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June 19, 2020

Weekly Roundup- June 19, 2020, Highlight- Employee Productivity During COVID-19

weekly roundup

Weekly roundup time! Here’s our roundup of some of the best articles that caught our attention this week. We have compiled a list of our favorite reads that could help you excel in your current marketing strategies.

We hope you enjoy this new content!

1. Measure Remote Employee Productivity in Today’s Challenging Times

How do you know if your remote employees are being productive? It’s definitely critical but you have to do it and that too in a way that makes the employee feel good about it. Here’s what you’ll read in the article,

  • How to create a culture of productivity
  • How to measure the productivity of your remote team
  • KPIs for remote workers
  • How remote companies approach productivity tracking

Visit the Hubstaff blog to read more about productivity, management, business growth, and freelancing.

2. Why Voice Search is the Future for SEO and How to Optimize for it

With voice search rise, is your website ready? If not then we think that this article is a great read for you which gives valuable information about Google voice search and tips to adapt this new way of search into your business. Here’s what you’ll read in the article,

  • What is voice search
  • How will it impact SEO ranking
  • List of ways in which you can optimize your business for voice search
  • What’s next for voice search and SEO

Rush to Techwyse blog to find out more.

3. 21 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch for Inspiration

Like every other normal person, entrepreneurs also need to take a break and find ways to get motivated and what better way to do this than watching a few extremely inspiring movies. Because in the end inspiration is what keeps you going as an entrepreneur when you hit a rough patch.

And 21 movies mentioned in this article will certainly teach you some business lessons that you can adopt as a part of your strategies. 

4. How AI Could Help Marketers with Future Pandemics

The outbreak of COVID-19 has created a major change in the marketing industry. Just like your business, many other businesses are suffering. This article discusses the coming age of Artificial Intelligence and how it might help many businesses with future pandemics.

5. YouTube 101: What Every Smart Social Media Manager Needs to Know

YouTube is the second large search engine in the world. It is the leading platform for social media marketing as well. And as a social media marketer, you shouldn’t be missing this incredible platform to reach your audience.  

And this YouTube 101 guide has anything and everything that every social media manager needs to know to leverage the platform and optimize their channel.  Here’s what you’ll read in the post,

  • Optimize your YouTube Channel for success
  • Have a YouTube content strategy
  • Manage your YouTube community
  • Partner with a YouTube influencer
  • Get regular insights into your YouTube stats
  • Consider using YouTube advertising

6. How to Perform the Ultimate SEO Content Audit for Your Blog

After reading this post, you’ll be able to run an effective SEO content audit for your blog that will result in an actionable optimization checklist and eventually, a boatload of organic traffic and conversions. Here’s what you’ll read in the post,

  • What is an SEO content audit
  • A 5 step process to audit your blog content

It surely is an excellent guide to perform SEO content audit for your blog.

7. How AI is Transforming Analytics and Improving Customer Experience

It is an exclusive interview, which mostly discusses how organizations are harnessing the full potential of AI and predictive analytics to drive customer engagement and conversion. These are the questions that have been addressed in the blogpost,

  • What is the relationship between AI-powered solutions and customer experience?
  • What are some of the ways where AI make a difference?
  • What else is exciting about AI and its ability to enhance customer experiences?
  • Strategic advice to APAC marketers struggling to make sense of their data

Rush to CMO by adobe blog to read the full interview.

8. How to Write a Cover Letter for SEO Proposal

Only the quality sales cover letters can put your SEO proposal on the radar of potential clients. On the other side, poorly written sales cover letters can result in wasted resources. This blog is written to help you make sure that you are writing the right kind of cover letter for your SEO proposal- the one your potential clients will open, read, and reply to.

This article includes a 6 step process to write a compelling cover letter for SEO proposal.

Visit the freshproposals blog to read more about how to write a winning SEO proposal.

That’s it for this week, thanks for reading.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this content!!!

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