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Win clients over with easy-to-use proposal software for freelancers

Convert leads into customers. Create appealing, professional-looking proposals, contracts, quotes, engagement, and disengagement letters. Fresh Proposals’ Proposal Software for Freelancers is the only sales tool you’ll need to close and start your freelance projects faster than ever before.

Proposal software for freelancers- Fresh Proposals

Choose a proposal template from the templates library

Add the necessary proposal elements

Customize the content as per your need

Improve your proposal acceptance rate

Proposal templates

Create reusable templates for your services and products in minutes. Fresh Proposals’ proposal software for freelancers offers various kinds of templates: proposals, contracts, quotes, engagement, and disengagement letters.

Beautiful proposal themes

The original design doesn’t match your brand color? Simply re-color it. Choose one of our many ready-made designs or create your own by changing ours or starting from scratch. 

Automatic PDF generation

The software instantly generates PDF, you and your client may see it on browser or download it.

Multiple users in one account

Allow your internal team members from – sales, pre-sales, marketing, accounting, legal teams to work together. Invite them to collaborate online

Seamless approvals

Track who has read your proposal and make accepting as simple as possible with interactive pricing package selection and electronic signatures.

Get paid faster too

As client signs the document, you can use Stripe payment integration to collect the advance of contract value

Ready to try the best proposal software for freelancers at reasonable pricing?

Benefits of using of a proposal software for freelancers

Every day, freelancers are solicited to work on projects for potential clients. These projects can range from web design services to graphic design services. The only difference is the type of project or industry that will be worked on. The problem is that most freelancers do not have the requisite experience in the field they are working in. One solution for this is using proposal software to pitch a potential client.

Save time in preparing proposals with  proposal software

With freelance work, there are often multiple deadlines and tasks that require attention on the same day, which makes managing your time difficult. Freelancer software can help you save time by not having to switch between apps to access documents, track invoices, and view deadlines.

Go stressfree

Many freelancers are accustomed to working on their own without any support staff. Some freelancers may feel overwhelmed by the workload, but luckily, there are programs available to help make freelancing less stressful. Freelance Proposal Software is one of these solutions that allow users to create professional proposals for clients.

Increase chances of getting more work

Freelancers are having an increasingly difficult time finding work on the internet because many of the companies that used to hire freelancers have gone out of business. The main concern for these freelancers is that they are starting to make less money than they once were, and this is severely impacting their quality of life. To remedy this issue, Freelancer Software has developed a proposal software that can help freelancers create proposals within minutes–saving them time and increasing their chances of getting work.

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Outsmart Your Competitors and Close More Deals


Send Proposals Instantly

Use professionally designed Freelance Proposal Template. Business proposal templates are 100% customizable. With a proposal template in hand, you can send a proposal to a new prospect in a matter of minutes.

Freelance Proposal Software - Send Proposals Instantly

Send it & Forget till You Get Advance

Really. That’s the kind of sales automation we would like you to have. Once you send a proposal to client, Fresh Proposals will do smart follow up for prospect to accept & sign your proposal. 

Freelance Proposal Software - Proposal Accepted Advance Paid

Be Proactive & Close Deals Faster

All right, sometimes you want to be more proactive and take the wheel. Absolutely, why not. Looking at the insights of how prospect has engaged with your proposal, you can seize the opportune moment and offer the best deal.

Freelance Proposal Software - Use Insights for Proactive Follow up

Make Your Client Feel “I Got This”

Use interactive quotation to present the pricing options. Since client can choose right options, change quantity by himself, s/he feels s/he is in control of the pricing, say “I got this”.

Freelance Proposal Software - Send Interactive Quote for Clients

Go Online, Feel The Peace of Mind

As you send proposal online, client can view and choose desired pricing options. Save everyone from the hassle of signing proposals physically, as client can accept and signatories can sign the proposal online. Proposals signed online are legally binding. You have a PEACE of mind.

Freelance Proposal Software - Online Signature

Stay On Top Of Your Sales Proposals

With so many proposals sent to multiple clients, it can get chaotic. Don’t worry. Single dashboard in Fresh Proposals enable you to track status of all proposals at once. You can predict your revenue better, plan/work better as you know those proposals, who’ve accepted, whom to follow, where to stop, etc.

Freelance Proposal Software - Track All Proposals in Dashboarde

Outsmart Your Competition, Always

While converting a sales deal, every small details count. With professionally designed proposal templates, interactive proposals, seamless collaboration/review, online signature, smart follow up coupled with proposal insights will give you edge over your competitors, always.

Freelance Proposal Software - Outsmart Competition, Win More Business

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