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July 20, 2020

Weekend Roundup July 20 2020 Highlight- Covid-19: Customer Engagement Strategies 

weekend roundup July 20 2020

Here’s our weekend roundup of some of the interesting reads that could help you excel in your current marketing strategies.

5 Questions to Ask Before Implementing an Affiliate Marketing Strategy 

remote communication

Both B2C and B2B companies have found that affiliate marketing is one of the most cost-effective, scalable models for enhancing their customer acquisition strategies, generating high-value leads, and driving traffic to their sites. Before you implement an affiliate program at your own company, consider asking these 5 important questions.

4 Ways You Could Finally Crack Remote Communication

affiliate marketing

If you’re struggling to stay connected with your team during Covid-19, use this time to spruce up your digital communication skills. Prove you can be successful when working from home while staying connected to your team, just like you would in the office. Here are 4 ways to finally crack remote communication.

Beginner’s Guide to Penny Stocks

penny stock

Penny stocks are stocks with small share prices, making it easy to buy large amounts of them and gain a large profit. However, you also have a greater risk of losing the money you invested. This guide will break down what penny stocks are, the differences between these stocks on different exchanges, and more.

Covid-19: Customer Engagement Strategies 

customer engagement strategies

There’s never been a more crucial time to reevaluate the ways in which your business connects with customers.This article gives out some practical strategies that companies can begin implementing now, to ensure that they can remain competitive and successfully navigate the recovery process. 

AI Chatbots – Challenges and Opportunities 

AI Chatbots

Perhaps one of the most extensive and prominent use cases for the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in the industry is the increasing use of AI chatbots across service lines. Chatbots are being used as a human alternative for first-level query resolution for a host of industries. Here’s what you’ll read in this article,

  • What Is a Chatbot?
  • How AI Chatbots Work
  • Example of How Chatbots Work

Content Marketing Goals and KPIs You Can Use to Track Effectiveness 

content marketing KPI's

The KPIs can help you gauge if your efforts work or not. They also help you make informed decisions on how to run future content marketing campaigns. This post seeks to explain some of the content marketing goals and KPIs you can use to track effectiveness and provide the best content marketing ROI.

Image optimization for SEO – The Ultimate Guide

image optimization

Not only do images play a vital role in breaking up large swathes of text to hold the attention of readers for longer (increasing time on page), but they also play an active and often underestimated role in the SEO of an article or blog post. This guide will provide a list of easy pointers to follow regarding image optimization for SEO.

9 Best Content Optimization Tools For SEO

content optimization tools

To get you started with your content optimization here’s a list of tools that will help you analyze and test your content over and over again. These content optimization tools will help you make sure that you always publish your best work.

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