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July 06, 2020

Weekend Roundup July 6 2020, Highlight- Tips for Transitioning your Startup to Remote Work

weekend roundup July 6 2020

Here’s our weekend roundup of some of the interesting reads that could help you excel in your current marketing strategies.

1. How to Claim and Verify Your Google My Business Listing

A very informative guide on Google My Business listings along with instructions on how to claim and verify your business on Google. Here’s what you’ll read in this post,

  • What are Google Business Listings?
  • Why are Google My Business Listings So Important?
  • What’s included in a Google My Business Listing?
  • What’s included in a Google My Business Listing?
  • How do I claim and verify my Google My Business listing?

2. Five Easy Ways to Improve WordPress UX in 2020

If you have a WordPress website, user experience has become easier than ever to improve. There are a lot of little tweaks you can apply to improve your WordPress UX. Explore these five ways to improve WordPress UX in 2020 with this article.

3. Seven Tips for Transitioning Your Startup to Remote Work

Transitioning from office to work-from-home may be the best move for small businesses. Read this article to find out why remote working is ideal for you amid COVID-19 and learn how to manage remote employees.

4. Expert Tips for Growing Your Franchise Business

When it comes to running a business, we always want to take the smarter route to ensure that the money and effort that we put in doesn’t go to waste. This article gives you a list of expert tips in order to ensure that your franchise business runs successfully.

5. Social Media Image and Video Sizes Cheat Sheet 2020 [Infographic] 

In order to maximize the potential of thumb-stopping visuals, you need to be using the right presentation formats for each platform. To help with this here’s a super insightful infographic of all the key visual dimension data for each of the major social platforms.

6. 10 Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks for Online Marketing Success

It today’s digital world, marketing is about connecting with your potential consumers in the ideal location and at the preferred time, offering them with items and services they require at the correct time. This article gives out some super useful digital marketing tips and tricks for online marketing success.

7. What is Customer Journey Management?

This article explains what customer journey management is, why enterprises are adopting this approach, and the value it brings to both your customers and your business. Here’s what you’ll get to explore,

  • What is Customer Journey Management
  • The Customer Journey Management Framework
  • What Customer Journey Management is Not
  • What’s Driving the Need for Customer Journey Management
  • Benefits of Embracing Customer Journey Management

8. What Has Been Changing in the World of Image SEO 

In the past few months, Google has been doing some changes in user experience, search algorithms, and visual search. Changes big enough to affect the way we do visual SEO. With this article, take a look at what has been changing in the world of image SEO

9. Tips for writing an Investment Section for SEO Proposal

The investment section is one of the most important and stressful parts of the proposal. With this article, explore some of the best effective strategies to write an investment section for SEO proposal.

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