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August 25, 2020

Critical Review of Digital Marketing Proposal’s About Us Section

review of digital marketing proposal's about us section

Review of Digital Marketing Proposal’s About Us Section

Before you share your digital marketing services, it’s the emotion you need to sell first. Because in the end, to survive in this noisy digital marketing world, you need to connect with your potential clients and grab the right strings. That is where the storytelling of brands comes in.

And this is why the about us section in your digital marketing proposal deserves a little more attention and much more respect. Because this section gives your customers reasons why they should consider investing in your digital marketing services. 

In the previous post, I’ve discussed a few key tips for writing an “About Us” section for your digital marketing proposal. So in this article, I’m going to review a sample about us section of a digital marketing proposal and see whether it follows any of those tips and I’ll also address the possible improvements if needed.  Here’s a sample About Us Section which we are going to review,

sample about us section of a digital marketing proposal

Is it telling the prospect what’s in it for them?

Your potential should quickly figure out why they need your services without putting any extra efforts. Because in the end, all they care about is “how are you working for me?”. The best practice to put a clear opening line at the start of your about us section to avoid upsetting any confused readers. This part of your about us section should be short, sweet and to the point

The sample about us section above has a great introductory opening line that encapsulates what you do, why you’re different, and why prospects should keep reading the rest of the section.opening line

Is it telling a story?

By far the most crucial component of your about us section- a quick and catchy version of your agency’s story that highlights what makes you unique and what the potential client should expect from you. Just as a picture tells a thousand words, a good story quickly helps potential customers connect with your agency. That is why stories play a major role in the about us section.

Unfortunately, this sample about us section failed to explain the why of “what you do” by sharing fascinating details or a mini-story demonstrating a passion for digital marketing.

company's story

It’s important to tell them why you do what you do. Refer the questions below to build your agency’s story,

  • How and when did your digital marketing agency get started?
  • What was your inspiration to start your business?
  • How did you choose your agency name?
  • What is the favorite part of the work you do?
  • What is the hardest part of the work you do?
  • What keeps you running the business each day?

Is it explaining the agency’s mission?

Justify how you would like to make the world a better place even if it’s in a small way.

The about us section of your digital marketing campaign proposal must have a solid and strong mission statement that clearly outlines the agency’s philosophy and methods to energize your prospect and make them smile. A mission statement is something that indicates what your business is all about to your clients, employees, and the world.

It explains the prospect why you are providing particular services, and what do you hope to accomplish beyond making money.

The sample about us section above has a perfect mission statement that properly describes why are you in the business, what level of services you provide and how do you want to help your clients 

mission statement

Is it highlighting credibility?

Apart from industry experience, there is no single mention of the company’s achievements, past client’s details, social proof, and awards. 

poor credibility enhancers

Credibility enhancers are evidence that you are what you say you are. It is perfectly appropriate to include past achievements, the number of awards the sender’s company has won or client logos in the about us section. It’s the easiest and the most effective way of building trust and credibility with potential new clients. 

Note: Seek the written permission upfront to avoid any complaints when it comes to including client logos.

Is it visually appealing?

There are no visual elements used in the example above such as color, graphics, or text boxes. It is just an overwhelming mass of text.

Styling text is super important to attract and hold attention. You need to break your content with compelling subheadings. Solid subheadings keep readers engaged. Make use of colors (but not too many that would distract the reader). You need to highlight your key content strategically so that the scanner can quickly put them out.  Here’s how you can do it,

visually appealing

Wrap Up

That’s it!!! What else did I miss in this critical review of digital marketing proposal’s about us section? I’d love to hear from you. Get your ready to use digital marketing proposal template along with a strong about us section.

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