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August 04, 2020

Weekly Roundup 4th August 2020 Highlight- The Complete Guide to Using Email Emojis in Subject Lines

weekly roundup 4th August 2020

Weekly round up time! This weekly roundup includes another collection of the best articles that could help you excel in your current marketing strategies.

10 tips to ensure that your video content stands out


Video provides an opportunity to be transparent, to present the face of the organization, and to communicate with humanity. This is incredibly important in these times when businesses have to communicate many difficult or strategic internal and external messages. This article gives out 10 major tips to ensure your video content stands out.

The Complete Guide to Using Email Emojis in Subject Lines

emojis in subject lines

To use or not to use emojis: It’s a question many of us email marketers wonder when crafting subject lines. In this article, you’ll review the pros and cons of using emojis, and explore examples with best practices.

Top 6 Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness Through Social Media Marketing (SMM)

increase your brand awareness

All social media platforms have the potential to help you grow your brand. You simply need to devise strategies and implement them to increase your reach. With so many people online, it makes sense to leverage social media to promote your business.With this article explore the top 6 tips on increasing your brand awareness through social media

35 Online Marketing Courses and Guides to Grow Your Career Right Now

online marketing courses

With so many options, how can you find the right course to upgrade your marketing skills without spending way more time and money than necessary? Here’s one article that gives out the best 35 online marketing courses you can use to up your skills.

6 Things to Improve Your Content Performance

improve your content marketing perofrmance

How do you define great content? Yes, it should be well-written and addictively readable, and it should hit home for its intended audience. This article takes a look at what you can do to take your content from good to great, from “just OK” to high-powered, high-performing, and massively successful.

Why your Business Needs to be Using Email Marketing

email marketing importance

If executed correctly, email marketing can be one of the most effective ways to engage with existing and potential customers. It still manages to outdo competitor methods by providing some of the highest returns on investment (ROIs). This article discusses why investing in email marketing is a very good idea for your business.

Top 5 B2B Lead Generation Ideas In 2020

b2b lead generation ideas

In the past lead generation was about finding prospects. These days buyers have more access to information, they’ve become so used to doing their own top-funnel research. So nowaday, lead generation is about leads finding you instead of you finding the leads. In the end, this means the tactics for lead generation have also evolved. This article gives out 5 B2B lead generation ideas in 2020

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