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August 07, 2020

How to Write Services Section for Digital Marketing Proposal

services section for digital marketing proposal

Tips for Writing Services Section for Digital Marketing Proposal

With rising competition in the industry of digital marketing, you can’t afford to have a services section in a sales proposal that simply lists out the number of digital marketing services. 

The scope of services section in your digital marketing proposal shouldn’t just give your prospective clients a basic information about what you do, but it should sell you and your services right away. 

That’s right, never doubt the importance of a powerful scope of services section. So, how do you write a services section that reassures your prospective clients that you’re the one?

Check out the following tips for writing the killer scope of services section for your digital marketing proposal. 

1. Address Their Needs

With the use of generic narratives like “we can offer” or “our digital marketing services”, you ultimately create a barrier between you and your prospect.

You should always start the services section with something like “you will get” or “this is how business can benefit from these digital marketing services”. I mean, I’m sure you have an amazing list of services but these services shouldn’t be your primary focus. This is the first rule of proposal writing- it should be all about your prospective client and not about your business.

For example, if you’re offering a video marketing service as a part of your digital marketing strategy, your prospect wouldn’t be interested in reading about the tools or the video production process. Instead, they would be keen to know about the benefits of that particular service like how it can improve their situation. 

So, always make sure your service section focuses on their wants and needs.

2. Describe Your Services

I mean even though focusing on the benefits in your services section is extremely important, you still need to tell the prospect what your services are. That’s why this tip is about making sure you actually describe your services. For example, if your digital marketing agency is offering three different packages of services then you’ve to describe what all services are included in each one. 

When you describe your services, your prospective client will exactly know what’s on the table. Here’s how you can describe your each service,

  • Service title:
  • One-line summary (in a client-centric format): It should be short yet captivating.
  • Why they need it: Benefits of the service
  • How it works: Your process but of course in brief.

Just make sure each service you write directly points towards their pain points.

3. Include these Common Digital Marketing Services Solutions

The following are the most common digital marketing services you should include in this scope of work section. You can adjust these services as per your prospect’s specific concerns.

  • Content Marketing: Describe how they’ll be able to attract, acquire, and engage their target audience through the creation of relatable and valuable content.
  • Email Marketing: Explain how this service can help them stay their customer’s top of mind with engaging newsletters.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Describe how you’ll help your client double their traffic, leads, and sales with search engine optimization.
  • Social Media Management: Describe how you’ll promote their business with social media campaigns on different social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more.
  • Pay per click (PPC): Describe how PPC can help them drive more qualified leads to their website in no time.
  • Website Design and Development: Explain your process of web design and development 
  • Branding: Describe how you’ll develop a full-proof branding strategy with the help of top-notch technologies and innovative methods.
  • Landing Page Design: Explain how you’ll help your client drive great revenue through the landing page. 

While explaining your potential digital marketing services be ultra-careful about not giving comprehensive details about the services. The key here is to give a rough sketch of the method you will use for the execution.

4. Make Sure Your Prospective Client Gets It

Just because you and others working in the digital marketing industry knows what you’re talking about, it doesn’t mean your potential client does. The more technical you’ll get the more likely they’ll be confused. And when people are confused they don’t become customers.

Sometimes you might be sending proposals to such clients who may not have heard about some of the digital marketing services such as PPC or SEO. So in that case, to ensure that your writing is effective and it is keeping your recipient engaged; be sure to avoid jargon and replace it with simple terms and phrases.

Use terms your prospect would use typically while trying to explain what they need. Because in the end, you don’t want to leave prospects guessing what your digital marketing services can do for them.

To summarize here are the top 4 tips for writing services section of your digital marketing proposal,

  • Address customers needs
  • Describe your services
  • Include common digital marketing services solutions
  • Avoid the jargon

That’s it!! I hope these tips will guide you when it comes to writing your scope of work section for digital marketing proposal. What questions can we answer for you? Share it in the comments section!

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