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July 24, 2020

A Critical Review of Digital Marketing Proposal Cover Letter

review of digital marketing proposal cover letter

Review of Digital Marketing Proposal Cover Letter

It may sound cliché but the attention-grabbing hook is extremely important due to the growing competition in the industry of digital marketing. We all are aware of how the attention span is getting shorter and shorter. In the age of TL;DR, you want to make sure that your digital marketing proposal is grabbing the attention. This is where a compelling cover letter comes in handy because it ensures you don’t waste those important seconds.

In the previous post, we discussed a few tips you need to have a perfect cover letter for your digital marketing proposal. In this article, I will review a sample digital marketing proposal cover letter and address the mistakes and the scope of improvements.

cover letter sample

Is the Letter Addressed to a Specific Person?

Do you think of someone in real life you’d feel comfortable calling “sir” or “madam”? 

So why use similar greetings in your proposal cover letter? Honestly, these greetings are outdated, and they imply the message that you haven’t researched the company and you’re just casually going with the most generic greetings of all time.

You can use the key holder’s first name (including full name is acceptable as well). The advantage of including a full name is that it won’t create any confusion like for example if you address the cover letter to “Mr. John” or “Mr. Adam”, there could be more than one person with the same name in the company.

The cover letter above has proper addressing and it has been written to one specific person and not to a group of people. 


Scope of Improvement: Not Needed

Is it able to Create the Hook?

The person reviewing sales proposal cover letters will most likely be going through more than you can imagine, so it’s extremely important to hook’em with the start of your cover letter. 

Never waste your first paragraph by writing a typical introduction, because the chances are the reader might have come across many and could be sick of seeing them.   

You should start by addressing the key pain points of your prospect and how your digital marketing services would help them overcome those challenges. In the opening paragraph, It’s crucial to emphasize their desires and what important to them. 

The first paragraph of the above cover letter is perfect. It has started correctly by referring to the previous conversation, outlining their goals, and promising the results in the desired timeline.

the perfect hook

Scope of Improvement: Not needed

Is it able to Portray that You’re the Suitable One?

Next, your proposal cover letter should be able to briefly explain that you’re capable of overcoming their challenges. It should showcase your valuable assets, by mentioning the years of experience you have in the digital marketing industry or by highlighting the accomplishments or awards. 

The above cover letter is perfectly addressing the most crucial question- what makes a company special? It’s highlighting the company’s industry experience, achievements, and skills. 


Scope of Improvement: 

It has described the key assets perfectly but it failed to draw the attention to it. If you’ve had successes, you must showoff the numbers. 

  • Numbers stand out
  • Create interest
  • Take up a very little space

Is the Letter Telling them What’s Next?

Yes, the call to action (CTA)

This is where you need to encourage them to read your Digital Marketing proposal with a strong call to action. How?

By listing all the benefits the prospect would get only if he tries your solution.

Also, along with a clear CTA, you need to finish your letter with a formal closure like “Sincerely”, never use any informal closings like “Cheers” in the letters. And in the signature, you include your name, company name, and contact details. 

The above cover letter has a perfect signature but a poor CTA.

Scope of Improvement:

Even though the letter has a paragraph to close but it has failed to convince the reader to take the desired action. It should summarize what you would bring to their company and recommend the next steps.

That’s it!!! What else did I miss in this critical review of digital marketing proposal cover letter? I’d love to hear from you.

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