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tiered packages pricing

Organize, Simplify your offer so that you can focus on the sale

Help your clients clearly understand your offer, let them explore by themself like DIY. You can focus on building relations rather than re-working your proposal offer and sending it back-and-forth. Tiered pricing in Fresh Proposals makes it easy to put together impressive offer pricing for your product or service to make you stand out from the competition

Organize, summarize Offer

Make Intangible, Tangible

With tiered pricing, you can productize your service offering and enable your prospects/ clients make decisions looking at the offered tiers/packages. Clients can justify their buying decision with productized tiers instead of ascertaining value of intangible services.

Create tiered pricing of various types such as

  • Fixed Price
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Unit Multiplier
  • Two Units Multiplier


Offer Intangible as Tangible - Tiered Package Pricing
Tiered Pricing - Compare Packages

Clear offer, compare packages

Help Them Compare But Not Against Competitor

Well thought-through tiered pricing packages allow clients view your product/service offer clearly.

With Tiered pricing you can define

  • Distinct Packages/Tiers Names
  • Clearly Visible Pricing per Tier
  • Comparable List of Features per Tier

smartly offer tiered packages

Different Clients have Different Budgets

More often than not, value of a service offered is perceived differently by different clients. Use value perception to your advantage using tiered package pricing to

  • Offer multiple but distinct tiers of your product/ services
  • Unlock potential for each services package
  • You will be surprised to see buyers for the highest package

Tiered packages pricing can appeal to different clients with varying budget

Tax Preparation Services - Tiered Pricing
Tiered Pricing Client Controls - Package Selection, Quantity Slider, Option Fee

make it diy

Make Your Clients Feel They Control the Pricing

Do It Yourself (DIY) is massive psychological booster-factor for closing the deal.

Firstly, clients get more choices to select. While client can select package and see its pricing, s/he can also check

  • Select recurrence (monthly/yearly)
  • Slide through to increase quantity 
  • Select optional services (Up sell)

While you can configure what clients will select/ change; clients will feel as if that they are in control of the pricing.

Customize packages design

Make it Interactive, Modern, Fun to Impress

You have good set of design customization options available to make the appearance of tiered package pricing modern and psychologically inducing to act upon


  • Design how all / selected tiers will appear
  • Call-out to highlight your best offer
  • Customize the footer/ summary pricing
Tiered Package Pricing with Slider, Optional Fees - Fresh Proposals

Tiered Packages Pricing

Transform Your Offer from Cost to Value

Typically with itemized pricing of products/ services, client tend to view your offer from cost perspective. When you bundle your products/services as package, the cost perspective changes to value perspective. And as mentioned above, those who perceive more value for your offer, will pay for higher/highest tiers.

How It Works


Users of the Business plan can select from existing tiered packages pricing templates or create your own

Create Tiers

Add tiers, name those appropriately, set pricing per tier, discount, taxes, call-out. Add features & optional fees to it

Design & Preview

Customize the design of all/ each tier, the call out button, features, icons, summary pricing card to make it stand out

Add to Proposal & Send

Once you have tiers properly designed, add it to proposal, preview it, try it and send the proposal to your client 

Set yourself apart, top notch and close more deals

Modernize your remote sales proposals toolkit with Fresh Proposals. Create impressive proposals, present your best offers, eliminate bottlenecks, reduce errors & close deals faster with Fresh Proposals solutions for remote sales.

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