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April 09, 2020

How to Change Your Marketing During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic?

change your marketing during the coronavirus crises

5 Ways You Can Support Your Marketing During the Coronavirus Crises

With global pandemic COVID-19, the time is definitely uncertain. Nobody knows how bad (or good) things will get from here. What we are witnessing is indeed a black-swan event. But remember: everything comes in a cycle, when things get tough and the hopes seem to be few and far between, there are always great leaders out there we can trust. And Warren Buffet is one of them.

Warren Buffet makes his best purchasing decisions when there’s is a fear in the air. Remember one thing: If the marketplace is fear and you can be the one person that’s confident in your industry that is where brands are built.

Have a look at the industry-specific web traffic increase and decrease rate due to COVID-19 crises.[source]

web traffic rate during covid-19 crises

So, to make sure you don’t make this challenging time any harder for your business, I’m here to discuss few things you can do to modify your marketing during the coronavirus pandemic because I can see people are unsure about what is appropriate to do and what not.

1. Use Social Media To Get Their Attention

Should we be posting during the pandemic?

The short answer is, yes! During these pressing times, people are on social media a lot more than before and it completely makes sense because with much of the world shutting down to prevent the spread of coronavirus, everybody is working from home and they tend to spend a lot of time on social media to follow the current events.

This is why I believe that now more than ever it’s important for brands or businesses to create awareness while shaping their social media campaigns so that your messages benefit the world that feels frightened and alone right now. I know this task isn’t easy, so I’ve gathered a few best tips on utilizing your social media platform during COVID-19.


Get in front of the camera

I know most of us don’t like to be in front of the camera but right now our people are in desperate need of a human connection.

So come live on Instagram or Facebook and host an Ask me anything to answer the queries related to your industry or discuss your latest blogpost.



Promote yourself artfully

Promoting your business is necessary but make sure you do it thoughtfully.

Talk about the product that you sell and show them what value your value can provide for people while the pandemic is going on.

Revisit your strategy

If you usually post multiple times a day or week, consider limiting your frequency so that important messages from organizations like WHO gets the more attention in your followers’ news feeds.

Be mindful of the words

With emotions on the peak, it’s important to put extra thoughts into the messages you share with your customers and potential followers, avoid languages or phrases which may be considered offensive.

2. Right Now People Are Willing To Spend Time, Not Money

The outbreak of COVID- 19 has created a major change for all of us. Right now people are willing to spend time and not money. And by replacing your sales-driven approach with general concern and care, you can influence customers’ thoughts about your company.

Since we all know that many of us are practicing social distancing and because of this the internet is constantly being used. So, make the most of this by increasing your online presence. An effective marketing strategy will generate interest and even though not immediately but they may convert later.

You can engage with them through your content. Refreshing your page content with new information and updated backlinks will help keep your brand at the top of search engine results. Building your organic search engine traffic can have huge benefits to your business.

You should look for different ways to offer your content to maximize the interaction with your customers like,


You should consider creating a lot of video content since everyone spending a lot more time on the internet. Video marketing allows you to connect with your customers in a more engaging way.


Webinar is a perfect way to interact with your customers and prospects. A key feature of webinars is that it allows you to provide, receive and discuss information in real-time


It lets you create relevant and educational content. And if you already blog content consider it posting more often than before.

3. Be Educational And Not Promotional With Email Marketing

Well, this is not the time to drag your products or services into every conversation you have with your clients or services. For example have a look at the below email [source],

Company: Verifyle, a tool for sharing files securely
Subject line: “Use Verifyle to help minimize the spread of COVID-19.”
Choice excerpt: “These are uncertain times. But we want you to know that one thing you can count on is the security of your Verifyle account.”

I really don’t understand how Verifyle is going to help minimize the spread of COVID-19.

But this doesn’t mean you need to stop email communication, you just need to avoid some mistakes during email marketing. If your email marketing focuses on providing some value to your customers, then you are on the right track. Rather than pushing your product or services to make money for your business, share advice or resources can help your customers.

By changing your attitude you can make your email subscribers feel relaxed. In a situation like this don’t try to force a conversation for the sake of a sale. Here’s one good email example from Neil Patel,

best email marketing during the coronavirus

4. Don’t Stop Marketing, Recession Is A New Opportunity

Nobody wants to say that word out loud but everyone is pretty much aware that we are going to see a recession. At times like this, it’s easy for us to feel helpless moreover marketers because I think our role is misunderstood and undervalued. But hey this doesn’t mean you should stop marketing because there is always an opportunity in kiosk.

I’m not being judgmental but the fact is we are fortunate to be working in the field which will suffer the least damage due to this pandemic- online businesses. Usually, the competition becomes thinner during such crises (that’s human psychology related to sales and marketing) as many feel reluctant to act, they do their best to cut the cost as if this is the end of civilization ( Truth: it is not). But after this all gets over the competition will probably become even more tighter. That’s why now is the time to step up the game while others are still skeptical about it.

So in this wild times don’t just survive but go and thrive.

5. Remember That It’s Not Just You

What’s happening right now is a global issue. Just like your business, many other businesses are suffering. That’s why don’t take this personally. This is something that’s come out of nowhere you are not the only one being affected.

There are lot many challenges out there that every marketer is facing every day right from running their business to managing their team. But thanks to technology, it ensures you move forward even in this unpredictable period.

You can take the help of proposal templates to pitch your business to your potential customers remotely. It’ll ensure that your client gets all the information that they would receive during an in-person appointment (which is not possible right now). And for team management, you can give a try to Zoom. With Zoom, you’ll be able to carry regular meetings with your team.

I know we all are sick of this virus but we are together and we will get through this, till then I encourage you to figure out ways to accept the situation that we are in if you can, instead of feeling frustrated or scared.

Stay safe and I hope this makes things a little better for you.

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