25 + Project Proposal Templates

Project Proposal Writing Tips

Project Proposal Writing Tips

Types of project proposals?


There are different business scenarios wherein you need to send client different types of proposals. These types depends on the context of the client : is it new client or old, does it know about your company (solicited or unsolicited), extension of an ongoing project or it is a follow-up, next set of projects.

  • RFP response project proposal
  • Informally Solicited project proposal
  • Unsolicited project proposal
  • Continuation/non-competing project proposal
  • Extension project proposal
  • Renewal project proposal


What should a project proposal include?


Cover page

The title page of a project proposal should include the name of the applying organization, logo, project title, date, name of the client you’re applying to.

Cover letter

The cover letter should include the opening paragraph, reason for the pitch, showing you understand the problem, before and after metrics, goals.

Your offerings

This section should include the details about your approach. However, the details should only be about the approach and not about the solution.

Pricing structure

This is a crucial section because it is about money. Keep things short and to the point and use a pricing table with a range of options that let your prospect or customer edit the quantities, select the services that best fit their needs.

About the company

You can fill out this section with the expertise you have, who will be working with him/her, are you a known company for providing project management services in the market, whether for all good reasons, etc., the awards you won, the big list of your happy clients.

Terms and conditions

Always keep the contract and your terms and conditions part of your proposal and get them signed together to avoid future conflict.

Here are the guidelines to writing a project proposal that engage and convert clients.

benefits of a project proposal template

What are the benefits of using a project proposal template?


More than having some ready language, the project proposal template helps you set the

  • Clear structure
  • The right tone
  • The right visuals
  • Flawless looks

A project proposal template has some obvious benefits for businesses who decide to use it. It encourages proposal and business development teams to focus on what really matters. For more details follow the link below, to know why you should use well designed, articulated project proposal template rather than facing the challenges of creating a new project proposal differently every time

Benefits of a project proposal template.

selecting a right project proposal template

How to choose the right project proposal template?


Here’s a project proposal checklist for all project managers before selecting the right project proposal template.

  • It should be well-designed
  • It should have the right tone/language
  • It should follow the general proposal structure

Learn more about choosing the right template for the project proposal and get to know each component mentioned above.

project proposal check list

Project Proposal Check-list

 – Details of the applying organization
 – Project details
 – Name of the client you’re applying to
  Proposal activities before drafting
 – Schedule a brief meeting with the client
 – Identify their score in your ideal client profile
 – Research what they need and what results they are expecting to get
 – Ask them about their decision-makers
 – Discuss and develop the budget
 – Create an outline of your project proposal
  Proposal writing
 – Cover letter/executive summary
 – Project goals and overview
 – Scope of services
 – Project deliverables and timeline
 – Investment table
 – About us
 – Case study
 – Terms of services
  Activities before the submission
 – Send your proposal for proofreading
 – Review it up to three times
 – Make changes as per the feedbacks
 – Begin internal routine like approval and signature
 – Congratulate yourself and your proposal development team
 – Submit the project proposal

Get to know the key tasks mentioned above one by one in detail with this project proposal checklist post.

Advantages of Proposal Software

Welcome to Pro League: More Acceptance Rate

Create proposals using Fresh Proposals to impress prospects with your convincing offer. Better collaboration, content curation, quick responses will make your client to close the deal with you.

No More Manual, Labour Activities

Save time Using Templates, Content Library: Get your  proposal in front of your prospects quickly so that you can grab the next project. Pick this ready to use polished proposal template, customize it, use finest content from content library. It is way faster than before.

Advantages of Proposal Templates - 100% Editable

Leverage Insights to Prospect's Engagement

No more case of a dormant proposals. Know when and how prospect engaged with your proposal. Sales team can use these insights to connect/ re-connect with your prospect improving closure rate

Advantages of Proposal Templates - Clear Structure

No More Final Proposal V21.Docx

Seriously, how many documents and emails keep floating around. And reviewing changes, approval just get chaotic. Use simple online Fresh and everyone will refer to same proposal

Advantages of Proposal Templates  - Interactive Quotation / Pricing

Say Cheese: Online Proposal, Quote, Sign & Acceptance

Online proposal design is only limited by your imagination. The ability for your clients to view & update quote (depends how you’d like to limit it) is innovative, acceptance with online signature is a cool thing (and legally valid as well).

Advantages of Proposal Templates  - Interactive Quotation / Pricing

It Is Secure, Available, Reliable (and Exportable)

Fresh Proposals software is online, hosted in cloud. It is secure like online banking transaction, remain available at all locations, 99% of the time. What’s more, you can also save proposals as PDF files.


Send Professionally Designed Proposals. Clients Will Readily Prefer You

Photography Proposal Template

100 % Customizable Template

Though this template is professionally designed, it is 100 % customizable. You can modify its design, fonts, images as well as content as you would like.

Corporate Photography Proposal Template - Portfolio

Show Your Best Work

Include your portfolio of photoshoots, images as well as videos in your proposal. Let your prospect/ client experience your capabilities, skills better

Corporate Photography Proposal Template - Quote

Interactive Quote

One time fees or recurring / hourly pricing; no worry. Simply include your fees item and let your prospect change quantity or select option things.

Corporate Photography Proposal Template - Online Editor

Drag-n-Drop Content Editor

You have lot more flexibility and superior control how your proposal is going to look like. You can drag-drop desired content using online editor.

Corporate Photography Proposal Template - Get Prospects Insights

Track Prospect Insights

Know exactly how your prospective client is interactive with your proposals. Use these insights to smartly convert your prospects into customers.

Corporate Photography Proposal Template - Online Signature

Online Signature, Acceptance

Be that forward looking vendor who uses cutting edge tools and technologies. You will be sending proposal that your clients can sign online.

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