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Scratching your own itch

I think☝️ that would be the most succinct answer.

I have been running a SaaS (software) company and sending multiple proposals every month. Though our software has been available to use on a AS-IS basis and always have a publicly accessible pricing (just like Fresh Proposals) still many customers would ask for a formal proposal (obviously, they have a buying-approval process to follow).

There were three major problems

  • Writing proposals sucks lot of time; proposals would still look unimpressive
  • Clients would ask for changes (quantity, service). Often changes would flow as Email > Excel / Calculator > MS Word > PDF > Email (repeat)
  • Quite a few times, there would be no response from clients. I realized that the manual, scheduled follow up would not bring cheers.  It was frustrating

And I researched for right solution to these problems. I couldn’t find right one and decided to build my own tool.


Why build it for others?

Because I wasn’t alone. I saw SMBs around us, are fighting the sales battle, struggling hard in the proposal stage

Because as small medium enterprise (SME), we hugely miss-out on the sophisticated approach. But large enterprises and smart owners get access to finest design, content and “insider connect” to convert & close sales deals.  Everything else being equal (product, service, support), large enterprises/ smart owners would be able to ‘move our cheese’. This can be changed. And I am convinced Fresh Proposals would help in closing more deals.


Why not build something that will give business like ours to impress prospects, get solid sales signals and in turn use those sales signals to close the deals faster?

  • We started building pre-designed, ready to use proposal templates that are visually engaging
  • We researched extensively for proposal structure & content that’ll give you a huge head-start
  • We built proposal analytics feat to help you act swiftly & keep you on top of your sales funnel

 Fresh Proposals is already used by businesses in more than 15 countries. We are working with our customers to make it one of the best proposal management software.

Who are we?



Pune, India

Our Mantra

Be helpful, make useful

Our Promise

Continuous improvements



Build things for global audience

Our Experience

People are generally nice

We Will Celebrate

Your success, support

How it got started

Sandeep and I have been buddies since college days. We have few common interests but in particular, we like to trek & jungle walks. As a group we have camped on hilltops of western ranges of Deccan Plateau (India). Despite of the hardships of getting up there, the  clear skies above our head, clean air and the silence would make it worth. Be it summer, winter or rainy season, we kept walking, trekking for years. 

Our path separated, we worked in different roles/capacities, companies and countries. We kept in touch, kept discussing startups, tech, markets, products vs services and stuff like that. 

While I was deliberating about the challenges about managing sales proposal at my other venture, and ideating sales proposal tool and progress made so far, I asked Sandeep what he thought about proposal builder, managing its lifecycle. He got quite a few interesting ideas around it. So I asked him if he would like to take on this challenge.

The idea of building a product, starting a venture is exciting but it needs commitments, sacrifices and patience. Both of us were ready to take the plunge and solve our own – real challenge. And that’s how we started Fresh Proposals.

We believe that tech alone can’t be a solution but it can solve problems much better & effectively. That’s our experience!

The Team



Product Owner

Techie in his previous avatar and keeps enjoying product management every passing day.

After completing MBA, he turned his dream into reality and co-founded Zilicus, Zen In Cloud and now as a Product Owner of Fresh Proposals, he has done it all, from running the company to sales, project management, supporting customers, website designing and development, and everything in-between.

He thinks, there is no greater happiness to hear customer success stories and especially when our products helped them.

Avid trekker at heart who would have hiked 50+ places in India and outside. One day, he is wishes to  experiment in his own farm.  




Sandeep is a solid technology pillar for Fresh Proposals. Inspite of having two decades technical experience that includes working for Morgan Stanley (US), RBC( Canada), he still considers himself as a learner. In his daily job, he appreciates good communication and code quality. 

Despite his introverted nature, he just can’t stop talking about things he enjoys the most: trekking, travelling, reading and movies. He’s honestly on a ninja level when it comes to recommending great movies. 

“It’s better to do things which we want to do at the right time; otherwise in the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take” , that’s his life motto. In his spare time, he loves heading into wilderness..



UI Developer

Imagine a guy that travels to all the places that you’ve been dreaming to go to. A guy that skydives from a hot air balloon, climbs the most difficult mountains. He has a great love for art movies, music, and poetry. A guy that always there for you to listen to your problems or to take good care of you when you get your heart broken. Well, Pratik is not him.

He’s just another chill dude who happens to be a UI developer at Fresh Proposals. 

When he’s not at home studying the share market or watching Impractical Jokers, you’ll find him showing his love for animals especially dogs.




Content Writer

Once upon a time, in a faraway city in India, the great Sneha was born. Her true love for singing illuminated her passion to explore the magical world of singers. As the years went by she finally became a lead singer of a local band. That was the best thing that happened to her. Yet her life always had something missing in it. 

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, Elmo from Sesame Street appeared. He told her to follow his path that led her to an exclusive community where ideas, talent, and creation had no limits. And that’s where she finally found the missing piece, her future, her happiness, her family, the one and only Fresh Proposals….Thank You!




Platform Developer

Shankar is a guy of great passion. Whether he displays it on the farm field or when developing our web application, he always gives his all. No hour is late for Shankar to do some coding. As a Platform Developer, he is responsible for what happens behind the scenes of Fresh Proposals.

But who is Shankar, really? Well, he’s just an average guy who likes board games, sad songs, and formal clothes. Shankar tells people that his favorite movie is Insurgent, but secretly he is a die-hard fan of the Avengers. Got questions about health care checkups? He has the answers.


Where are we going?

What’s Next

We have plans to make Fresh Proposals a solid proposal software so that it becomes part of your daily work activity. We’ll be talking to you, adding features, use cases, integrations moving forward.

You can participate too!

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