Automate Your Business Workflow Pabbly + Proposal Integration

Streamline business: connect your apps and manage business workflow


Fresh Proposals + Pabbly Software integration


Pabbly Automation Platform Integrations

Pabbly Connect

Fresh Proposals integration with Pabbly connector will allow you to automate your business workflow by connecting multiple applications automatically and smoothly.


  • Create customized workflow automation and transfer the data from Fresh Proposals and other multiple applications by eliminating all the manual work.
  • No-coding skills? Pabbly integrations enables you to set up integrations with two application quickly with ease.
  • e.g As a lead/contact is added in other connected CRM application, it will create a contact in Fresh Proposals
  • As the proposal is created in Fresh Proposals, it will create a deal in the connected CRM or other application
  • As proposal own, deal or related information will be updated in the connected application.
Pabbly Proposal Software Integration | Fresh Proposals

Available to Business plan subscribers. Contact support team for more information

Make Proposals Part of Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Growing Your Business

Fresh Proposals has to be integral part of your business  technology stack your team uses. Save productive hours, get greater visibility, improved collaboration.


Integrates with :  CRMs, Payment Gateway, 3rd Party Connectors, Accounting-Invoicing software

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