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October 13, 2020

Fresh Proposals Software Update : Email From Your Domain & More

Fresh Proposals Software Update - 12Oct20

Software Product Update 2 : Oct 2020 Series

Yey! Pretty excited.

I know, software vendors saying “we have been working on this for a while, working hard for this to build this and that” sounds like a routine 🙂 Let me try to make it bit different.

One of the reasons, I like writing this kind of post is, you don’t have to rephrase lines, just to make sure it sounds like ‘BENEFITS’ rather than plain simple feature announcement.

Did I tell you, each one of these features, enhancement and fixes have been requested/reported by our users?

So yes, we are really happy to announce second product update in this month. We have been working on features like email from your domain, assign signee to e-Signature in a proposal, replace existing images, legible color for placeholder variable and lot of UI refactoring.

Addition of New Proposal Templates

We have included new proposal templates for Executive Coaching Proposal, Inbound Marketing Proposal, Audit Proposal, Videography Proposal. etc.

New Sales Proposal Templates- Oct20

Email From Your Domain

Finally we give you the feature many of you have been asking for. It gives you the ability to send proposal email from your own domain (like instead of

It involves two steps and both steps will require you to add DNS records to your DNS registrar.

Verify Domain


Verify DKIM Settings

For uninitiated, DKIM stands for Domain Key Identified Mail. In simple term it means, the email received by recipient is indeed sent using a techniques authorized by the domain owner. In other words, if DKIM test is passed, the emails received are not spoofed by unauthorized person.

Once you enter these details, it will take about 72 hours to verify these records. Once verified, your clients will start receiving your proposals from your own domain.

Replace Existing Image in Proposal/ Template

We realized the difficulty or extra work needed to replace an existing image. We have fixed it for you.

Simply open the image gallery and on your proposal page click on the image you want to replace and then hover a mouse over the image you want to add instead. You will see replace icon over it. Simply clicking on the icon will replace current image with new one.

The best part is – the added image has exactly same properties as of the original one including size, shadow, corner, border, etc.

Here is one more screenshot to show how it can be replaced.


More Font Sizes Option in Editor

You will have more font sizes to choose from, especially for the 8-20px range. You can also set it in the style settings.



Update to Background Color of Placeholder Variables

[Making it viewable irrespective of its own font color or background color, well in most cases]

This is something we knew we had to fix it today or tomorrow. But there were couple of users reporting the same issue in one day and we decided to fix it. Now you will be able to read the placeholder/variable used irrespective of the background color used. Be mindful of the font color applied to the placeholder/variable.



Assign Signatory – Signature Block Gets Highlighted

While sending proposals, users do not assign client contact to e-signature, who will be signing the proposal. And we realized it is not obvious for many users. And they struggle to understand what needs to be done next, especially when they see warning message like ‘Your proposal has signature(s) with no signee assigned’. We have improved the warning such that users will know what needs to be done now.

The video explains how warning is helping user to take next step.

Right Click Available on Proposal, Template Listing

If you want to preview multiple templates at a go instead of going in each one of them and clicking on back, you can right click on desired proposal/ template in the list and preview it in a new tab.

UI Refactoring

1. UI Changes for Empty State Screens

For those who are already using Fresh Proposals, this may not make much difference but for new users, they will see informative screens in case of there is no content in say Proposals, Section Library, Images, etc

Fresh Proposals Software Update - Empty State - Content Library

Proposals : When no proposal is created.

Fresh Proposals Software Update - Empty State - Proposals


2. UI Effect on left menu, logo separation

Updated the left and top panel in the application to separate menu, branding/logo and also added bit of animation effect in the left side panel to indicate the menu selected.

Also fixed a minor bug related to how values of variables are being displayed in the PDF

That’s all for now.

Fresh Proposals Software

Send beautiful proposals, add interactive pricing and eSignature to it. Get proposal insights to better understand your prospect’s actions and intention and close more deals. Know more about Fresh Proposals software here:

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