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December 24, 2021

Why Use Proposal Software?

why use proposal software

What is proposal software?

Proposal software is used to organize and streamline the process of writing proposals. It saves time, provides efficient work space, and boosts productivity. Most proposal software offers document templates, timelines, and progress tracking. These features give you everything you need for proposal production in one place.

Features of a proposal software

Proposal creation software has a lot of features that can be beneficial for anyone who needs a tool to help them create proposals. For example, it is simple and quick to use but still allows for deep customization. It also includes a powerful word processor and spreadsheet, along with templates for the most common types of proposals.

Proposal Templates

Proposal template software takes the work out of proposals and turns it into a simple click of a button. With all the proposal templates and templates for any type of company, proposal software provides templates that can be used to create quality proposals quickly. Plus, it’s easy to use with step-by-step instructions so you don’t have to worry about forgetting any important information. The only thing left to do is just plug in your data and you’re ready to go!

Some companies may not be quite ready to adopt proposal software because they are resistant to change or don’t like the idea of using expensive software for one purpose. However, they should be able to benefit from proposal software in other ways, such as:

What are the types of proposal software?

types of proposal software

There are different types of proposal software. Some are designed for small businesses, and others are geared towards larger companies. The following is a list of the most popular types of business proposal software:

  • Freeware
  • Commercial on-premise proposal tool
  • Software as a Service (SaaS/ Cloud-based) proposal software
  • RFP Process Oriented proposal software
  • General-purpose document drafting tool
  • Graphic Design Driven tool
  • Electronic Signature software

It is important to understand that a proposal is essentially one of the most critical final stages in the sales process. This makes it easier for you to identify, qualify the right proposal maker software from the above list.

Benefits of proposal software

benefits of a proposal software

Why use proposal software? Here are some of the benefits of using proposal software:

Saving time

creating proposals can be time-consuming, especially if you have to go through an entire proposal process. Simply creating a proposal in well-designed software and then adding images and text should save you a lot of time. It can also be much more efficient than creating proposals in Word on your computer, then going back and inserting the images and altering the text.

Better control over proposal process

A lot of proposal creator allows users to control specific aspects of their proposals. For example, some allow for you to change the number of pages and the number of columns, and others allow you to automate most steps in the process.

Analyzing proposals

A lot of proposal collaboration software provides powerful analytics that can help you optimize a proposal. This allows you to see, at a glance, any areas where you can make changes, and view the data on any metrics you want to see.

Automate sales process

Every business needs to have a competitive edge, and for B2B companies, that often comes in the form of automation. Automating your sales process not only helps you improve the customer experience by providing faster responses to requests but also helps you grow revenue by reducing customer response time. Proposal software provides flexible tools to automate any aspect of your sales process so you can respond quickly, accurately, and confidently.

e Signature

Writing proposals is not only time-consuming, but the process of writing, editing, formatting, and printing can be frustrating. With our proposal software, you can now create professional-looking proposals in seconds. The software provides templates for many common types of proposals, like business plans or funding proposals. All you need to do is fill in the blanks! Additionally, the software will help you make sure all your information is correct by providing built-in spell check and grammar checking features.

Why use proposal software?

Streamline proposal creation process

The proposal process can take a huge burden off the sales manager’s shoulders. Using the right proposal software, you can create proposals for hundreds of contacts in seconds, and save hours of time.

Avoid serious mistakes in drafting proposal

Every proposal has a different format, and every business needs different content. So, any time you have to draft a new proposal, chances are that you will make mistakes that could damage your brand, or even cause you to lose a deal. Merely copy-pasting or duplicating a proposal can share stale information with a new prospect/client.

To collaborate with team & client

Team collaboration and client participation are two things that are vital in a successful proposal. Continuous collaboration with your team will help you propose the right content and engaging with clients will allow you to clearly understand & address their reservations, concerns. No need to send emails, screenshots back and forth.

Reuse, Manage proposal content better

With proposal design software, you can organize your proposal content much better. It allows you to break proposal content into sections and those sections can be managed separately in the sections library. Each section can have multiple pages, content blocks, etc. You can reuse sections from one proposal/template to another proposal. you can create variations of a section to look appropriate, personalized for a given client/prospect.

Automate related business processes

As we live in the world of integrated application, it makes a lot of sense to automate the business processes to manage your contacts from CRM to move a deal through the pipeline, to create automated invoices in your invoicing software when the client accepts the proposal, or create a project in your project management tool to kick-off project activities, to enter accounting entries in your accounting software when a client pays proposal advance amount. In short, you can automate not only the client management process but also the internal business process. It just relieves you from manual activities, errors and saves so much time.

Secure proposal document

With proposal creation software, you can secure proposal documents. It allows you to specify who can access the document, who can sign the document, who can accept the document, etc. It records audit trails when a proposal is created, sent, viewed, signed/rejected, etc. Not only securing access is important but the digital footprint is crucial to make it a legally binding document.

Quick electronic signing process & to close deals faster

The biggest change that has happened in the last couple of years is, many businesses have adopted an electronically signing process for documents. Not only has it elevated the experience of the involved participants but also accelerated the business process. 


It’s time to stop avoiding the inevitable. There are many great reasons to use proposal software. First, it takes away the need to manage your proposals and other materials in a spreadsheet or document. Second, it saves you time and provides a platform for sharing information, marketing, and tracking marketing efforts. Third, it helps you achieve higher-quality proposals by eliminating errors and typos. Fourth, it helps lower costs by saving you money on printing materials.

Proposal software helps you to streamline the process of writing proposals. It saves you time by automating many of the steps, like formatting and organizing your thoughts in a logical sequence. The software also saves you money because it is less expensive than hiring an editor or graphic designer to polish up your work.

Adopting proposal software can also be a great way to save time, improve client experience, get more control over your sales pipeline, upcoming projects, and make the process easier in the long run.

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