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Proposal Software

Why you should use proposal software?

Your proposal team needs a tool to help increase sales productivity and collaboration among team members and bring more transparency as well as clarity to everyone involved in the proposal creation process. 

Benefits of using a proposal software

  • Ensure no mistakes are made while proposals are sent
  • Send stunning, professional-looking proposals to impress your clients
  • Save the amount of time It takes to draft proposals with the proposal templates.
  • Collaborate with team, managers & get approvals online, faster
  • Know whether/how many times client has opened your proposal
  • Secure your proposal with E- signature or digital passwords

How to evaluate a proposal software?

You spend so much of your time getting in front of the right people and then making sure that they are qualified and interested. But once you actually find a great prospect, does your business proposal help close the deal? Well, if not then maybe you should give it a thought.

Nowadays, along with the content and quality, the look and feel of the sales proposals are equally important. The era of paper sales proposals is long gone. So if you’re still sending proposals in the form of a document, PDF, or email, then you’re clearly putting your business at risk. 

The time has come where you need to break the traditional approach and start using proposal software to manage the entire process of the business proposal. 

These days, there are several proposal tools available to assist you in acquiring new clients. Here are some factors to think about while choosing a proposal

The must-have feature for a proposal software:

Business proposal templates and online editor

Proposal templates are something that can save you from this big concern as they will not only help you reduce your rework time but will help you create a professional-looking sales proposal. 

Interactive pricing

A good proposal software should allow you to incorporate interactive pricing tables into your sales proposals with a variety of pricing options where prospects can modify the quantity, select products or services that suit their needs. 

Online signature

E-Signature is one kind of digital innovation that you should look for while choosing a proposal software.

E-signature not only provides a seamless experience to your prospect but it also saves everyone’s time by eliminating the entire process of printing, signing, scanning, and sending physical copies of your proposal. 

Proposal analytics

Choose a proposal software that provides precise intelligence about how prospects interact with your proposal. Why?

With the help of such proposal interactions, you’ll be able to track the status of your proposal, and plus such intelligent inputs will put your team in a lot better position to have successful communication with your client.

Proposal dashboard

A good proposal management software offers a proposal dashboard that allows you to view and track your performance based on the number of proposals sent and accepted and gives you a purposeful and visual insight into every phase of your proposal development process.

But only the feature part is not enough,  what gets overlooked in this review process are the tool’s non-feature aspects. Here is the list of non-feature aspects of a proposal software:


If the proposal software you have chosen is difficult to use then you will have to invest your time and energy heavily on the areas like training and onboarding. So make sure your proposal software is intuitive

Easy onboarding

Easy onboarding is nothing but getting a new user to adopt a product through a video or a step by step walkthrough guide, and helping reach their ‘’Waow!’’ Moment

User-guide, training, support

Some users wish to explore the advanced capabilities of a  tool hence the proposal software should fulfill such expectations through a user guide or training and support.


Make sure the tool isn’t extremely buggy, breaking every other day. Because at the end of the day every user looks for a proposal software that provides stability to their company.

Learn more about non- feature aspects to consider before selecting a new proposal software and get to know each aspect in detail.


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