Automate Your Stripe Payment + Proposal Software Workflow

Get Paid Faster: start collecting advance payment as soon as your client sign your proposal with


Fresh Proposals + Stripe integration


Payment Gateway Integrations


Fresh Proposals integration with Stripe payment gateway enables you to get paid faster.


  • Stripe supports processing of 135+ currencies, from all over the world
  • Request payment from your client right in the proposal as soon as client sign the proposal. You don’t need to request separately
  • Super simple for your clients to make payment with Stripe payment integration since clients do not need to login.  As soon as client sign the proposal, client is prompted to pay advance amount as specified by you. Clients just need to enter their credit card details.
  • Configurable percentage of advance payment to be made. You can set a default percentage that will be applicable to all new proposals or set/override for individual proposal
  • You can schedule a payment reminder email if client has accepted the proposal but forgot to make payment
Stripe Payment Proposal Software Integration

Available to Professional plan subscribers

Fresh Proposals Software for Stripe

Get The Power of Two Tools in One Integration


Encash it when things are right for you

Client has evaluated your proposal and decided to go for your products/services. This is the right. opportune time to lock client in and request advance payment to him/her.


Make it seamless to get your client onboard

There is no manual work involved, even clients do not have to login anywhere. They simply have to enter credit card details and you’ve onboarded them for the project/ next step.


Bring them back if they skipped it for the first time

Proposal payment reminder – built in with Fresh Proposals can follow up with your client to make the payment, if client has skipped paying at the time of accepting the proposal. We want you to sit back and let Fresh Proposals automate proposal reminder, acceptance, payment reminder for you..

Stripe Payment Proposal Software Integration

Available to Professional plan subscribers

Make Proposals Part of Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Growing Your Business

Fresh Proposals has to be integral part of your business  technology stack your team uses. Save productive hours, get greater visibility, improved collaboration.


Integrates with :  CRMs, Payment Gateway, 3rd Party Connectors, Accounting-Invoicing software

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