Business Proposal Tool To Help You Manage Business Documents


Simplify the process of managing and e-signing business documents like employee agreements, offer letters, onboarding checklist, non-disclosure agreements, business proposals, business reports, financial agreements, etc.

Business Proposal Tool

Business Proposal Tool

Digitize and automate business document workflows

What is business proposal tool?

Business proposal tool is a system that entirely automates your business process by enabling you to electronically create, approve, sign, edit/modify, and store all the documents related to the business.


Why is it important to use business proposal tool?

Without a proper tool managing business papers is a tough challenge, unfortunately leading to mistakes and delays.

Business proposal tool lets you streamline your document handling process, Business proposal tool gives you a new way to optimize your business document workflows and speeds up the business process.


What are the benefits of a business proposal tool?

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved accuracy
  • More security
  • Accelerated business process

How business proposal tool can help you with document management lifecycle?

Business document management lifecycle is a sequence where you need to manage your business documents at every stage of a sales process – from the lead to paying customers. And this is where business proposal software comes in handy.

Many small to midsize businesses such as legal firms, HR organizations, accounting firms look for the right tool that will help them with document management in the customer journey and lifecycle. And business proposal software is just the right tool for streamlining and automating document management for an entire customer journey.

Here’s a list of business documents you can automate during stages of the sales process from lead to the customer:

  1. Sales letter/sales pitch
  2. Business proposal
  3. Statement of work
  4. Quote
  5. Engagement letter
  6. Onboarding checklist
  7. Partnership agreement
  8. Non-disclosure agreement
  9. Non-compete agreement
  10. Contract
  11. Client reports
  12. Disengagement letter



Features of a Business Proposal Tool


E Signature Solution

Get your regular as well as important documents signed online; be it proposal, sales contract, invoices, NDAs, project sign-off documents that are lawful and admissible in court.

Use electronic signature for your next business document.

Business Proposal Tool - Automated Follow up
Business Proposal Tool - Faster Sign off with eSignature

Advanced Analytics

A dedicated page for proposal analytics and in-depth data. You can also check how much time has passed since the prospect has last viewed your proposal. You can take the most suitable and proactive action based on this information.

Content Library, Reusable Sections

Want to use the existing section from another template or proposal? No problem. Simply save it to the content library and use it in desired proposal or template. Saves a lot of time. You can also keep updating the proposal and revert to a saved copy in the content library if something goes wrong.

Business Proposal Tool - Get Actionable Intelligence
Business Proposal Tool - Create Stunning Proposals

100% Customizable Proposal Templates

The first impression counts. Create beautiful, engaging proposals from pre-made designed templates. You can completely tweak these proposal templates, 100% customizable. Create your own templates, knowing what worked really well.

Managing Your Sales Proposals Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

We are creating a sales enablement platform which will do the heavy lifting and simplify, streamline sales proposal process for you.

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