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August 31, 2020

How to Write a Team Section of Digital Marketing Proposal

team section of digital marketing proposal

4 Key Elements to Write a Team Section of Digital Marketing Proposal

Apart from exploring your great range of digital marketing services, every other potential client loves to see who makes your business thrive. Which is why it is vital to have a Meet the Team section in your digital marketing proposal.

It makes your proposal more humanize, it allows them to emotionally connect with your agency as they can actually see who they are working with. It’s almost like calling a customer care helpline and going through a bunch of recorded questions until you actually talk to a human being. 

In this article, we’ll discuss a few elements that are must-haves for creating a professional and engaging team section for your digital marketing proposal.

Important Factors to Include in the Team Section

Present the Faces of Your Team

One of the most powerful elements of the team section is a bio photo or a headshot. A good picture is basically a calling card, humans create trust first on a visual level. 

The goal of your proposal’s team section is to increase the trust and engagement among potential clients. And photos of your staff plays a major part in that. Here are a few benefits of including team photos,

  • It makes a good first impression by capturing the reader’s attention in a limited time.
  • It gives life to your agency and makes it seem friendly and inviting.
  • It helps make your client feel more comfortable in contacting your agency.

While adding photographs feel free to have fun with colors, clothing, posing, etc to showcase each unique personality. To stand out you can even use personalized cartoons with strong colors in the background. Here’s is an example of how Advantix promoted its digital marketing brand with its unique team section,

team bio

Effective Job Description

Each bio should have your team member’s name and job description.

A job description accurately reflects the duties and responsibilities of the position. A well-written job description not only provides a realistic picture of the job but it also answers the question, “what does the person in this role actually do?”

Make sure to include the following components in the job description,

  • Job title: A brief description (1-4 words))of the role that represents the scope of work.  
  • Job Purpose. A concise summary of “why the job exists?”.
  • Job Duties and Responsibilities: Explain what that particular person does. Make sure to include only one or two key responsibilities of each team member in their bios because you won’t be having that much room in the proposal to include all their duties.

An ideal job description should look like this,

Susie R is an inbound marketing specialist who helps clients attract customers to their website through various content campaigns. At AWESOME INC she’s responsible for creating, managing, and executing multi-channel marketing campaigns that leverage SEO, social media, inbound marketing, and email campaigns.  

Mention Important Achievements And Successes

Anyone can declare they are brilliant. 

Just the empty declaration won’t help you show the potential client what you’re capable of but mentioning someone’s achievements and successes will give them a reason to hire you instead of another agency. 

So, once you’ve described what your team member does show how and why they are good at what they do. This could include,

  • Industry award
  • Certifications
  • Major career milestones 

Add Something About Personal Interest

This is not necessarily an important element to be included in the team bio but adding personal information in the bios can help you show your team members as an actual person and not just a list of skills and achievements.

Instead of doing it in an usual way like “Sussie lives in New York and in her free time she loves spending time with her family”, go beyond by including some of their hobbies, or what they like to do on weekends, top 5 things in their bucket list, etc.

Every team member is unique and each has a distinctive personality. So make use of these elements to add different flavors to each bio. 

Basic Tips for Writing an Effective Team Section

Keep it Concise

Team bios don’t need to be long. One paragraph is ideal to give enough information. Because no one wants to know the extreme details of your employees. The purpose of this section is to highlight relevant and important points about your employees.

Keep it Updated

This section is one of the most vital parts of your proposal that highlights your agency and connects it to your prospect. Therefore, make sure your team bios section stays relevant and up to date. Don’t let the old photographs and details lie around in the section. If you have a new member in the squad, blend him/her with the rest of them as quickly as you can.

Keep the Tone Conversational

Remember that you’re telling a story and a well-written story never fails to engage a reader from beginning to end. So make sure to keep the tone conversational while writing each team bios. 

To summarize here’s how you can write an engaging team section for your digital marketing proposal in 4 steps,

  1. Present the Faces of Your Team
  2. Include a Job Description
  3. Highlight Important Achievements And Successes
  4. Add Something About Personal Interest

That’s it!! I hope these steps will guide you when it comes to writing your team section for a digital marketing proposal. What questions can we answer for you? Share it in the comments section!

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