its custom fields as well as contacts information and their custom fields.

preview client company, contact details

Proposal status manual change – proposal activity to show it

If you manually update the proposal status, now it will be identified and mentioned in the proposal activities tab.e.g.

Proposal status can be set as ‘Signed’ in two ways

  1. Everyone involved (proposer and client) sign the proposal
  2. Client signs the proposal outside the tool and proposer manually changes the status as ‘Signed’

To make it transparent for its users, system will display in the proposal activities, how proposal status has changed by signing activity or by manually changing it.

Fresh Proposals Software Update April 22 - Manual Status Change Activity

Allow inserting additional contact for same client and proposal if it is back in the draft mode

If a proposal is sent to client, you can not change client or its contacts. Few users requested us to enable a use-case wherein, a new contact for the same client needs to be invited, added to the proposal. For a moment, tool enabled you to include additional contact for the SAME CLIENT in the proposal editor.

You can move to Editor > Advanced > Client > Edit Client > Select desired contact(s)

Once a new contact is added, or existing contact is selected for proposal as a client contact, it will be displayed in proposals activities in the proposal Summary page

Fresh Proposals Software Update April 22 - Client Contact Added to Proposal Activity

It will also appear in the main dashboard activities list.

Fresh Proposals Software Updae April 22 - Contact Added to Proposal - Dashboard Activity

In future update, we are going to refine this process further such that, if there is no change it the document, you don’t need to open the proposal in editing mode, even if it means replacing signee for the client.

If proposer change/add contact to proposal, enlist this as an activity in proposal activities

For above enhancement, system highlights the activities in proposal activities tab

Fresh Proposals Software Updae April 22 - Client Contact Added to Proposal Activity

It can also be seen in the main account dashboard

Fresh Proposals Software Updae April 22 - Contact Added to Proposal - Dashboard Activity

Document type in emails sent

For all practical purposes, you can use Fresh Proposals software not just for proposals but also to send contracts, quotations, Sign-off letter, Engagement Letter, NDA, Offer Letter, etc (as shown below) and get those signed.

e.g Creating Contract

Fresh Proposals Software- Create Contract Popup

e.g. Creating Sign-off document

Fresh Proposals Software - Create Sign-off Letter 1

The document type is displayed appropriate in the client view.

The emails you (as proposer) will receive will also display the document type.


Pop-ups are redesigned for warning, error messages

We have started redesigning the pop-ups for easy to understand and act. You will notice the Warning, Error messages appear in following way.

Fresh Proposals Software Update April 22 - Popup ReDesign

When new team member confirms registration, it appears in the Activities list in the dashboard

As new team members are invited and s/he confirms Fresh Proposals registration, an activity is added, displayed in the list of activities displayed in the Dashboard

Fresh Proposals Software Updae April 22 - User Invited Activity

When team member use the invitation link and confirms the account, it also appears in the dashboard activities

Fresh Proposals Software Updae April 22 - User Confirmed Activity

Preview document from proposal listing, editor will open preview in new tab

To simplify the navigation, the system now opens proposal preview pages in a different tab when you click it in the editor, proposal listing; so that once you are done previewing it, you can come back to the previous screen and continue your work, where you left off.


Bug Fixes

We have fixed quite a few bugs; including those reported by some of you.

Shadow property fields for shape are not available for edit – Fixed

Client list in proposal creation wizard was not-scrollable for certain screen resolutions – Fixed

Search filter labels overlapping the filter box – Fixed

Shadow property for shapes, color picker is not not clickable – Fixed

Search parameter for fees library are not cleared when user moves to Snippet library – Fixed

Proposal listing, list view: action column is draggable. It is not applicable – Fixed

Email ids add to CC in proposal email seen to have random string prepended in its display name – Fixed

Replacing a variable in template would replace it but would not display it, if its value is unavailable – Fixed

A case when reminder email would get rescheduled differently if user unchecks reminder and reschedules it again – Fixed

Proposal card listing view: if proposal values are larger, they would overlap other label – Fixed

Disabled send button in emailer position was overlapping the content in Thanking email preview – Fixed

Signature pop-up : Upload signature image : Upload label overlapping the date field – Fixed

There are more bugs we have fixed than listed above. If there is anything specific you have reported and not listed above, kindly contact us by raising a support ticket.

Quick Recap of (Previous) January 2022 Update

We released January 2022 update of Fresh Proposals software with new features such as CC in proposal email, redesigned proposal analytics charts, proposal listing table view, Textflow section, copying proposal link – message, change width of a fees table and many more enhancements and bug fixes.

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