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July 10, 2020

Weekly Roundup July 10 2020, Highlight: Hiring After COVID-19 Crises

weekly roundup July 10 2020

Weekly round up time! This weekly roundup includes another collection of the best articles that could help you excel in your current marketing strategies.

We hope you enjoy this new list of content!

Page Speed Optimization: Metrics, Tools, and How to Improve- Best of Whiteboard Friday

To help you answer the questions related to your site’s page speed. Here’s a good read that explains 

  • How a web page is loaded
  • Issues that could be slowing down your site
  • Page speed tools and resources
  • Site speed metrics

11 Content Marketing Trends That Will Affect Your SEO

Your website content needs to be correctly optimized and highly accurate to drive content traffic and then sales. And with so many trends to choose from the content marketing area, this article narrows down the ones that will have a high impact on SEO.

How To Add ‘HowTo Schema’ To Your Website With Rank Math

This article shows you exactly how you can add HowTo Schema using Rank Math’s easy-to-use Gutenberg block. Here’s what you’ll get to read,

  • What is HowTo Schema Markup
  • The Benefits of Adding HowTo Schema
  • How Do I Add HowTo Schema in WordPress
  • HowTo Schema Block Options
  • Previewing Your HowTo Schema
  • Important Things To Know About HowTo Schema
  • Validating HowTo Schema
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Management Strategies for Transitioning to a Remote Work Culture

For many managers and employees, the last few weeks has been the first time in their careers that they have worked from home, or had to manage remote employees. Given the difficulties that many have faced during this process, many have vowed that it will also be the last. 

Read on to explore the strategies for managing remote work culture.

Five Inspiring COVID-19 Marketing Campaigns

Right now, brands and marketers need to focus on offering short-term communication and innovation to secure long-term success in this unpredictable period. And, some are doing an amazing job.

To inspire your Covid-19 marketing efforts, here are five noteworthy campaigns that you need to know about.

Hiring After the COVID-19 Crisis

It’s a great opportunity for those who are scouting for new team members now that the economy is rebooting. However, the circumstances have changed. Many agencies haven’t returned to their offices, and don’t plan to. How to hire people now? Read on to learn more about this.

22 Ways to Connect With Customers During a Crisis

This article takes a closer look at how startups are leading and pivoting their business models during COVID-19. It talks about how small businesses connect with customers and why kindness pays incredible dividends back to business.

How to Get the Best Links for SEO

It’s hard to build links. Not only is it hard to actually get people to link to your website, but it’s also really hard to figure out which tactics you should be using in your linking strategy. 

This article discusses a new kind of system that can be used to create a diverse backlink profile from LOTS of different sources.

Top 5 WordPress Membership Plug-ins

The WordPress membership plug-ins are aplenty but not all of them are suited for all users or web developers, as it is. It is necessary to check features of such membership plug-ins before choosing them. 

Explore the top 5 WordPress membership plug-ins you can use with this article.

What Are Different Types of SEO? 5 Types to Consider Using

SEO consists of a wide variety of tactics, and there are several different types of SEO strategies. You might want to use different kinds of SEO, depending on your company’s needs. Read on and discover 5 different types of SEO.

4 Ways to Convert More Customers in Less Time 

Attracting people to your site is difficult but what’s even more difficult is converting them into long time paying customers. This article gives out 4 trusted ways to convert visitors into more customers in less time.

How to Optimize Google My Business

Move your prospects and leads down the sales funnel with Google My Business optimization. This post discusses why GMB SEO is essential and how to optimize Google My Business. 

Read on and discover more about how Google My Business SEO can improve your local search visibility and increase your sales.

3 Things COVID-19 Has Taught Us About Marketing

Think of how automobile advertisements have changed. Manufacturers have shifted focus from marketing specific vehicles to marketing financing plans to help pay for those vehicles. Likewise, retailers are making “contactless pick up” a key value proposition instead of new products or discounts. 

This article discusses 3 major things COVID-19 has taught us about marketing.

How to Write a Case Study Section for SEO Proposal?

A great case study in your SEO proposal gives prospective clients a real insight into the benefits of your SEO services and also an idea of what it’s like to work with you. This article gives out some steps for writing a case study section for SEO proposal.

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