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What is a proposal creator?

Proposal creator is software that helps businesses create proposals, quickly and easily. All you have to do is upload your proposal’s information into the program and it will automatically generate a professional proposal in PDF format for you. 

This tool not only allows businesses to create and distribute proposals but also tracks the success of these proposals. The software automates the process of proposal creation by allowing users to create an outline for their proposal and generate a customized draft in seconds. 

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Who is a proposal creator?

A proposal creator is someone who creates proposals for a company. The job is often tailored to the specific business needs of the company, but it can include doing any one or all of the following tasks:

  • Research,
  • Preparing proposals for clients,
  • Proposing possible solutions,
  • Costing them out, and
  • Presenting them to clients.

Some offer additional services like project management or presentations. Proposal creators are instrumental in determining how well a company will do in the future by being creative and innovative.

A proposal may be created for a variety of reasons. There are many reasons that a company may request proposals from a proposal creator.

You can imagine, it can be one individual creating a proposal or there is a team of proposal writers who are collaborating to write, refine the proposal. There is a team of proposal creators who are there to help you with the process of proposal creation.

What are the biggest challenges of proposal creators?

challenges of a proposal creator

Procurement is a complex process that involves the planning, proposal creation, and implementation of a contract. There are many different challenges that come with this, but they are all linked to each other.

The first challenge for proposal creators is to make sure that they are able to understand the procurement process initiated by the customer.

There are many different types of procurement methodologies that can be used. One of the biggest challenges is knowing which one to use and how to use it.

Another challenge is presenting the proposal in a way that a client will find interesting, engaging, and relevant to their needs. A challenge that is not as obvious is to ensure that the client has the right information and that they can trust the proposal creator.

This can be achieved through good communication and a relationship that is built with the client.

Another challenge the sales team faces is getting the documents signed by clients. Physical sign-off comes with its own struggle of sending the document to one individual, getting print, sign, and scan, sending the same document to the next individual, and then again repeating the process down the line.  

Thanks to electronic signature, you can get any contracts and proposals signed off almost instantly, by using tables, mobiles or computers with a click of a button. As a result, you save time. 

Proposal basics: Key points to include before the proposal is sent

proposal basics

One of the most important aspects to remember when writing a proposal is to include all of the information that the person reading your proposal may need in order to be successful.

Whether it’s for a project, an event, or something else, one of the most crucial things you should include is budgeting. If you’re asking for money, be upfront about what you want and how much it will cost.

If you want to include a budget in your proposal, it’s best to include one that is based on the value of the work you are asking for. This will allow your customer to see the value that the company will receive, as well as the work that will be done, and how much money you’re spending on it.

Should you use a proposal creator app?

why should you use a proposal creator app

Why should you use a proposal software?

There are a number of proposal automation apps to choose from available on your phone or computer. You might be wondering if making a proposal using an app is worth the time and energy you spend creating it.

The truth is that the answer is subjective because there are benefits and drawbacks to using one. One benefit to using an app is that they’re generally easy to use and doesn’t require you to know a lot about formatting.

Instead, you can focus on the content you need to share with your customer. The downside of this is that some of the best apps use proprietary formats. If the app doesn’t use a standard format, then it’ll be difficult to share with other people. This can be a major drawback.

On the other hand, the default word processor recommendation or option one would think of, is using a Microsoft Word document. It gives you standard formats, like.docx and.doc which are widely accepted (plus you can save it as a PDF).

Then there is a Google Docs tool. But word processor tools like these have many limitations.

  • These are not dynamic, or interactive.
  • You can not get insights into how the client has viewed your proposal
  • No easy way to sign the proposal
  • Reusing content, sections block is difficult
  • You don’t get design options to make your proposal look impressive

Features of a proposal creator app

Let’s see how you can use the proposal software to format each section of the proposal and present it

The proposal creator app is an innovative, time-saving application that will be sure to please your clients. Your company often needs to pitch proposals for new contracts. This can be a long and time-consuming process.

The problems are virtually eliminated with the proposal creator app. With this proposal design software, you can design effective proposals in less than half the time it would take to do it by hand or typical word processing tools like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Your proposal will be more professional looking, and it will be a lot more compelling and winning.

The app creates a template proposal with your company logo, complete with a professional-looking cover page and table of contents.

It is the perfect tool to guide you through any proposal or contract. Here are some more features it has. The proposal creator app offers the following features to make your proposal more professional, professional, and winning:

  • Inserting the company logo or text in the body of the template
  • Inserting the company logo or text in the header
  • Inserting a logo at specific locations in the document
  • Inserting a logo at specific locations in the header
  • Adding a customized signature
  • Adding a customized cover page and/or table of contents
  • Inserting the company logo, or text in a specific location in the document
  • Adding logos to specific locations in the document
  • Creating a proposal and inserting text or graphics

The other things you will notice about the business proposal software are:

  • The app will have a proposed design that is user-friendly
  • The app will make a proposal to be easy to navigate and use
  • The app will allow users to create professional proposals, regardless of their level
  • Users can create custom proposals or templates from scratch or from a list of pre-set formats
  • Users can import existing documents into the app and edit them before

How to format each section of the proposal

The format of the proposal is critical to its success. There are two types of format to consider

  • Content Formatting
  • Design Formatting

Content Formatting/ Content Structure

It includes creating an introduction, creating a table of contents for the sections of the project, formatting each section of the proposal according to APA standards, and keeping on style throughout the document.

An introduction should create a statement that connects to the readers on some level. The first sentence should be an attention-grabbing statement that hooks people into reading it.

In order to make a proposal as professional as possible, it is important to format each section of the proposal. The introduction should consist of a title and a brief description of what is to be found in the proposal, including specific sections. The first part of the proposal should be included in the “Proposal for” section, which should include a quick overview of what your proposal is about.

The sections of a proposal that are included in the preview are:

  • Introduction
  • Project Description and Development Timeline
  • Project Strategy
  • High-level Project Features
  • Detailed Project Features
  • Project Management
  • Project Cost Estimates and Budget
  • Business Case
  • Project Risk Analysis and Resolvement

Designing a Proposal

It’s important to design a professional proposal that will “wow” your prospective clients. The first step is to create a document that showcases your skills and gives the reader an overview of the project you’re proposing.

Proposal design aspects involve the use of visual elements such as the use of images, logos, shapes, the hierarchy of content, tables, page repeaters, page layout, etc.

To make an impressive proposal, you should consider: reading over your document and asking yourself these questions:

  • Is my proposal formatted in a visual way that will attract the attention of the viewer?
  • Am I using the right fonts and colors to make my point?
  • Is my document organized in a way that is easy for the reader to navigate?

After you’ve created the document, it’s important to follow up with your prospect. Be sure to do this within the first two weeks of reaching out, because if they don’t hear from you, they’ll assume that you’re not interested in their business.


In conclusion, the Proposal Creator app solves the problem of writing lengthy proposals with too many details. This app is easy to use and helps you stay on message so you can focus more on your audience than on your ideas.


Now that you know about the Proposal Creator app, it’s time to get started! Try Fresh Proposals for free by visiting our website at Fresh 

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