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What is proposal collaboration software?

The art of proposal writing is difficult, but with the right tools, it can be manageable. Proposal collaboration software helps writers collaborate with team members in real-time, saving time and improving processes.

These online programs offer an intuitive interface that makes writing proposals easy by breaking the process into manageable chunks.

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Types of proposal collaboration

Content Collaboration

Legal Collaboration

Design Collaboration

Client Collaboration

Pricing Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Why do you need proposal collaboration software?

Why use proposal software?

Proposal collaboration software is designed to keep teams in sync and communicate effectively.

The proposal creation software creates a virtual workspace where team members can share documents, track changes, and work together on presentations and proposals. It is designed to reduce wasted time when doing back-and-forth emailing and allows for easy file sharing and discussion.

A proposal collaboration software ensures that deadlines are met with the latest information and helps to maintain a consistent tone throughout the project.

Features of proposal collaboration software

Proposal collaboration software is an online tool that enables multiple individuals to work on a project proposal at the same time. It can be used to collaborate on all aspects of proposal creation, from brainstorming and drafting to reviewing and editing.

In addition, it facilitates teamwork by including a task management system as well as a timeline for checking in throughout the process.

The features of Proposal Collaboration Software vary, depending on the specific program you use. As a result, we’ve listed out the most common types of programs. 

Types of proposal collaboration software

Proposal collaboration software is a tool that is used by businesses to create, share, and collaborate on business proposals. This type of software can be accessed online through a web browser or installed on your computer.

There are many types of proposal software to choose from, depending on the needs of your company. Some examples are Google Docs, Microsoft Sharepoint, Office 365 ProPlus, Box. com, and Dropbox.

With the rise of the cloud, many companies are turning to cloud-based proposal design software. Cloud computing offers many advantages, including the ability to store data, share files, and access your data from anywhere.

Cloud-based proposal template software is often offered through an online subscription service. This means that you can access a web-based program from any computer with an internet connection.


Types of proposal collaborators by roles

There are many types of proposal collaborators and they can be classified by the level of their involvement. Proposal collaboration software can be a great resource for those that need to collaborate with consultants, lawyers, accountants, and other suppliers.

  • For technical/ product/service-related matters, the sales team would like to get subject matter experts (SMEs) involved in the proposal creation process
  • For pricing and cost-related matters, the sales team would get accounting/finance team members involved
  • For legal matters especially in the Terms and Conditions of the proposal or contract, you would like to work with the legal team.

A single consultant may be involved in an RFP process as a sponsor, proposer, or both. A co-author may provide proposals as well as advice on the content and approach. A supplier may provide a proposal as a response to an RFP. They may also be involved in a win-loss analysis for the RFP.

You may have a third party/ partner who may engage with clients directly or may offer service on your behalf (third party/ outsourcing partner). In such a case, the representative from such a partner would get involved in the proposal-making process.



Proposal collaboration software offers many benefits to both proposal writers and proposal recipients. The proposal writer gains peace of mind that their proposal will be well-received by their potential client, while the recipient can have a greater sense of control over the process.

There are a number of proposal collaboration software systems to choose from, each with its own set of features and benefits. The best option will depend on your needs and budget. 

After reviewing our top picks, we recommend that you consider Fresh Proposals as the best option for your needs.

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