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To save time, fast-track sales and land more deals

Avoid Manual Repeating Work - Use Proposal Automation Software

Manual Repeating Entries – Automated

No more Control+F, Control+R. No more repeating manual data that can be automated. Use placeholders (variables) and never worry about replacing client name and other repeating info. Use reusable sections, fees from content library

Build High Quality Proposals – Simplified

Quickly get started using pre-built or custom built proposal templates. Use content library to build branded, consistent proposal themes, use fees library to include interactive pricing and deliver high quality proposals to your clients that will close the deal.

Create High Quality Proposal  Using Proposal Automation Software
Automated Follow Up using Proposal Automation Tool

Follow Ups – Automated

Another benefit of proposal software is no more manual follow ups.. Don’t you worry about creating follow up schedule and manually sending emails.

Fresh Proposals automates it for you; instead you can focus your time and energy only on those PRECISE and most IMPACTFUL moments to contact


Prospect Intelligence – Automated

You have that annoying ‘radio silence’ experience once proposals are sent. Now Fresh Proposal will uncover the meaning of such silence.

With proposal management software you will be automatically and instantly notified whenever prospect opens your proposal, you will know more intelligence as he spend more time on your proposal. Spot the right moment and you will surely crack the deal.

Proposal Analytics Dashboard - Proposal Automation Software
Automate Proposal Acceptance

Proposal Acceptance – Automated

Forget manual print, stamp, sign with pen paper, scan, mail/email proposals. Use electornic signature instead, which is legal in most developed and developing countries. Save immensely on these administrative and manual tasks.

Prospect Pricing – Made Interactive

Gone are the days where you have to calculate your proposal pricing on calculator or Excel and then copy to Word or PPT.

Fresh Proposals makes it incredibly simpler even for your client to choose optional items, change quantities, right through the proposal. 



Proposal Pricing - Proposal Automation Software
Sales Tool Integration - Proposal Automation Software

Unified Data Flow – Automated

Fresh Proposals will be integrated with your CRM, Accounting, Invoicing and Project Management tools. So your sales lead data, accounting information will flow from one app to another. You don’t have to keep copying it manually. ( integration – TBD).

Client Collaboration – Easy, Interactive, Faster

You don’t have to scan through emails or other documents to check what was discussed with your prospective client or even your internal team members about proposals.

Client can simply add comments to desired sections, pages in the proposal and you know exactly where to refer to. No more confusion of page number, section, bullet point or whatsoever. You can respond to your client or even internal team members, right through the same proposal with the proposal collaboration software.


Prospect Collaboration Using Proposal Automation Software

Fresh Proposal Deliver The Results That You Want!


Proposal Automation Software Features

Create stunning proposal faster, send it and see the magic

Online Proposal Editor


Content Library


Proposal Templates


Proposal Intelligence


Interactive Quotes




Placeholder Variables


Online Signature


Client Comments

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