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Expand and run your investment business more successfully with investment proposal software


What is investment proposal software?

Investment proposal software is a tool that assists with the creation of a business proposal for your investment services. More specifically, it helps create attractive sales documents such as proposals, contracts, quotes, agreements, engagement, and disengagement letters.

Investment proposal software is used to help compile all the necessary financial information for investors, making it easier to quickly understand what you are investing in. This software is designed to make communication easier, allow for increased productivity, and provide an invaluable resource for investment company’s to use in their day-to-day operations.


Investment Proposal Software - Fresh Proposals

Confidently create and deliver winning investment proposals

Fully Customizable

Unlike other platforms, you can personalize almost every aspect of the proposal template you create.

Wide range of templates

Streamline your entire process of investment proposal creation and tracking with the help of reusable proposal templates

Real-time analytics

 You can see in real-time when they open and read the proposal so you can follow up when you are on their top-of-mind. Thus moving along the clients that are stuck in the decision-making phase.

Easy client onboarding

We have made it possible for investment management organizations to gather legally binding electronic signatures without having to deal with papers.

Workspace accessibilty

Investment professionals can set permission and team workspaces and manage the accessibility of the information to other employees. 

Seamless collaboration

Fresh Proposals template and content libraries enable your team to easily develop investment proposals that are unique, loaded with captivating content, and fully compatible with all business requirements.

One platform for any investment project

Fresh Proposals investment proposal software solve the following problems for you:

Proposal templates that follow industry standards

You’ll have a ready-to-use investment proposal template that’ll explain the impact your project can have and what clients can gain from the project.


Clear presentation of cost and savings

Our multiple/interactive pricing tables enable you to add details about the budget for the project. Setting out costs – and how the money will be used 

Competitive advantage with integrations

Fresh Proposals integrates with Google Docs, Dropbox to automate the storage of signed documents and the entire sales documents process. 


A single view of the proposal

Manage all the proposal writing or creation activities in one place. Allow your team to collaborate on a single copy of a proposal.

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Features of investment proposal software

Investment proposal software (IPS) has many features that make it a valuable tool for helping you run your company. Some of these features include security, speed, and the ability to use it in any country. IPS is an agile system that can be adapted to quickly change your needs and requirements. The software also has a collaborative element that enables teams and departments to work together and gives them access to all the information needed in one place.

Investment proposal software is a system that helps to make an important task such as investment planning more accessible and straightforward. Investment proposals typically offer the following features: calculator for investment returns, investment tracker, retirement calculator, and portfolio analyzer. 

Investment proposal software can be used by a company in several ways. Some of the features and the way they can be used include:

  • Attracting and generating new leads and qualified prospects
  • Automating the proposal process
  • Providing strategic focus
  • Facilitating better management of proposals
  • Enabling collaboration with stakeholders.

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Outsmart Your Competitors and Close More Deals Over Investment Proposal


Send Proposals Instantly

Use professionally designed Investment Proposal Template. Business proposal templates are 100% customizable. With a proposal template in hand, you can send a proposal to a new prospect in a matter of minutes.

Investment Proposal Software - Send Proposals Instantly

Send it & Forget till You Get Advance

Really. That’s the kind of sales automation we would like you to have. Once you send a proposal to client, Fresh Proposals will do smart follow up for prospect to accept & sign your proposal. 

Investment Proposal Software - Proposal Accepted Advance Paid

Be Proactive & Close Deals Faster

All right, sometimes you want to be more proactive and take the wheel. Absolutely, why not. Looking at the insights of how prospect has engaged with your proposal, you can seize the opportune moment and offer the best deal.

Investment Proposal Software - Use Insights for Proactive Follow up

Make Your Client Feel “I Got This”

Use interactive quotation to present the pricing options. Since client can choose right coverage options, change quantity by himself, s/he feels s/he is in control of the pricing, say “I got this”.

Investment Proposal Software - Send Interactive Quote for Clients

Go Online, Feel The Peace of Mind

As you send proposal online, client can view and choose desired pricing options. Save everyone from the hassle of signing proposals physically, as client can accept and signatories can sign the proposal online. Proposals signed online are legally binding. You have a PEACE of mind.

Investment Proposal Software - Online Signature

Stay On Top Of Your Sales Proposals

With so many proposals sent to multiple clients, it can get chaotic. Don’t worry. Single dashboard in Fresh Proposals enable you to track status of all proposals at once. You can predict your revenue better, plan/work better as you know those proposals, who’ve accepted, whom to follow, where to stop, etc.

Investment Proposal Software - Track All Proposals in Dashboarde

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