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August 19, 2021

Fresh Proposals Software Update – Mid August 2021

Fresh Proposals Software Update - August 2021

As we are gearing up for massive update next month, there are set of enhancements we have pushed in last month as well as this month. I am really happy to share these update here.

Now, here are some of the Fresh Proposals Software Update – July + Mid August 2021

Fresh Proposals Software Update – Mid August 2021

Copy page to another section in current proposal/template

Some of you wanted to copy a page from one section to another. Now you can use this feature to copy a page and all of its content to another section in the same proposal or template.

Fresh Proposals Software- Copy page to section Menu

As you click on the icon showed above, you will be prompted to select desired section from the dropdown list.

Fresh Proposals Software - Copy Page to Section Options


Once a target section in a current proposal/template is selected, you can click Copy Page to proceed. This action will copy all content on the current page and the same will be recreated/added as a new page in the desired/target section.

Copy Paget to Section- Action in Fresh Proposals Software

Indirectly this will enable you to move a page from one section to another by following same steps above, just that you will need to delete the current page in an existing section.

HubSpot Integration: Add Signed PDF File to the Deal Page

Some of you have requested this enhancement and it make sense to upload the signed proposal PDF document to the HubSpot deals page. Remember, the proposal PDF will be automatically uploaded to the deal page after all designated signatories have signed the document. .

HubSpot Signed Document Saved to Deal - Fresh Proposals Software

Proposal Listing with Active Proposals as a Default Tab

Previously you needed to apply filter to enlist active proposals. Many of you have requested an enhancement to set the default proposals  list as active proposals.

So here you go. You have a default tab in proposals listing that shows active proposals. You can also see the current count of active proposals. That doesn’t mean you will lose access to all proposals, No! You can still access all proposals (in draft, sent, signed, accepted, etc statuses) in All Tab.

Fresh Proposals Software - Proposals Listing - Active, All Proposals Tab

Remember, you can also use search filter on the right side to further refine your listing based on client name, status, year, proposal name, etc. The proposal count seen along the Tab title displays filtered proposals which meet search-filter criteria.

Proposal Listing Active Tab + Filter - Fresh Proposals Software

Vertical Menu for Drag-Drop blocks in the editor

You can see same set of components/blocks are available in this vertical menu bar, instead of three horizontal rows in the right side properties panel. This new tool bar is closer to proposal pages making it easier to drag-drop or click to add a new content blocks to your proposal document. This bar is also setting a stage for upcoming, new components to be added in the toolbar in proposal/template editor.

Fresh Proposals Software- Online Editor - Vertical Menu bar

Just in case if you have missed it, Snippet has got a new icon.

We also realized the Proposal Details or Template Details tab in the editor was accessible only when clicking the Info/Arrow icon in the top. Now you will see Proposal Details tab, Template Details tab always accessible in the top of the right side properties panel.

Proposal /Templates Details tab in Editor of Fresh Proposals Software

Self-Sign Status in Proposal Details Page

It is interesting to see that many users are using self-sign option regularly. By and large, it is a good practice to include sender’s signature in the proposal and have it signed before sending the proposal to client/prospect. While viewing/previewing the proposal document, system would show who all are signatories and their respective statuses (signed or pending). However the internal proposal summary page, the system wasn’t indicating status of signature for the proposing side. This enhancement clears such doubts.

Fresh Proposals Software- Self-Signatory Status - Pending

You can track the status displayed as Signed when designated signatory from sending side signs the proposal.

Fresh Proposals Software - Self-Signatory Status - Signed

There can be multiple signatory from sending as well s receiving side. You can track it all

Remember, if there is anyone without signature assigned to him/her, the signature-status will not be displayed for him/her.

Fresh Proposals Software - All Self-Signatory Status


Hebrew, Arabic, Greek Language Translation (+ RTL)

With this update, we have introduced three new client-view language translation

  1. Arabic
  2. Hebrew
  3. Greek

Fresh Proposal Software - Language Translation_ Hebrew, Arabic, Greek


As you set the Right To Left (RTL) settings for languages like Arabic or Hebrew, and also set client-view language preference to Hebrew/Arabic, it will look like this

RTL+Hebrew, Arabic Language - Fresh Proposals Software

Let us know in the chat, if you find any of the translated text that needs improvement.

Proposal Listing Displaying Proposal Statuses

In order to bring further clarity to identify proposals based on the status while scanning the list of proposals, we have added icons to the card for proposals that are Sent or still in Draft status.

Fresh Proposals Software- Proposal Listing Statuses


Stripe Integration: Option to enable/disable payment available in proposal summary

With Stripe payment integration, you can set percentage of a proposal value to be collected as advance payment while creating a proposal. Now you can override this percentage later and also enable/disable Stripe payment for a given proposal while/after editing the proposal. This option was already available in proposal editor > Client View option.

Now this option is available in Proposal Details page. You don’t need to open proposal editor after client has viewed your proposal (i.e. no need to unlock it).

Fresh Proposals Software - Stripe Payment Options - Change Later

Back Button in Proposal Preview

Many users (including us), keep editing proposal and move to preview it. While previewing the proposal, we may realize that client/contact details should be updated and I need to go to clients page/ or if certain settings in the account setting page need to be changed. The only you were able to go back to main navigation, was going back to the editor and then to main page.

It involved unnecessary going back to editor (one more click + page loading time). We listened to you and improved the navigation options. If you are in the proposal preview, you will be able to jump back to proposal listing or proposal summary page or dashboard. One click and you are back to the main page.

Fresh Proposals Software - Navigation from Proposal Preview - Back Button Options

Back Button in Emailer

Proposal emailer was the similar story. If someone has moved to the proposal emailer page via proposal editor and if s/he wanted to jump to the proposal summary page, s/he had to go through proposal editor page before navigating to Proposal Summary page. But NO MORE hassle.

You have options to jump to proposal listing or proposal summary page or account dashboard in a single click.

Fresh Proposals Software - Navigation from Proposal Emailer - Back Button Options

Emailer : Reminder Shows if Email is Getting Scheduled Over the Weekend

While scheduling a reminder email, one may not realize that it would get scheduled over the weekends (Saturday, Sunday). Now system will display a warning (not error) that the reminder email will be scheduled over the weekend.

Fresh Proposals Software - Reminder Email Schedule Weekend Warning


While most users may not want to schedule/send reminder emails to their client over the weekend, there are use-cases wherein some users do want to send reminder email specifically on weekends. Though it may sound counter-intuitive but they would like to schedule reminder email only if they see such warning while sending the proposal email.


Disable alignment assist

Though we didn’t declare it before, you may have noticed that the editor shows dotted lines of alignment assist as you drag a content blocks on the page. It also enables snap-to-grid. While it works well in normal situations, if content blocks on a give page get smaller and/or crowded, snap-to-grid feature may not function effectively.

To avoid challenges in aligning content blocks in these situation, we have enabled a temporary option in the editor. This option named “Assist Alignment” is enabled by default. If you want to manually align the blocks/move to desired place, you can turn off this option.

Remember, this option is not preserved or saved as preference; for the next document editing, it will be reset to Enabled for the next document editing page. Going forward, we would like to make the alignment assist/snap-to-grid functionality smoother that you don’t have to turn-off this option or even use this option.

Fresh Proposal Software -Disable Alignment Assist Option


Hide Sub-total Column

This enhancement was requested by few users. They don’t want to use/view sub-total column in the fees table. It can be useful if all your fees included in the table are either fixed or ‘content-type’; since sub-total column does not make much sense in this case.

Fresh Proposals Software - Fees Table Column - Hide Sub-Total

Following screenshot shows the way fees table appear if this option is turned off. Similarly, you need to decide whether you want to turn-On or Off this option for the fees you want to present to your client.

Fresh Proposals Software - Subtotal Column Fee Table

Account Activity to Display When Stripe is Connected

As you connect Stripe payment gateway/ integration, it will be displayed in the activities card of the main dashboard. It is useful when there are multiple admin users and one of them connects or disconnects such integration, it will be logged in activities.

Unticking reminder email in emailer to remove scheduled email

If you are scheduling reminder email and for whatever reasons you want NOT to send the reminder email, now you can uncheck the box for reminder email in the proposal emailer. Unticking the checkbox will warn you and ask for your confirmation. Once confirmed, the email will be removed from scheduled queue.

It should be noted that if reminder email is already sent or client has viewed, this option can not be used.

Bug Fixes

We fixed quite a few bugs, enlisting few of those especially if you have reported those to us.

Issue with three dots fixed
Clicking on the three dots for any content block in the editor would bring menu options but it would make difficult to do away with the menu options even after scrolling pages. This issue is fixed.
Repeater mode by clicking full page image
If you are using large/full page image as a repeater and clicking on the image in normal editor would open repeater mode but it would also temporarily distort the page layout. While user could navigate from Advanced button > Repeater option and will face no such page-layout issue; this bug is also solved now.
Zapier connectivity
For new users or accounts trying to connect Zapier integration for the first time, were facing API Key connectivity issue. It has been fixed now.
Opacity issue with image – fixed
There was issue with the opacity/transparency controller for the images added to editor. It has been fixed.
Right click on shape was not working – fixed
Right click on shape object added in the editor was not working. It has been fixed.
Browser zoom level was disabling auto-scroll of proposal listing – fixed
If users have set browser zoom level below 80%, it would disable auto-scroll and limit the number of proposals/templates listed on the page. It has been fixed.


What is next?

  • Sub-account feature is nearly ready, last iterations of dev-testing cycle
  • We are re-visitng new feature: auto flow of text box to next page – Development
  • Custom Fonts, advance dashboard, reporting – in a testing stage
  • Section Versioning – in a testing stage


In case you have missed last update, here you go.

Quick Recap of (Previous) June 2021 Update

We released June update of Fresh Proposals software with new features such as HubSpot integration, component grouping, proposal listing with status indicator, proposal search options, inclusion of profile photos, favicon etc.

In the month of June we have added new integration, quite a few new features and enhancement as well as templates to Fresh Proposals software.

Thank you for your support and love!

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