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Monitor your sales proposal pipeline real & clear

Swimlane Pipeline - Overview

Your winning sales proposal pipeline

Powerful, Insightful

Fresh Proposals sales proposal pipeline software organizes and visually presents proposals so that you can easily track all proposals and their progress across categories, states. You have a single source of truth and it enables you to convert proposals to close more deals like never before.


Fresh Proposals helps you put your business in the winners league with impressive proposals, interactive pricing, insights & eSign.


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Know & tap the most opportune time to convert more proposals

When you take right steps at right time, you start converting serious & interested prospects in proposal stages faster. Sales proposal pipeline gives you the right picture. Know when a proposal starts sleeping through cracks, prevent situations or steps which cause customer friction

Real time monitoring of all sales proposals

Complete Visibility & Greater Clarity


Track progress and monitor the real health of your proposals in a sales pipeline so that you can focus on the right deals and hit your quota with easy-to-use sales proposal pipeline software.

You get a complete visibility and absolute clarity about proposals

  • Across your business practices / region
  • Across various stages
  • Expiring, overdue i.e. time sensitive deals
  • Know who is leading it, who is client 


Sales Proposal Pipeline - Sales Visibility
Proposal Sales Pipeline - Monitor, Alert to Act

Focus on proposal that needs your attention

Easily Spot, Remove Sales Roadblocks

Clearly track proposals which are due for submission or expiring and remove any sales roadblock to prospects back in the flow to conversion

For example, if a proposal is not viewed by client or if it is viewed but no decision is made by client, your message is going to be different; especially when a proposal validity is about to expire.

With the sales proposal pipeline, you can easily identify such proposals which are about to retire/ expire and you can act appropriate to remove objections, roadblocks to take the proposal to next stage

Navigate with Interactive pipeline

Go Deeper & Make It Bigger

If you offer different kinds of services and want to better understand sales in each of those service categories; you can track proposals in a given service category (or area/ region) and check all proposals across different stages. 

You will know 

  • Worth of business in each service category (e.g. SEO)
  • Number of proposals across different stages
  • View list of proposals in each category & stage
  • Clicking on a specific proposal card, you can check proposal details, analytics, etc.


Sales Proposal Pipeline - Proposal Category, Status Cards Highlighted
Sales Proposal Pipeline - Multi-Categories, Proposals

make it diy

Track the ‘Multi’-things

Sales proposal pipeline gives you a robust capability to track multiple aspects of your sales documents created, sent, signed using Fresh Proposals.

You can track 

  • Multiple Proposals having
  • Multiple Currencies across
  • Multiple Categories sent to
  • Multiple Clients in 
  • Multiple Stages / States


Sales proposal pipeline

Move to Predictable Sales Proposal Pipeline

Sales proposal pipeline is a tool but very critical one. You may be using emails, spreadsheet/ Google sheet or some CRM to track sales pipeline but proposal pipeline is different than usual sales pipeline. Sales proposal pipeline is crucial for you to understand the real picture of outstanding, converted, paid proposals.

Once you get a clarity of proposals, you can focus on right deals and start using proposal insights to convert more proposals.


How It Works


Create sales proposals (other kind of sales documents) keeping in mind categories, due date, validity dates, etc


Send proposals to your client/ prospects. The tool automatically follows up with client if proposal is not viewed by certain time


You can monitor how a proposal moves through different stages. You can check proposal insights to know client’s intentions, actionss

Convert proposals

User proposal insights & notifications and sales pipeline to prioritize right deals to focus and covert those. 

Set yourself apart, top notch and close more deals

Modernize your remote sales proposals toolkit with Fresh Proposals. Create impressive proposals, present your best offers, eliminate bottlenecks, reduce errors & close deals faster with Fresh Proposals solutions for remote sales.

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