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September 04, 2020

Critical Review of Digital Marketing Proposal’s Timeline

review of digital marketing proposal's timeline

Review of Digital Marketing Proposal’s Timeline

Digital marketing for a website is essential, but how long does it take to produce the result is not easy to figure out. But in the world of digital marketing there is nothing more certain than the fact that things are going to magically fall into place over a time.

The time it takes to see the results also depends on the size of the project, the strategies involved, the target market, and other factors. And in order to let your prospect know when the results can be seen it is essential to include a timeline in your digital marketing proposal. 

In the previous post, we discussed a few critical elements to include in your digital marketing proposal’s timeline. In this article, I will review a sample timeline table and check if it sets out the prospect’s goals and has a detailed overview of the outcomes. And along with that, I’m going to address the mistakes and the scope of improvements.

sample digital marketing proposal's timeline

Is it Capturing the Key Pieces of Information?

The size and structure of a digital marketing proposal’s timeline completely depend on the scope of the project. A timeline table can be highly detailed with hundreds of tasks and subtasks or a very simple listing only deliverables and milestones. 

But no matter how it is built, the following key prices of information needs to be captured by a digital marketing proposal timeline,

  • List of activities to perform
  • The dates on which the activities should be completed (start and end time)
  • Expected duration required for each task

A detailed breakdown of your timeline will give your prospect more confidence that your agency can make their digital marketing campaign successful.

Key Pieces of Information

no key pieces of information

Scope of Improvement: Needed

In the above example, the list of activities and the expected duration for each task are shown accurately but there is no mention of the deadlines or the dates on which the tasks will be accomplished.

A well-made digital marketing proposal’s timeline usually has all these elements.

Is the Work Represented Month by Month?

As digital marketers, it’s important to make sure that your prospects are aware of the period required for achieving success in the digital marketing campaigns. 

Digital marketing is a long term marketing strategy that needs proper planning and can take anywhere from 6-12 months to see the noticeable changes in the website traffic, leads, conversions, and sales. 

This frustrates the prospects several times as they don’t quite understand why it takes time for such a simple approach to achieve results. And this happens all because of the poor representation of all the activities in the timeline.

Which is why make sure to breakdown the work that you typically do for every digital marketing campaign and represent the entire process “month by month”.

Month Wise Work Representation:

no monthly representation

Scope of Improvement: Needed

In the example above, there is no proper breakdown and a clear month-wise overview of the various stages involved in the digital marketing campaign

Month by month representation of the process makes it easy for your prospect to understand why it takes a significant amount of time to achieve a favorable outcome.

Are the Results Defined After Every Stage?

Never forget to highlight results in the timeline your prospect can expect after every stage in the digital marketing campaign as it is one of the most crucial elements of the timeline table. It lets your prospect know that the marketing campaign is well-defined and perfectly planned.

In the example above the result after every stage is not defined.

Process Outcomes

undefined process outcomes

Scope of Improvement:

The result defines the purpose of each process. For example, in the first stage if the process is “Research and Audit” then in the outcome you should explain how this process can help you determine the scope of keywords to target and identify areas of opportunity to create a game plan. 

Wrap Up

final report

So, what do you think? What else is missing from the above review of the digital marketing proposal’s timeline? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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