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May 14, 2021

How to Use Graphics in Business Proposals

graphics in business proposals

In this day and age, where people are ready to make snap judgments, you can’t make common business proposal writing mistakes and have that general business proposal writing approach; they have to be cutting edge to impress your potential clients. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can use graphics in business proposals and win more clients

1. Offer a customizable pricing table

Graphics in Business Proposals- investment table

Cost is always on the potential client’s mind. I mean no matter how much work you put into planning and the time you spend in preparing a business proposal, your potential client will always come hurtling towards the pricing section. Huge opportunity right? You’ve got to make sure to present the pricing table as simple, easy to understand, useful, attractive, and highly converting. But how do you do that?

Here’s a simple tip; include a responsive or interactive pricing table (the most crucial element of your business proposal template checklist). With interactive price tables, you can provide a variety of pricing options where customers can modify the quantity, select services that suit their needs. In short, they can able to create a customized version of your services for them. An interactive pricing table also allows clients to select additional services and at the end can check the updated pricing in real-time. 

Read more on the challenges the sales team faces when developing a business proposal

2. Present your work strategy creatively

work strategy

Never doubt the importance of a powerful scope of services section where you unfold your work strategy. But do you think just plain text will help you sell your services or product? Honestly, your potential client will not even bother to read those heavy blocks of texts, they’ll just move ahead and ignore it – “Urrrgggggg this block of text expects me to figure out everything on my own? I hate it”. Instead what you can do is make use of a workflow diagram and present your work/services with a visual layout. 

3. Make a good first impression with visually appealing “About Us” section

Graphics in Business Proposals- creative about us page

The about us section is probably one of the most crucial contents of the business proposal. Apart from pricing, your company’s first impression has a lot to do with the purchasing decision- that they glean from the about us section. If you have a cool story about how your business was created then this section gives you that opportunity to tell your story. So why not make a video that tells your story. With the help of the right business proposal template, you can easily integrate video or any multimedia elements and create a compelling visual story. This way you can immediately connect with your prospective clients.

Bonus: To help you write the script for your story, use the below guidelines:

  • Why do you want to help?
  • Have you experienced this problem before?
  • What or who inspired you to get started with this business?

4. Create an engaging “Meet the Team” section

Getting to know people is difficult and getting to know people online is even more difficult. You want to give your prospect a reason to connect with your people, increase trust and engagement. And this can be done by making this section visually appealing. Having a face to the support of your staff’s bio helps clients get a faster and better impression of you than they would get from a text. In a nutshell, a good picture is basically a calling card.

While adding photographs feel free to have fun with colors, clothing, posing, etc to showcase each unique personality. To stand out further you can even use personalized cartoons with strong colors in the background. 

Wrap Up

That’s it! It’s time to break the routine and create something exciting. Now get up and start using visuals in your business proposal and enjoy all the hidden benefits. I can’t wait to see you close more deals with your glamorous-looking business proposal.


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