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June 30, 2021

Fresh Proposals Software Update – June 2021

Fresh Proposals Software Update - June 2021

I am really happy to announce recent update to Fresh Proposals software that we worked hard in month of June 2021.

Quick Recap of (Previous) May 2021 Update

We released May update of Fresh Proposals software with new features such as Xero integration, , detailed proposal interaction analytics, lock blocks, payment reminder, redirect URL after proposal is accepted, RTL interface, etc.

In the month of June we have added new integration, quite a few new features and enhancement as well as templates to Fresh Proposals software.

Now, here are some of the Fresh Proposals Software Update – June 2021

Fresh Proposals Software Update – June 2021: New Features

HubSpot Integration

If you are using HubSpot, now you can connect your HubSpot account with Fresh Proposal.

Fresh Proposals Software Update June 2021 - HubSpot Integration-Connecting-Step1 -1

With this integration you can

  • Search & import contacts from HubSpot to Fresh Proposals
  • When a proposal is sent, Fresh Proposals creates a new deal in HubSpot for the same client
  • When a proposal is accepted by the client, Fresh Proposals update the status of the deal in HubSpot as “Closed Won”
  • When a proposal is sent for a new client added directly to Fresh Proposals, while this integration also creates a new deal, it also adds new client company & contact information to your HubSpot account

Fresh Proposals Software + HubSpot Integration: Deal Created, Deal Won

To know more about how to configure/set up and use HubSpot + Fresh Proposals integration, refer this help guide.

Grouping of Content blocks in Editor

Though one could move textbox, shapes, images, signature, fees table, content table on a given page, it was difficult to move multiple blocks together.

We have enabled grouping of blocks so that you can drag them together and place at other location on a page. If those blocks are already aligned, you don’t have to worry about aligning them individually, as you can moving them together.

Fresh Proposals Software Update June 2021 - Pre-Grouping of Blocks

If you have locked few items and they are included in the grouping; they will not be moved. So you don’t have to worry about locked items being tempered (unless they are unlocked). Grouping feature also exclude repeater elements in the editor. You can open repeater mode to move repeating blocks together.

See the grouping feature in working.

Fresh Proposals Software Update June 2021 - Grouping of Blocks

Check video about how it works and what happens to locked items here:


Separate Mobile, Desktop View Analytics

How did client view your proposal : was it on mobile or desktop?

This is important for some of you to understand the kind of interaction client has with your proposal.

Yes, you will know whether client has viewed your proposal on mobile or desktop and how many times on these kind of devices.

Fresh Proposals Software Update June 2021 - Proposal Analytics - Device Used


Proposal Status

To distinguish proposals in the proposal listing based on status, system shows statuses like Signed, Accepted, Locked (Client Viewed), Rejected in the proposal card.


Fresh Proposals Software Update June 2021 - Proposal Statuses

So the proposals listed will look like this.

Fresh Proposals Software Update June 2021 - Proposal Listing with Statuses


Proposal Last Updated on

After a proposal is viewed by client and reopen by proposer to make changes, clients should know if the proposal has been modified or not after they have viewed it last time. Though they would see the changes (audit log/trail) in signature certificate in the proposal PDF, there was no easy way for client to know about it.

For transparency purpose, system now shows “Last Updated On” field in the client view.

Fresh Proposals Software June 2021 Update - Proposal Last Updated On


Search Proposals with Client Details

If you would like to search proposals by client name, email id, you can do so using search box.

Fresh Proposal Software - Search Proposal by Client Details

Custom logo as Favicon

If custom branding is enabled for your account, you can use your company logo as a favicon. This will be viewed in the browser tab along with company name by your colleagues as well as your clients.

Fresh Proposals Software Update June 2021 - Company Favicon logo

The way custom logo and favicon will look like for your account is shown below.

Fresh Proposals Software Update June 2021 - Company Favicon

Mandatory Custom Field

You can mark a given custom field as mandatory and proposer, team members will have to set its value otherwise corresponding proposal/client company/contact/user information can not be saved.

Fresh Proposals Software Update June 2021 - Set Custom Field Mandatory

Once it is marked as mandatory, it will be displayed in corresponding page as mandatory with asterisks as shown below

Fresh Proposals Software Update June 2021 - Mandatory Custom Field

Though this enhancement was already included in previous update, it was not covered in previous blog post.

Profile Photo

If you use profile picture for yourself and for the client, it will appear like this, also in proposal comments to make the conversation filled with people.

Fresh Proposals Software Update June 2021 - Proposal Details with Profile Pics


Redirecting URL with a delay

Last update we introduced redirect URL option if you would like your clients to be redirected to different page after s/he signs your proposal. Few of you suggested adding a notification and introducing a delay before redirection; so yes, we have implemented these suggestions.

Fresh Proposals Software Update June 2021 - Redirection URL Message, With Delay

Zapier: Added trigger for AddClientContact

If contacts are added to a client company afterwards, this trigger will help you synchronize those contacts added later.

Bug Fixes

‘Show Job Title’ preference in settings

Fresh Proposals Software - Settings Miscellaneous - Title Options

You can turn off the Designation field for the client who signs the proposal in Settings > Miscellaneous. Though it would save the preference but in the page/ UI it would still display old value. This issue is fixed now.

Designation field in the signature box

The word Designation was confusing many users. In this update we have updated the label to display job Title instead of Designation.

eSignature Software Popup box

Copy page was not showing page number, default page shadow in the sections lift

If you use copy/duplicate page feature, the page would be added to the document as well as in the sections list on the left side panel. It wasn’t displaying the page number, shadow in the left panel. This is now fixed.

Proposal Document Sections list - Pages

Delete option in the top of a textbox, fees table, content table moved inside

Corrected the UX glitch, users would inadvertently delete textbox, fees table, content table, etc. The Delete icon is moved clicking on the hamburger menu button (three dots)

Delete Option in hamburger menu button - BeforeAfter

Deleting a textbox doesn’t retrieve text with Undo action

Deleting a textbox and undoing this change would not retrieve its content, this was recently broken, it is fixed now.

Proposal comment email to client

When client or proposer would respond to comment made by other person, the email notification sent to him/her is now tabulated and contains link to the proposal (client specific link for client and proposer link for proposer)

What is next?

  • Auto flow of text box to next page
  • Custom Fonts, advance dashboard, reporting
  • Section Versioning


Thank you for your support and onward and upward!

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