Proposal Software Alternatives


Comparing Proposal Software Alternatives


What is proposal software?


It’s a tool intended to streamline the proposal management process and boost the productivity that the sales team requires to complete it effectively. It involves creating proposals, collaboration with the team, managing proposal content, sending & tracking proposals, checking performance using a proposal dashboard.

How a proposal software can help your sales team in multiple ways?



It saves the amount of time required to draft a proposal

A proposal software provides templates that offer a pre-build structure using which you can create customizable proposals in just a few minutes. These templates can be very helpful in minimizing the time it takes to draft a proposal.

It eliminates the need for team meetings

With proposal software, you can eliminate the need for such team meetings, as it allows you to invite your internal team members from sales, pre-sales, marketing, accounting, legal teams to work together on a single copy of the sales proposal.

It Provides a Sales Intelligence

A proposal software provides precise intelligence to help you, track how the client is interacting with your proposal. You will know exactly when your client has opened the proposal or which section s/he has spent more time on. These intelligent inputs will put your sales team in a lot better position to communicate with the client.

Get the Quick Acceptance with Online Signature

With e signatures, your prospect can sign the contracts online using mobile, tablets, or similar devices. This helps you get rid of emailing, printing, scanning, shipping, or faxing the proposals to each stakeholder. A Proposal software allows you to get the contracts signed remotely by several participants and seal the deal faster.

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