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January 28, 2022

Fresh Proposals Software Update – January 2022

Fresh Proposals Software Update - Jan 2022

Fresh Proposals Software Update – January 2022

Textflow Section

You will be able to add a new type of section in the proposal or template editor. It allows you to keep editing text content and it will automatically flow to next page.

Proposal Software Editor - Sections List - Add Textflow Section


You will notice a new option above Upload PDF to add a Textflow section

Proposal Software Editor - Add Textflow Section


As you will add the Textflow section, it already has a textbox added to it. While you can add other content blocks from the side bar, the default textbox will remain part of the textflow section.

You can copy-paste your text or keep typing text content, as you will reach to the bottom of the page, it will automatically create a new page and start adding new content to the next page. Here is the video tour of this feature.

For textflow section, we have introduced page margin in proposal / template editor > Advanced > Page Settings.

Page Margin for Textflow

CC a Proposal in Proposal Emailer

Now you can mark copy of your proposal email to your other contacts of your clients, internal team members and other people using proposal emailer.
You will see a Cc to the right of the proposal emailer page labelled as ‘Outgoing Email’
Fresh Proposals Software Jan22 Update - Add CC in Proposal Emailer
As you will click on it, a row will be added below ‘To’ and you can see a plus icon.
Fresh Proposals Jan 2022 Update - Add CC in Proposal Emailer - Row
Clicking on the plus icon, you will be able to see a popup like this. Select from client contacts, team members
Fresh Proposals Software Jan 2022 Update - Add CC in Proposal Emailer - Client Selected
or type name, email ids of your external recipients.
Fresh Proposals Software - January 2022 Update - Add CC in Proposal Emailer - External Emails
Once added, the list of recipient will look like this.
Fresh Proposals Software January 2022 Update - Add CC in Proposal Emailer - All CC Preview
Note: Each person in ‘TO’ list will receive separate email hence people marked in CC will receive those many emails as number of recipients are present in the TO list. Also if any of the recipient clicks on the proposal link, it will be considered as if clicked by the person marked in ‘TO’ of the email.

Proposal Listing – Table View

While there is already a way to filter your proposals in proposals listing page, there was no way of grouping and sorting proposals based on client names as well as proposal status. Now we present you a table view of proposals list. You will see a switch in the proposals listing page called
Proposal Management - Proposals Listing Switch
Clicking on the table view will bring a tabular view of the proposals list. You can sort, group, sub-group the proposals list as shown below.
Proposal software - manage proposal listing

Proposal Listing – Card View

Even the proposals listing – card view has gone through UI changes. You will notice that the information on the card is more organized.
Proposals Cards Listing
If you are using Stripe connected account and requesting advance amount from client when s/he accepts the proposal, same will be displayed in the card.
Proposal Card with Advance Amount
And depending on the proposal status, the dates will be displayed, whether it is due date, valid till date, sent date, acceptance date, payment date, etc.

Proposals Analytics – Updated Charts UI

Since few of you had the challenge of processing two separate indicators of proposal interaction in one chart, we have separated out Time Spent and Number of Visits as separate charts.
The UI on the proposal analytics page is also updated
Fresh Proposals Software - Jan 2022 Update - Proposal Analytics - Updated Charts UI

Proposal Link Copy Message

Clients can not access/view proposals in the draft state. In the last post (as well as email communication and user guide), we mentioned about this change and its implication. Since few users who have been using copy link feature often and didn’t notice this change. In this update, we have made it explicit for users whoever copies proposal link, will see checkbox to set proposal status as Sent. And there is also a warning below.
Fresh Proposals Software - Jan2022 Update - Copy Proposal Link Popup 1

Change Fees Table Width

Previously you could change the width of a fees table only if it has less than usual columns (e.g. if you have all fixed fees, it would hide quantity column, you can optionally hide Sub-total column as well). Some users still wanted to reduce the width of the table even when all columns are visible. So we decided to remove the constraint of all columns and users can change as well as save width of the fees table irrespective of number of columns it has.
Fresh Proposals Software - January 2022 Update - Table Width with All Columns
Note, the tool will still check and restrain if table width falls below 300px.


Bug Fixes

We fixed quite a few bugs, enlisting few of those especially if you have reported those to us.

Menu options when clicked on the Content Table was not available – Fixed

This issue was bit weird and erratic (not reproducible easily). Turned out it was a combination of the third party library issue with click event blockers in the browser. It is now fixed

Proposal Software Update Jan 2022 - Content Table - Menu Options

Proposal Listing Table View  – Fixed

The early update of the table view displayed all proposal with default currency. Now it is fixed to display applicable currencies of enlisted proposals.

Right side panel for the client would auto-open on iPad/ Tablet  – Fixed

The right side panel to accept/reject a proposal would automatically remain open when client is viewing the proposal on iPad. Couple of clients reported they were unable to scroll through the proposal since it would tap on the accept/reject. This issue is now fixed.

Duplicate send button seen in emailer preview  – Fixed

If you have clicked back-and-forth in the emailer preview/edit options, it would show duplicate Send button. This has been fixed.

Content library scrolling issue  – Fixed

While normal users didn’t face this problem, it was observed for larger resolution screen or zoomed browser windows (it is already fixed for proposals and template listing) . This issue is now fixed.

The link was clickable for Account settings > Email Templates preview  – Fixed

The link as seen in the email template listing was clickable (it wouldn’t open any proper page). It should not have been clickable. This issue is now fixed.

Adding contacts on the high resolution screen, save button is displaced  – Fixed

For high resolution/wide screens, the save/cancel button while editing, saving contact would be seen outside the box (functionality is working fine). We fixed the layout issue and you will see these buttons are in place now..

Client Country: The Bahamas  – Added

Client country The Bahamas was not available in the list, it is now added and available.

Multiple attachment upload issue  – Fixed

Attaching multiple files at once would not enlist, display files correctly in client view. This is now fixed.

Multi-file attachment Preview

Quick Recap of (Previous) Nov 2021 Update

We released Nov 2021 update of Fresh Proposals software with new features such as integration with Dropbox, Google Drive to save signed proposals. We introduced option to e sign the document by drawing using a touchpad, Stripe update to add client to your client account if client pays advance amount, and many more enhancements and bug fixes.

Thank you for your support and love!


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