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August 27, 2020

Critical Review of Digital Marketing Proposal’s Services Section

review of digital marketing proposal's services section

Review of Digital Marketing Proposal’s Services Section

Last time we reviewed a sample about us section and also took a look at which key elements you must include in it, so now it’s time to dig into the next chapter- the scope of services section.

You have to find some new ways and cut the same old crap when you try to stand out in the crowded industry like digital marketing. Write a bland, unimpressive section and you’ll find it difficult to get a new client on board.

In the previous article, we discussed what you need to include to write a high-converting services section. So, based on those elements tips in this post I am going to review a sample scope of services section of a digital marketing proposal and address the mistakes and the scope of improvements.

Let’s begin!!!

sample scope of services section

Mistake 1: The Elevator Pitch is Missing

When prospects actually arrive at this section you must engage their interest and hold their attention and in order to do this, you must open your scope of services section with a hook that will give them no choice but to read the rest of the section.

A quick elevator pitch is required to give your prospect an overview of what you’ve planned to help them solve their pain points with your digital marketing services before asking them to get into the specifics of your process.

Unlike the above example, an ideal scope of services section always starts with an elevator pitch that quickly explains what the agency will do to achieve the desired result for the client.

Here are some structural key pointers for creating a successful elevator pitch for your scope of services section,

  • Begin by making crystal clear introduction of your offerings
  • Talk about how you can solve the problem they are facing (the solution)
  • Give them a roadmap

Mistake 2: Didn’t Bother to Address Customer Needs

In the above example, all we can see is the list of digital marketing services and nothing more than that. 

Clearly, this sample scope of services section didn’t bother to describe the benefits potential customers will get from these services.

So, even before you start writing the scope of services section, list down all the benefits your potential client can get by investing in it. Because benefits give potential clients a reason to buy, it explains how your services can improve their business and ultimately their life. 

To address customer needs ask yourself So what?

Suppose the service you’re offering is social media marketing,

It will increase your brand awareness 

(So what?)

It can help you drive more inbound traffic towards your website

(So what?)

You’ll have an improved search engine rankings

(So what?)

This can result into a higher conversion rate

Follow this trick and showcase the benefits of each service. 

Mistake 3: The Description of Each Service is Missing

Can you imagine buying a mobile phone from an online store that displays only the product without a description?

Well, of course not!! Because your product or service description is what makes or breaks the deal with your every potential client. And it is especially important in the industry of digital marketing where you are competing for sale with plenty of other agencies offering similar services. 

While describing each of your digital marketing services make sure the description,

  • Has a tone of voice that resonates with your potential client.
  • Is easy to understand and highly relevant
  • Has appropriate keywords added in the heading, subheading, or body.

So, this sample scope of services section definitely needs a service description for each digital marketing service.

P.S: Follow the formula that I explained in the previous post to describe each service.

Mistake 4: No Visual Elements

You want to give your prospect a reason to invest in your services. And this can be done by making the section visually appealing.

There are no visual elements used in the example above such as photos, color, graphics, or text boxes. It is just a plain text. 

Styling text is super important to attract and hold attention. Make use of icons, colors and white spaces (but not too many that would distract the reader). You can also use bullet points to highlight the key elements from the service description so that the scanner can quickly put them out. 

Here’s an example of a visually appealing services section from

visually appealing services section

Wrap Up

final report card

That’s it!!! What else did I miss in this critical review of digital marketing proposal’s scope of services section? I’d love to hear from you.

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