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What is proposal automation?

Proposal automation is a process used to save time and money for businesses by reducing the number of proposals that need to be written. Proposal automation also helps to streamline and automate the proposal process, making it easier than ever to manage and execute each proposal.

Proposal automation is the process of automating routine tasks in order to free up more time for other tasks. The term “proposal automation” refers to the use of software that can take some or all of the work out of writing, formatting, and distributing proposals.

By using proposal automation tools, users will be able to save significant amounts of time by eliminating manual tasks like formatting and distributing proposals.

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Benefits of proposal automation

proposal automation benefits

Proposal automation can save companies time, money, and hassle. Automating the proposal process reduces the need for manual data entry by streamlining it.

Business proposal software can help grow revenue, improve margins, and provide an opportunity to upsell clients with additional products or services. The benefits of proposal automation are many. Below are just a few of the many significant benefits to consider:

Helps to save time

Automation can save significant amounts of time. Time is money, and savings like this translate to increased profits for a company.

Transforming the proposal process into automation can save a company thousands of dollars each year. From the moment a company discovers the need for a proposal automation tool, there will be time saved.

Proposal automation improves responsiveness leads to more sales

It’s no secret that the sales process is the lifeblood of any company, but for some companies, it’s also a major obstacle to growth. Sales teams are often understaffed, lacking in training, or struggling to keep up with demand.

Automated proposal software can help alleviate these challenges by freeing up time and improving responsiveness.

Proposal automation improves employee productivity and ultimately higher sales

Proposal automation is a technique that has allowed companies to take the time previously needed to manually produce proposals, and instead, use it for other purposes. Employees are able to log in at any time, day or night, and answer client questions.

With proposal maker software, sales teams can be even more productive by spending less time searching for data to include in the proposal. This ultimately leads to higher sales rates, since proposal automation frees up employees’ time spent on proposal production.

Employee productivity and sales success are both dependent on the ability to work quickly and efficiently. The majority of sales teams spend a significant amount of time completing the day-to-day tasks that are required for their job. In many cases, these administrative tasks can be automated, which would save employees’ time and allow them to focus on more important tasks. This would ultimately improve company productivity and higher sales.

It is true that with the advancement of technology, automation seems to be the best way to improve productivity in the office.

Proposal automation improves the relationship with proposal recipients

Proposal automation helps to build better relationships with potential and existing clients. By engaging recipients with a strong proposal, a company can show them that it cares about them and their needs.

A proposal can also make the recipient feel valued and special. By showing a company’s attention to detail and effort in the proposal, the relationship with the recipient can be stronger and more productive.

Increases the ROI

There are many ways to use proposal automation, and each may result in a different ROI. Automating the entire proposal process for a company can result in thousands of dollars in savings each year. Every dollar spent on automation is a dollar in the bank.

Proposal automation establishes customer loyalty

You are likely reading this article because you are searching for a solution to customer retention. At its core, proposal automation can do just that. A study by Dimensional Research found that customers who received proposals were 14% more likely to renew with the organization’s current provider. That’s not all!)

Proposal automation establishes customer loyalty. Proposal automation at its core is a solution to customer retention. Many businesses face the dilemma of maintaining customer loyalty and quality service while also managing the process of proposal automation.

This is a problem that many companies such as Fresh Proposals want to solve with their new software, Fresh Proposal Automation. The automation process starts by understanding what you do best and how you can help your clients succeed. You must then identify your target audience and create an offer to match his or her needs.

A customer is more likely to recommend a company to others if they feel valued and special.

How proposal automation is achieved

Automation is the key to enhancing the effectiveness of engineering proposals. The sales proposal automation process can be difficult. As mentioned above, there are five aspects of proposal automation that can be automated.

Proposal creation: Using and selecting the right proposal template for a client with the help of the right proposal creator.

Proposal writing/editing: Including appropriate team & proposal information for a given client

Sending proposals: Automating sending of proposals and follow-ups

Signing proposal document: Paperless, digital way of signing the proposal (e signature) removes physical interactions/delays

Automating related business operations: The ability to collect an advance payment, synchronize contacts with CRM software, create projects, invoices, accounting entries as clients sign the proposal.

Then there are four basic steps that will help you create an automated proposal.

Step 1: First, identify the objectives of your proposal and what you hope to accomplish with it.

Step 2: Next, understand what a good proposal entails and how you should craft a successful one.

Step 3: Third, outline your main points and work backward from there.

Step 4: Lastly, be sure to include all required information.


Proposal automation software

proposal automation

The solution you are looking for is proposal automation software.

There are benefits of automating proposal documents. Proposal automation software can help you save time and effort by eliminating manual data entry, avoiding errors and automatically generating pricing, etc.

What is more, it will ensure that your proposals are consistent with your organization’s branding. The proposal creation software will also automate document templates which will further reduce the level of work required to maintain proposals. Based on your business, the software you should look for is proposal automation software.

Use of templates (proposals, contracts, agreements)

You can use a combination of a few techniques to do all this. For some of the processes, you can use a more robust proposal template. Then you can have a method of generating them and just send them off. When I get a quote back or any other response from the customer I get a response detailing that and it goes into your CRM. Then you can generate the next one.

Pipeline Automation in CRM

All the while you can keep track of the status.

Automating follow up and payment related emails

You can automate follow-up emails for clients to sign the document. The proposal is already signed but the client has not paid advances? You can automate the payment follow-up email as well.

Document save automation with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box

Document automation software is specialized software that is used for document automation.

For example, you can set up a document template which when the customer signs the proposal, automatically updates the records in your CRM or cloud storage service.

Creation of project in your project software

You can automatically create projects in your favorite project management software as soon as the client accepts the proposal. The project management tool can be Basecamp or Trello.

Creation of invoices, accounting entries in your accounting software

Proposal automation software can create invoices and push accounting entries to your favorite accounting software such as Xero or QuickBook.



Automating proposals can save time and increase productivity for your company. It also saves you the hassle of having to manage bids for each project, which can take up an enormous amount of time.


Proposal Automation
Proposal Automation
Proposal Automation

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