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June 02, 2021

Fresh Proposals Software Update – May 2021

Fresh Proposals Software Update - May 2021

I am really happy to announce recent update to Fresh Proposals software that we worked hard in month of May 2021.

Quick Recap of April 2021 Update

We released April update to Fresh Proposals software with new features such as importing PDF, Pricing packages, page design settings, upload signature image, etc. This month we have added lot of features and enhancement to Fresh Proposals software.

Now, here are some of the Fresh Proposals Software Update – May 2021

Fresh Proposals Software Update – May 2021: New Features

Xero Integration

Fresh Proposals can be integrated with Xero accounting software. You can connect one of the organizations in your Xero account, share company-contact details and once client accepts the proposal in Fresh Proposals, you can generate invoice.

The cool part is, you can specify percentage of proposal value for which invoice is to be generated.

Xero + Fresh Proposals - Generate Invoice from an accepted proposal

Once invoice is generated, you can download its PDF, also open it in Xero to view, edit it before approving. The invoice generate through Fresh Proposals looks like this: with invoice number, items, quantities, tax-rate, sub-total, total, etc.

You can check a quick video walk-through here or go through Xero Integration help guide.

Using Xero with Fresh Proposals - View, Edit Invoice in Xero

Proposal Interaction Analytics for all sections

You can view client-proposal interaction analytics for all sections. Once click on the button ‘Show All Analytics’, it will display all viewed sections and their data. You can select client contacts to filter specific interaction data. If you have multiple client-contacts who could be acting like: decision maker, influencer, user; you would know exactly and distinctly what are their interest level.

All Sections Interaction Analytics - FP Update May 2021


Save eSignature images to your profile

As a proposer you can now save your signature image in your profile. When you (as a part of proposing team), self-sign the proposal and use signature image option, you will be asked whether you want to save the signature image to your profile so that you can reuse it next time. These images are listed in My Account/ Profile > eSignature tab as shown below. You can add/ remove if you would like.]

Basically, next time you are self-signing a proposal, you will be able to use one of these signature from the dropdown (and you also have option to upload new image if you’d like).

Add eSign Images to the List - My Profile

Once saved, the eSignature image will be available to use for self-signing next time as shown below.

Self-Sign eSignature Image List


Lock Components/blocks on the page

You don’t want to change certain content block (say textbox, signature, shape, image, fees table, content table,  etc). You don’t want to its position to change or content or color, etc properties to change.


Now you can lock a content block using the lock icon shown below.

Fresh Proposals Editor Enhancement - Textbox Top Menu


Once a component/ block is locked, you can not make changes in it, as shown below.

Proposal Editor Enhancement - Locked Textbox - What it means

Proposal Editor Enhancement – Locked Textbox – What it means



Once a content block is locked, its properties panel on the right side is disabled for changes.

Proposal Editor: Textbox Locked - Properties Disabled


It can be done for images (as well as shapes, signature, content table, fees table, etc) as shown below.

Proposal Editing - Image Locked - Properties Disabled

Payment Reminder Email

Now you can remind your client to make advance payment. You can use predefined payment reminder template or customize its content. You can also schedule the payment reminder email to be sent after a client has accepted your proposal but hasn’t paid the advance amount.

There are few conditions for you to use Payment Reminder email.

  1. You will need to have your Stripe account connected
  2. A given proposal should have Stripe payment enabled
  3. Proposal amount should be greater than zero

Proposal Software- Payment Reminder Emailer


Redirecting client after Accepting a proposal

Some of you have requested a redirection URL feature: to redirect your clients to special page after s/he accepts your proposal. Yes, now it is possible to redirect your client to a different page. You have this option to enter desired URL in the Client-View Option.

Proposal Software - URL Redirect Option For Accepted Proposal


Remember, Redirect URL option will be available for proposals that do not have Stripe connected, enabled (since after accepting proposal client is prompted with Stripe pop-up instead).

Proposal Software - Type Redirect URL

Right to Left (RTL) Interface Support

For some of the language where the reading/writing direction is from right to left (RTL). We have enabled support for RTL. This option is available in Client View Option. It will reverse the way one types in editor, fees table and content table;

Fresh Proposals Software - Editor Option: RTL Option in Client View


You will be warned about change in editing direction and to save the changes before it.

Fresh Proposal Software - Right To Left Switching Warning


You will notice the way you can type in the textbox, fees table and content table gets reversed.

Proposal Writing Software- RTL in Effect in the Editor


The clients viewing the proposal will see the interface RTL.

Fresh Proposal Writing Software - RTL for Client View

We would like to thank Alex K, Ibrahim M, Adam P for helping out with this feature.

Client View Options in Templates

Got a preferred language and don’t want to set it again for next proposal?

We have introduced client view options at template level too. You can set preferred language here and next proposal generated from this template will have same language UI displayed for the client.

Client View Option in Template

New Templates

We have added

  • New proposal templates HVAC Proposal, Lead Generation Proposal
  • New Contract documents templates like Consulting Project and Contract Employment Contract
  • Engagement Letters for CPAs, Tax Consultants and bookkeeping firms.

Fresh Proposals CPA Engagement Letters, HVAC, Lead Generation Proposal Templates


New default Variables: Proposal Valid Till Date, Proposal Signed Date

We have added couple of new default variables: Valid till date and Proposal signed date

Valid Till Date

When you use this placeholder/ dynamic variable in the proposal text or email can inform client till what date the proposal is valid.

Dynamic Variable - Proposal Valid Till Date

Proposal Signed Date

When all signatories for a given proposal eSigns the proposal this date will get value of the date when last signatory eSigns it. If there are pending signatures, the variable value will be unavailable/ blank.

Dynamic Variable - Proposal Signed Date

16 Currencies Added to the Currency List

Added 16 currencies including. Estonian Kroon, Mozimbique Metical, Mauritian Rupee, Namibian Dollar among others.

Proposal - New Currency In the list

Download activity by client

Some of you wanted to capture the PDF download activity by your clients. Now you can find this event/ activity in Proposal Summary > Proposal Activities tab.

It can be helpful to know that client wants to look at PDF version of your proposal. Though we recommend enable clients to view your proposals online to understand their interest levels better.

Proposal Analytics Notification -PDF Download Activity by Client

Discount displayed with negative sign to it

Updated discount field displayed on the fees table to have negative sign to it (both at row level as well as in the footer).

Proposal Discounts Displayed with Negative Sign

Section Component List – Actions

For a section with multiple content blocks in it (in one or more pages), you can use actions for blocks/components listed in it. These actions are: reset the position of the block, bring it to the top or delete it.


Bug Fixed

Date Pickers

We fixed issue with the date picker for Due date, Valid till date : while updating date, it wasn’t displaying correct month in the selector menu. We have updated the date picker component in proposal creating wizard, proposal editor and proposal details page.

Proposal Date Picker

Proposal Analytics: Using Brave browser

We noticed Brave browser was blocking interaction analytics using its internal tools. We have fixed this issue. Now if your clients are using Brave browser, you will be able to understand their interactions with your proposal.

Signatures assigned, right side panel says not assigned to anyone

Signatories in Editor Panel

Signatories in Editor Panel

Section Page Size Warning

Though we don’t recommend using mix sized pages (A4, Legal, Letter) in a given document, but now, system will warn you if you are mixing different sized pages in one document.

PDF Import – language issue, import timed out

We updated the PDF service and during this update, there was a glitch about importing PDF files – it wasn’t correctly saving text available in Japanese, Chinese and such languages. This issue has been fixed.


What is next?

  • Hubspot Integration
  • Alignment Assist among blocks, Grouping of Blocks to move them together on a page
  • Special Blocks/ Components


We will continue to work hard and make Fresh Proposals a useful product. Look forward to hear from you and your support.

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