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September 07, 2020

How to Create a High-Converting Investment Fees Table for Digital Marketing Proposal

investment fees table for digital marketing proposal

Helpful Tips for Creating an Investment Fees Table for Digital Marketing Proposal

Cost is always on the potential client’s mind. I mean no matter how much work you put into planning and the time you spend in preparing a business proposal, your potential client will always come hurtling towards the pricing section.

All the portions of your digital marketing proposals right from the cover letter to the timeline are interesting to read but they don’t mean a thing if you fail to impress your prospect in the pricing section. Indeed it is the second most important part of your digital marketing proposal. 

With that said, in today’s article, we will be discussing a few effective strategies to get your digital marketing proposal’s pricing section right.

Hook Them Up With a Captivating Title

What’s in a title? EVERYTHING!!!

A good title makes all the difference in the world. The main purpose of the title is to draw attention and encourage people to start reading the rest of the section. This is why the words that you use and craft your title is vital. So if at all possible, avoid using “pricing” in the title.

Instead, focus on expressions such as investment or ROI. Here are a few psychological tricks to help you move your prospect one step closer to signing a deal,

  • Include keywords in the tile
  • Be short and to the point
  • Describe the desired benefits
  • Target their pain points in the title

The key is here to remind them about the perks they will gain from choosing your agency. Here’s how the headline of your investment table should look like, “Your Lead Generation Investment” or “Your Sales and Profit Increasing Investment” .

Provide a Responsive Pricing Table

You’re in the business of digital marketing to solve your prospects’ pain points, add value and make profit and all these tasks involve pricing your services. But how do you effectively price your services and increase sales and make more money with little or no effort?

It’s simple; include a responsive or interactive pricing table in your digital marketing proposal.

Incorporate interactive price tables with a variety of pricing options where customers can modify the quantity, select products or services that suit their needs. An interactive pricing table allows clients to create a customized version of your digital marketing services for them. 

It also allows clients to select additional services and at the end can check the updated pricing in real-time. Here’s an example of a responsive pricing table,

interactive fees table

Your proposal should have the ability to communicate pricing with your prospect. 

P.S: Unless you use any sophisticated tool you can not create an interactive pricing table in your business proposal.

Design a Pricing Table that Converts

Once your potential client reaches at the bottom of your sales proposal, they aim to make an important decision. And your pricing table might just be the answer to everything they have been waiting for. 

A poorly designed pricing table creates confusion and uncertainty and ultimately sends your prospects to your competitors. That’s why always make sure to optimize your pricing table as per their needs and make it simple, easy to understand, useful, attractive, and highly converting. 

Here are few things to remember when creating a pricing table for your digital marketing services,

  • Use a straightforward language: If you want people to invest their hard-earned money in your services then you need to be as straightforward as you can so that they don’t get confused about what they’re investing in it. 
  • Use columns for each tier: Column helps them to just quickly scan.
  • Offer a suggestion: Highlight the popular choices of services at the top.

A well-designed pricing table helps understand the prospects, how you deliver your services.

Pro Tip: Discuss the Pricing Early

Your sales proposal should not be the first time your potential client learns about the price range or estimated cost.

Pricing or budget is something that should be addressed early and discussed often with your potential client throughout the sales cycle. And if the prospect isn’t even close to what you are hoping to get paid, then don’t go ahead with the client proposal.

To summarize here’s how you can a high converting investment fee table for your digital marketing proposal,

  • Hook them up with a catchy headline
  • Provide a responsive or interactive fees table
  • Optimize it as per client’s needs
  • Discuss the pricing early

That’s about it!!!

Remember, an investment section is the one where your prospects consider making the purchase. The more effective it is, the higher chances you have of concluding the deal. (Read on to learn more about how to write a Digital Marketing proposal that closes deals faster)

So what does your investment section look like? Let us know in the comment section below.

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