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December 16, 2019

Top 6 Productivity Hacks for Digital Marketers

productivity hacks for digital marketers

List of Productivity Hacks for Digital Marketers

Being a digital marketer have you ever felt like you are always active or busy but rarely productive?

Well, I’m not going to blame you entirely for that. Because the digital world, after all, is a busy world. As a digital marketer, you have to be a pioneer and constantly championing the new changes in the industry. In order to drive top-notch results and succeed in each task in a rapidly changing digital world, it’s easy for any digital marketer to get overwhelmed and fall victim to procrastination.

It’s important to work smarter to improve your performance and complete the tasks in a timely manner. Sometimes it may seem like you are operating non-stop and still struggle to complete some of the important things you set for yourself. Why? 

Because you may be busy all day without being truly productive. In today’s article, I’ve come up with the top 6 productivity hacks just for this situation. These hacks are often overlooked but they can do wonders for you if you follow them.

1. Just Say No…to Meetings

Useless or unnecessary meetings are one of the biggest time wasters in the modern workspace. Such meetings either slows down or completely stops your productivity

Systematic meetings accomplish business goals but valueless meetings distract you from important tasks and make employees work overtime to finish up the work.

There are many ways you can stop wasting your time in meetings. Here’s how you can do it.

a. Set strict time limits: Limit the duration of the meeting to one hour or less if you can. And make sure you end the meeting on time even if the agenda is not completed.

b. Quick conference call: A quick conference call or a one on one communication can save a lot of your time rather than attending a formal meeting. Take the initiative if you get a chance to cancel out from an unnecessary meeting. Individualism can lead to better time management when it comes to unnecessary meetings.

2. Multitasking is a Myth

Multitasking is a Myth

It’s easy to fall in the trap of multitasking, but it’s important to remember that it’s impossible to multitask. Have you ever been to a situation where you’re complaining about how your computer “slows down” when you have too many tabs open?

Well, our brain exactly works the similar way it can’t handle various duties at once. Ultimately, you may finish your work, but you will definitely harm your productivity. Studies have found that multitasking reduces your productivity by 40%.

Woah! 40%. That’s a lot.

So stop convincing yourself that while multitasking you’re super productive. Multitasking slows you down because every time you switch tasks you have to repeat a bit to figure out where you left off. And this significantly reduces the performance of your work as well. Your mind operates better when you concentrate on one thing at a time.

3. Eliminate All Distractions

Eliminate All Distractions

Let’s face it. With all the posts, new content, infographics, memes, and many more things on the internet it’s hard to resist yourself to open that new tab. And to the top of that if you are a digital marketer it’s not that difficult to fall for such distractions.

These digital distractions are already out there competing with each other to kill your productivity. It’s tough to get work done at the workplace when your phone is flashing continuously. So how do you minimize such distraction and increase productivity?

Self-discipline is the first step that you need to learn. We all should adopt this self-disciplinary principle to get rid of the digital distractions. If you find this difficult then there is one more way to manage such distractions is by turning off the notifications. You can mute all your notifications during work time and can unmute them during the breaks.

Such tricks will help you stay in the zone till you finish your work and eventually increase your productivity.

staying in the zone is one of the best productivity tips for digital marketer


4. Schedule a Time to Check your Emails

Schedule a Time to Check your Emails

Email is probably the most harmful of all the distractions that take your attention away. You need to stop scanning your inbox throughout the day in order to recover your time. Or else you’ll find yourself endlessly reading and replying messages all day long.

Several people check their emails the moment they wake up in the morning. Has this ever happened to you that you open your inbox in the morning to “just check” and a few moments later, you look up and morning’s gone?

Well if yes then please stop doing it right away. Because morning is the time where we are at our peak level of productivity. Instead what you can do is you can schedule a time and a limit to your email checking

I usually check emails after lunch and before I leave. This way I can focus on my other work too.

5. Set Stretch Goals

Stretch goals are seemingly impossible goals given current capabilities. If you have no idea it’s possible then that’s a stretch goal.

For example, if you think you can do 5 pull-ups and you have got a coach encouraging you to do 10 pull-ups, he has set a fairly challenging stretch goal for you. But what’s going to happen is that you probably don’t get 10 pull-ups but you can get 7 at least.

follow elon musk productivity tips for digital marketing or in life

Source: Pinterest

Elon musk sets incredibly ambitious deadlines for his companies various projects and this can sometimes be unrealistic. If you remember Tesla had initially promised to ship the first Roadster back in 2006, a date was further pushed back and back and back until the Roadster finally released in late 2008. Although it was launched nearly two years late from the deadline, but it was the first-ever cutting edge battery technology electric car.

Often nearly impossible stretch goals are exactly needed to push us beyond our limits.

6. Promodoro Technique

Promodoro technique is a time management structure that encourages you to split your work into small intervals of 25mins. That means you can divide your tasks in intervals where each task will have a 25mins of timer to complete it, separated by 5 mins of break. These intervals are called Promodoro.

This will help you focus on only one task at a time and because of the timer, you won’t mindlessly scroll through social media.

Wrap Up:

I’ve given some of the great hacks to manage your time. Now brace yourself and accept the challenge.

P.S: Digital marketing involves many tasks; you can use some digital marketing tools to automate these tasks which can also help you save your time.

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